ld I be the only one that actually regrets all the things Ive done,why isn he regretting anything? Is he heartless? If he is why did I even marry him? Just to end up in a constant suffering,why the ** Im even trying to surprise anyone with my brand new life,the life on a filthy person that only did filthy things I guess this is my punishment for all the sins I committed. Is it how I should be treated like a slave that needs to obey every single time,to murder?

Now hes probably crying and I can comfort him only because Im the one that caused his sadness,even though it would be more logical that he got hurt by all the words I only think he is like this because I mentioned Kazuko,a name he didn want to hear now and its not the name he needs to remember right now.

Is he in love with him?

Or a better question: Do they have a stronger connection to eachother?

I need to find out because it could mean something but with what would it help if I were to know what he does and who he knows?

Will it help with something in the killing process?

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