My mind is filling with a thousand thoughts as with a masochistic attitude he caches my attention and that attention could be drawn on my face with just a piece of rag.

His voice is reaching me again with a terrifying yet surprising phrase:

”Would you like a glass of wine? ”

I step back as I say the word ”No ” even though I shouldn refuse since our marriage happened already,my heart was throbbing as crazy only at the hear of his words.

”Do you mind if I still fill your goblet? ”

Why would you fill it if Im not willing to drink?

”In case you will want to drink, Im always two steps ahead remember? Or don tell me that you are afraid to drink,it will be such a shame for such an interesting Omega to give up only after one decline that he himself, made. ”

Are you mocking me right now? Just remember that I didn marry you so we could have wine parties whenever you want,I married you to just fulfill my brotherly duties.

”Brotherly duties? By the way you
e acting and doing things Im surprised how I didn kill your sister yet. Remember,the 3 days spying has finished you now need to kill him. ”

I remember, Im not that stupid,but I don have the guts to kill him.

”Its you or him,even though if you die Ill kill him after. Your goblet is full. ”

As frustration starts controling me, I grab the goblet, drinking the content as my lust takes over drinking goblet after goblet. Who knew that red wine could bring me in such a confusion?

”It seems like you really enjoy drinking,I wonder were you always this good at drinking? I don remember you being a good drinker you often threw up wherever you could. What has gotten into you? Are you possessed? ”

If you mean possessed by a melancholic then you
e probably right.

”You seem burdened with melancholic thoughts which is unexplainable since you were always the type of Omega that could easily steal hearts with a smile. ”

Can you stop bringing up the fact that Im an Omega?

”Why should I? This is what you are and this is what youll be from now on. ”

Running away I could only feel my legs touching the floor, dizziness already appeared and it wasn the type of dizziness you could blindly control,it was a type of dizziness that makes you fell to the ground.

My eyes close as my body feels weak and weird sounds could be heard,they weren clear but one thing was sure they were addressed to me.

I wake up,still feeling a little dizzy, looking down I could see that I was dresses in a turquoise dress and I look down only to observe that I had no panties on. As I run to the bathroom I look slowly in the mirror my lips were covered in a messy lipstick which was obviously ruined and I was half stripped with only a bra showing,but I don wear bras. Did he do what I think he did? I was just defenseless…

My phone rang.

”Aki,we didn talk in such a long time. How have you been? ”

Oh,hi Ryu Im okay,how are you. I said as a tear appeared on my already ruined face.

”Are you sure? You sound like crying,are you alright? ”

Im alright its just that I don feel too well.

”Are you hurt? ”

No its not that Im hurt… its just that I really don know how to feel, Im quite exhausted.

”Then you should go to sleep,but didn you sleep at night? Im questioning because you are saying this after you had a full night of sleep. ”

I didn get to sleep well Im sorry if Im just ruining the mood of the conversation.

”You aren ruining anything,are you free tonight? Im planning to meet up at my house with Akira and you. Itsuki, Kazuko and Haruto will have a night just for the Alphas while we are having an Omega night. ”

Itd be great, Ill come.

”Okay see you there at 8! ”

See you!

How Im supposed to stay in the same room with the person I need to kill?

”It seems like you just woke up. ”

Shut up! I know you did this to me.

”Im not surprised considering how fast you understand things. I came to inform you that Ill be having an Alpha night with Kazuko and Itsuki. ”

Im also having an Omega night with Akira and Ryu.

”Then I should give them to you. ”


”Those are options that you can use to kill him,poison, poisonous perfume and the last but not the best,a knife. ”

Are you planning to make me kill him tonight?

”Sure! ”

Then I guess Ill do it.

*Its already 8, Ryu welcomed us with a hug. Me,Akira and him we
e staying in his room while the Alphas went out just to drink and have fun with other Alphas that weren in our group. I stay there looking at Akiras happy face as he eats one of his favourite type of marshmallow.*

Im going to bring some glasses and goblets so we can serve some Alcohol while they aren there.

You two can chat while I go to bring them,but don gossip about me,ok?

Akio: Ok.

Akira: Ok! Bring some snacks too!

”Ok I will bring some too! ”

Akira: Akio,what do you think isn Ryu curvier and sexier than before Im sure he worked out well. He sure made some exercises to get that butt!

Akio: Yeah,he is quite curvier now.

Akira: I know the last time I saw him in person he was quite flat at the butt.

Akio: I understand why you
e saying that,he was actually a lot more curvier than this back in highschool,I guess that since he started to date Itsu he kind of forgot about himself and I want to make him remember.

Akira: Thats cool but hows your marriage?

Akio: Its good, everything is perfect.

Akira: Since I arrived earlier than you you,Ryu told me to ask you what happened,you sounded like crying and he wants to know if you
e okay.

Akio: Im okay,I already told him.

Akira: Is he abusing you or something?

Akio: Abusing me? No way!

Akira: Ok then,if you say so.

”Im back! ”

Akio: Why did you ask Akira to check if Im ok?

Ryu: Well I asked him because you are too stubborn and you won tell me even though we
e besties.

So with what should we start? Beer? Wine? Whiskey?

Akio: Wine.

Akira: Wine.

Ryu: Okay let me fill the goblets!

After filling them I wanted to do something so I could fulfill my duty even though it hurt I still had to do it or else Ill be stuck with this forever and the forever would be only a few days if I don finish the task.

I already received a terrible punishment I can take another one.

But,is it ok to do this?

The silence starts filling the room as we start to drink,how can I kill him? I don even have an opportunity to do that.

An idea hits me,what if I cut my hand with a piece of goblet.

Ryu, Im going to the bathroom.

Ryu: Ok, well wait here but I can guarantee that well be awake when you come back.

Akio: Ok, Im expecting this from you.

I have to make it seem like Im trying to do something to myself, luckily he didn ask why I got the goblet with me.

Im sorry little goblet,I said as I break it and quickly move it on my hand in high speed.

Ryu: Aki! Are you alright,why did you do that? Are you crazy? You
e heavily bleeding! What if you cut your vein or what if you cut too deep? You could have died! Don ever do this again,what has gotten into you?

Akira: So you really aren okay…

Ryu: Akira, Ill go to bring the medical kit you go and bring some water! You,Akio,wait here!

Now its my chance,I put my healthy hand in my pocket as I put the content of the envelope in Akiras wine.

Ryu: Give me your hand.

My hand got bathed with water and other medical things now it was bandaged.

Akira picks up the goblet ready to drink from its content.

Akira: Its sweet! Sweeter than before!

Ryu: Really? Let me have a sip!

It really is!

Huh? Sweet? But I put poison in there! Did he fool me or something?

Akio: I need to make a quick call!

Answer me! Answer me bastard! Whats taking so long?

”Did it work? ”

Did you by any chance filled the envelope with sugar?

”What do you think? I was just trying to make fun of you with those things I gave you,you can kill no one it was just a test to see what youll do. ”

So you fooled me? Are you crazy?

”Yes,I am. Enjoy the night and get drunk,today is your rest day. ”

Ok then.

Im relieved I didn have to kill him, but Im also troubled by the fact that I don have the guts to kill someone with my bare hands, and even if I do, Im still a failure… which makes me disgusted with myself.

In front of him, Im nothing more than a new spy and a toy that he can use whenever he wants. I never wished anything bad on anyone before, but now I do, and I wish it on him.

I even have a cut on my hand as a result of the plan I devised, only to find out it was a joke concocted by this jerk. Who the hell puts sugar in alcohol, and who the hell doesn recognize the texture of sugar.

I was so naive to think hed give me simple weapons just to get the job done quickly.

I didn have to finish quickly anyway; if I followed my own plan, Id probably be done in two years, but he wants everything done so quickly that it feels normal to kill your friend who doesn even understand what he did to you, making you feel more and more like a killer with clean hands.

Now I have to come up with a solution because I can leave this task unfinished or else Ill be dead meat. I also don believe he is that cruel to want him dead and not even regret it.

If he truly is a cold-hearted spy, he should leave me alone… I didn even get to enjoy my honeymoon, which I shouldve gone on with him a few days ago with the tickets already purchased. But he didn want to do that; he just wanted to fulfill his criminal fantasies.

Sleeping only 3 to 5 hours per night became a habit, seeing him write in the notebook like a psychopat gave me strange feelings, and the look on his face when he handed me the first investigation papers gave me strange feelings.

As with a masochistic look he ripped away the only straw of admiration I had for him,making me hate him more and more.

I go back only to see that those two got drunk.

Akira: You
e so curvy I want to touch you!

Ryu: Shut up! You whore.

Akira: You
e right Im a whore.

Akio: I suggest you two go to sleep.

Ryu: Shut up! The whiskey is still not finished and the tequila its still there also there is plenty of plum brandy left.

Akio: You drank that much in just a few minutes? You two really are crazy!

Akira: We know that we are.

Ryu: Don kiss me,you idiot!

Akio: Akira, don kiss any person in this room.

Akira: Why shouldn I hes so curvy, Im jealous~

Akio: If you are you can just work out Im sure youll get the butt you want.

Akira: Give me your ass!

He smacks it instantly.



”Why so mad I was only trying to make a joke? You really are tiring~ ”

What if Im?

”Being tiring makes you look like a granny,a granny without teeth that lives in a house in the mountains,that doesn have any money and has a fly as a pet. ”

How can you have a fly as your pet?

”Don ask. ”


Ryu: I know how!

Akio: How?

Ryu: You tie it with rope.

Akio: What do you think will happen if you tie it,will it magically grow like a dog that can move.

Ryu: Yup.

Akio: You really are weird.

Ryu: Thanks I already knew that.

What time is it? I wonder even though i shouldn wonder. If time goes,let it go.

As I woke up I felt strange,stranger than before its not worth it to even try and think about the things that really bother me. First I need to see what these idiots are doing since I fell asleep in the bathroom.

Going to the room they were in was quite a pain since my mood is completely ruined and there I see them fighting over who drank the most.

Ryu: I drank the most!

Akira: You to drink the most? I hope you
e kidding! Im a fast drinker I can drink a gallon of plum brandy in 2 seconds;unlike you I can drink up to my hearts content even though it can be quite a pain sometimes.

Compared to me,you can really do much

Akio,shut up you two. You are making a fuss over nothing. Does it really matter who drank the most? I think it doesn since you two started to fight because of this shitty reasons.

Ryu: I know it isn something related to the subject but,do you want us to do our nails. I got a nail kit and I would like to test those colours.

Akira: Ok then, I really had in plan to paint my nails after I go back. What colours do you have?

Ryu: Red,black,white,green,blue,yellow,pink,orange,transparent and purple.


Akio: It doesn look that bad ,the red really does look good there,Akira,the pink on your nails is great too.

Akira: Okay thanks you look amazing too,that colour suits you but,Ryu why the hell did you chose black? Now you look like a bad bitch and all of us know that you are trying to catch Itsukis attention by doing your nails black.

Ryu: This is why you
e smart,this is really what Ive been trying to do. Maybe I can get the baby I want…

Akira: Did he refuse?

Ryu: No but it didn work out,I tried to take verified pills for fertility but they don seem to work…maybe Im not meant to be a mother.

Akira: Don say that! Im sure you
e gonna make a perfect mother! You just have to believe in yourself and have as much freaky time as you can.

Akio: Im not surprised that you
e saying that since you look like quite a whore.

Akira: Akio,are you having a fever or something,why are you talking to me like this? Joke,joke but when it reaches its limit,its over.

Akio: Im only saying the truth you really are quite the whore, Ive seen how you
e trying to seduce Kazuko and your comportment when you
e drunk is the worst.

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