Summer has finally arrived and the Watanabe household was happier than ever,a little boy was born. Akira Watanabe.


The 14th birthday bought joy on Akiras face as he blew into the candles. He made a wish,a wish that was supposed to be true. He later held onto his grandpas jacket,he smiled brightly at him,but for how long will he be there to see his smiles?

He can be there forever right?

The first piece of cake was supposed to be served to the birthday boy but by his request it was served to his grandpa. The closest person he ever had.

An ant climbed Akira but he didn pay attention since all his attention was directed to his grandpa.


The penultimate year of high school. A new student showed up,he was big and built and also quite sexy. Apparently his name was Kazuko. As he makes contact with him,the feelings grew bigger in Akiras heart,he was clever just like Akira liked and his cleverness was spreading through his comportment.

But sometimes he could also feel incipient anger building up. He would sometimes just show me a small simulacrum which represented all the things he couldn describe in words and I understood every little word. He would sometimes imagine how i would look like with a diadem. He was so nice that I even imaginate how it would be if he was to forget me.

Would I be just a regular person in his eyes,would I disappear?

And what if I were to do so….I don think I could take it. Temptation made me explode from nerves…

Hanging out with him I could only feel like my heart was full of peace,my feelings were finally clear and my hopes were up.


With a letter in my hands I was finally ready to confess. My feelings were growing little by little.

”You heard that, Kazuko was hit by a car. ”


I ran to the hospital forgetting everything else.

As soon as I arrive I enter the room,he was awake looking weirdly at the room he was in.


”Who are you? ”


I was finally visiting Wáng house,the place my grandparents built. I suddenly feel uneasiness since I went to Korea for 9 months I was just trying to forget what happened.

Getting there felt kind of stressful. The same stressful felling someone might feel when they recall all the moments theyve lost.

There I see two graves standing one next to the other with the names written on them.

The shock quickly came to me with the speed of light as I fell to the ground.

End of backstory.

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