Your name?

The beginning of it all.(Backstory)

at are you talking about?

”Didn your best friend tell you,he dealt on you and lost,now you
e coming with us. ”

My heart broke into a million pieces,my only real friend dealt on me.

Im not coming with you,I don care what he dealt on! I don care that Im the one he dealt on! Im not even interested in knowing what was even the deal.

”Well,omega. The deal was that if he loses you
e gonna become our **toy. ”

Fear started to be more visible on me.

He was here,he came here just to watch.

AKIO! HELP! PLEASE! I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS! Please… don just get rid of me like this!

*He was looking straight into my eyes turning his face on the side. He walked away while I was shouting at him to save me.* They took me.

”Omega, since we are in the car we should begin. ”

As he was about to take off my pants,one of the other members said with a bored voice:

”Lets keep him virgin until we find a good moment to do it with him,he doesn seem ready for things like double penetration and gangbang. ”

”I guess you
e right so what are we going to do then. ”

”How about we think about it while drinking a coffe from the café next to the market? ”

”Thats a great idea! Ill pay because Im in a good mood. ”

After arriving the one that said hell pay went inside of the café and I was allowed to go inside with him so I could look like Im his boyfriend.

There was a cute worker standing in front of me. Suddenly when the one that said hell pay went to talk with the others,the worker took me and dragged me to a room asking me calmly:

”What happened,do you not know them? Tell me! Ill help. ”

They took me by force,I was dealt on, they
e going to **** me! Please save me! Without realising I put my head on his chest holding tight into him. Trembling I could feel that he felt the fact that I was trembling.

”Ok Ill help you come with me! ”

He got out with me, going to his car he drove me to his place,a modern looking house was now in my sight he got inside with me, locking the doors.

”Now you can tell me in detail what really happened. ”

So,I was in the first year of high school when I meet an omega, being an omega too permitted me to approach him in a friendly way,we were best friends until my last year where he dealt on me,that day being today. Those guys threatened me with **** and they forcefully tried to take me to their place.

”You can live there with me. So don worry about it too much,I should bring some snacks you can take a bath later,it will take some time to find something for you in my wardrobe since I don really have clothes that will fit you exactly. An option is to give you one of my hoodies but it will be too large for you but we can still try. ”

He goes to the kitchen, coming back after 10 minutes with chocolate chip cookies and warm milk.

”You can have them all. ”

Without hesitating I take a cookie and dip it in milk taking a bite. Without thinking I dip one too much that it was gonna break in two. I feel something bitting the other corner of the cookie,it was him. Our lips almost made contact.

”Im sorry,the cookie was gonna waste if it fell! ”

I-its okay,I said with a blushing face.

”Are you ok? You look like you are having a fever! ”

I-im ok,no need to worry, Im totally okay!

”If you say so. Now you can go and take a shower. ”

Getting into the bathroom preparing to take a shower I got in and started to take a shower.

I soon realise I forgot to take a towel.

I should ask him to give me a towel…but there is a problem I don know his name…



After 3 minutes he walks in.

”Here is the towel you asked me for. ”

He then glanced at me with a blushing face.

Thanks *I said while giggling.*

”Now that should do! ”

I was dressed in a large hoodie but I didn complain because it was comfy.

So this is how my life is gonna be?


I graduated,the best felling ever,since I moved to the new highschool. I didn see that liar anymore and my life started to get better. Itsuki was always by my side and he also helped me think about the thing I want to major into. Ive finally decided, biology will be the major Im picking. As a child Ive always been passionated with it.


Two months have passed since my graduation, today is my birthday.

Arriving at Itsukis house wasn that big of a deal since I live there. I slowly enter and I don hear anything. I enter my room just to get hit by a sudden urge,the urge to make a nest! But what can I do when I don even know what Im supposed to use while making it. An idea hits me,I run to Itsukis room I slowly open the door, grabbing some of his things.

I run back to my room and I feel an heating sensation running through my body.

Im in heat? But it isn supposed to go hard on me,I took pills.

”Ryu, Im home! ”

”Ryu? Where are you? Are you home? ”

”There you are. ”

He says after opening the door.

His look changed from a calm one to a very shy one, which told me that he didn understand what was going on.

”Why are things from my room there? And why are you building something with them? Are you okay? ”

Yes Im ok. But you know,you can help me if you want. *I said while drawing a v with my hand on his chest.* Ive lived in this house for a few months already but I didn give you your gift yet.

”Ryu,are you joking? We
e friends,you know the circumstances that made you live with me….you know them better than me. Do you really think that its a good idea to do that?

”Yeah.. ”

”That gives me the fact that you like it,not only like I could as well say you adore it. I have quite the experience since I slept with many omegas and betas before. ”

*Wait? So he already slept with other people. I really wanted to be his first…but i guess I should a. You look like you begging for more,if you are begging for more then Ill surely give you what you beg for ”

”Now that we
e finished,how do you feel? ”

I feel good.

”I feel good too. ”

Itsuki,you know what?

”Hm? ”

Just hold me tight.

End of backstory

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