he did? ”

Yes,I knew that he dealt on you but I think you should get over what happened you can stay with hatred forever.

”What the hell is happening right now? Are you serious? Are you **ing serious?

*Looking at Itsuki, I could feel that he was nervous about the situation,he takes Ryu into the other room leaving me there with the Alpha.*

”Deal? I didn know you were that kind of guy? To deal on people? It seems unbelievable, coming from you this fact seems impossible. ”

Quit joking around,I need to remake my friendship.

”Honestly saying. Who the hell do you think will enjoy being your friend after you sell them. I know you didn sell but dealing can be actually classified as selling. ”

Just shut up!

”What if I don want to? It seemed serious if he said he was almost raped. Did you sell him to some sex traffickers of something? ”

No,they were a group of Alphas that loved to play with omegas so I had to deal on someone because they threatened me with death if I don deal.

”Were you really that dumb to actually believe that theyll kill you only if you didn deal,listen to me you could have just not deal and you would still be his friend to this day. ”

I know,you don need to remind me.

”You know what I can help you be friends again. But you know what to give in exchange. ”

I already gave you my virginity,what do I have to give you?

”Yes you have something to give me other than your virginity. Your hand in marriage. ”

Huh? You
e joking right,who do you think is that exagerated to do this only to fix their friendship with someone?

”I knew that you
e gonna say this but listen here, Im not making this deal only for this but because I have other things I can threaten you with. ”

Like what?

”You see this photo. ”

W-what?? *A photo with Ayumi was brought to my face.*

Why do you have a photo with my sister?

”It just happened to see her and your niece at the market. But you know what will happen if you don do as I say. ”

Why do you want to marry me in the first place?

e beautiful and your bratty attitude makes me want to put you in your place. Your body is amazing,too. Everything I sense about you reflects your amazing being. You
e my goddess. ”

e sick! I don love you or something! I can even imaginate myself being in a relationship with you,I can imagine being married to you either.

”Well,I can. So if you don do it…you know what awaits you,do you really want your niece to live without a mother? ”

Ok, Ill do it… just don touch my sister.

”We should start planning the wedding. ”

Already? At least give me some time!

*Waking to the room Ryu was in,I knock.

Can I enter?

”Yes. ”

Ok, Im coming in.

”I let you enter only to ask you about someone. ”

Ask me about whoever you want.

”Well, hows Mary? Is she okay? ”

Well,I don know how to tell you…

”Tell me what? ”

Mary died.

”How? ”

Well,she was almost raped by my brother so she decided to kill herself,she cut her veins…6 months ago.

”She died and I didn even know,the fact that I was friends with her and I didn even go to her funeral is making me think Im a filthy human being… ” *He quickly starts to cry,tears are falling down his face.

Hey, listen here,you don have to cry. Its not your fault.

”Its easy for you to say something like this,since you didn stay away from your friends and family for years. ”

What do you mean by I didn stay? I stayed away from you only because I felt guilty. I cried almost every night. I thought you were dead or trafficked!

”I wasn trafficked. But I did what a sex trafficked person does. ”

What do you mean?

”I had lots of sex. ”

With who?

”Itsuki,I started to have sex with him since I was 18. ”

So that means, you
e his boyfriend.

”Yeah,it kinda means that. Im his boyfriend weve been dating since my 18 birthday. ”

Hows your college life?

”Its perfect, Im studying biology and have a lot to study since Im in the third year. ”

I also have a lot of things to do.

”What did you major in? ”


”Interesting, Ive seen that you were quite passionated with literature in the past. You were always reading books and you always liked to make fake scenarios in your head even though you knew they
e not true you still laughed about it. ”

I remember I used to talk to you about my fake scenarios almost everyday. We were laughing so hard at some of them.

”Just so you know, don think I forgave you because I didn the things is, we
e laughing together right now because of good old memories but don even think we
e friends again. I can trust you anymore. ”

I understood already.

”Thats good. ”

Since Ive already received a punishment,I don mind another one.

”Punishment? ”

Well I was almost burned alive by my family and even though Mary was the one that told them,she saved me, otherwise I wouldn be there now.

”B-burned alive? ”

Yeah,you heard that right,my family was always quite crazy,this is how they treat the ones that disobey the rules. Even though Im their child I never considered this kind of punishment good but it somehow doesn disturb me,when is used on me,I just don want it to be used on children.

”I never knew this…your family didn seem like the kind of family that will put their children to danger. ”

*I laugh* I suspected the fact that you didn know since they showed you only the kind side of the family. ”

”I just didn think they were capable of doing something like this. ”

At least,now you know they are.

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