Your name?


ow but,how can I do that when they all are disappointed in me now?

”As I said don listen to them because they will just hurt you, listen to yourself and find a lover that will love you all your life! ”

Ok,but do you really believe that someone will love me?

”Yes,I truly believe it! Ever since I was a kid I treated you like a brother,you are a good person and I promise that Ill do anything possible so you can have a lover and someone else to trust. I know its not my place to talk since i don really know how love works. ”

Youve never had a relationship?

”No I didn have one I always considered myself too young to handle someone else,I might just focus on high school until I achieve college and I can choose my major I would prefer it to be design and art,I like designs. ”

Sounds good*I said with a giggle*

”I know right? Your major its also cool you can be known as a writer internationally! ”

Internationally? Sounds like a great idea,but my books don seem to be that good…

e joking right? Ive read all your books they
e masterpieces! ”

How did you read them I didn even publish them?

”When you have courses in the afternoon I snuck into your room and check your library and I somehow find them and read them. You
e such a great writer!

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