mething or mad at someone so he just wasted his frustration with drinks? But why at Kazukos house and not at his? Maybe he didn have alcohol which is strange judging by how wealthy his family is he should probably have a fridge special for alcohol or at least a room full of old wine with a good amount of alcohol.

Akira calm down, Im your friend Akio.

”You are my friend? I get it now he sent you there to act like Aki,say something Aki would say! ”

e a whore.

”Then I guess you really are Aki and Im not a whore. ”

Who says?

”Who says I am? ”

I say.

”That makes sense. ”

Since you
e drunk and scared I guess you should take your time and sleep,just sleep a little Ill take care of that guy and explain that you were just drunk and that you didn say these words because you wanted to Ill just say its alcohol influence.

”You think hell believe you? He didn believe me when I said I found a pencil on the floor in fourth grade! How can he believe an entire piece of bullshit! Anyways you can leave I still didn forgive you for what you said, calling me a whore isn okay and it will never be it brings up things that just make me feel…weak. ”

A tear falls down his cheek as he fell in Kazukos hands and after some seconds tears were falling down one after one till he was in tears.

What could take him so down to the point of crying that bad?

I felt as if I could burst into tears more than him,I felt like I should tell him everything but instead I felt bad for him and for the fact I made him cry with sour tears. What could happen in his past that could make him tremble only at the hearing of the word whore? Was he by any chance trying to avoid hearing this word because of something that made him so down to the point of not wanting to be named a whore? Was he humiliated? Or did Kazuko tell him something that made him think like this?

Why Im asking myself nonsense? Its not like its any of my business,is his business not mine! But still why Im so worried? Its not like we
e related or something. Or are we? I should just cut the crap and go home Im not welcomed here anyways!

I think Ill get going,he doesn seem to enjoy my presence, hes still mad…

”Don mind him,he just can forget some things and hes choosing to manifest for some time,I can guarantee hell forgive you after some time. ”

Don think this, its obviously my fault,I just want to get going,or should I say get home?

”Ok if you say so but I think its weird to go back after you just came here. ”

It might be weird but I have my reasons and I would like you to respect them. Can you?

”If you say so then I guess its ok,you can go. ”

Walking away knowing that I was the reason someone started to cry made me feel like throwing up just at how disgusting Ive become,I can even look at myself in the mirror anymore. I walk away like nothing happened as if I just stayed and drank a coffee but it just wasn that simple I couldn even show some comfort which I think its weird,coming from a soon to be killer,a cold blooded killer. I just hope he doesn forgive me too soon I don want him to die with a change of heart at how Im,I want him to remember in the afterlife that I was the real whore that just didn have the courage to recognise it and a whore that just cared about himself,one that didn give a shit about him.

Besides, Im the one that started all of this,why shouldn I be judged? Im not a prince or something Im just a piece of filthy garbage, nothing more.

”So have you finished the task? ”

I heard a non familiar voice as I think over and over at one single thing.

Who are you?

I don get to say anything else,my mind just went blank as the last word I hear is


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