Fortunately, Lin Qingyue didn’t stay and chat with them.
Worried that He Changkong might feel uncomfortable, she called Shen Zhu and then pulls him back into the kitchen.

He Changkong was determined to make some good impressions, so he took the initiative to ask if he could help.
However, he was promptly ushered out.

Shen Yanming got caught in the crossfire.
Lin Qingyue started lecturing him, “Look at that, the first time he’s here, he knows to offer help.
Look at you.”

Shen Yanming blinked, “???”

The two of them sat dumbfounded in the living room for a while.
Shen Yanming noticed that He Changkong still seemed somewhat awkward.
It was quite strange.
He was usually adept at everything he did, but today, he acted like an elementary school student, even sitting with exceptionally proper posture.

Shen Yanming couldn’t stand it anymore, so he nudged He Changkong, “How about we go to my room for a while? I don’t think they’ll finish cooking so soon.”

He Changkong agreed, “Sure.”

When they pushed the door open, He Changkong immediately noticed that Shen Yanming’s room had many posters on the walls, but it wasn’t as exaggerated as Lin Qingyue had described.
There were solo posters of He Changkong, but there were more team posters or images related to game characters and concept art.

There were also a few very eye-catching posters of two-dimensional girls mixed in with the cool game posters.

And they were dressed in very revealing swimsuits.

Seeing He Changkong continuously staring at these posters of two-dimensional girls, Shen Yanming rushed over to the wall, ready to tear them down, “I just put them up randomly because the wall looked a bit empty.”

He Changkong nodded, “Hmm, you also said before that you wanted to share… a collection of big-chested girls’ illustrations with me.”


Shen Yanming felt embarrassed and laughed, “Haha, did I?”

He Changkong replied, “Yes.”

Shen Yanming said, “Then you must have misheard me.
I must have been talking about a Doraemon picture collection.”

He Changkong said, “Well, let me see the Doraemon picture collection.”

Shen Yanming internally lamented.
Where was he going to find a Doraemon picture collection? He raised his hands in defeat, “…Fine, those are all my ex-wives.
Now, I only have you in my heart.”

He Changkong shook his head, “You’re quite fickle, my little rascal.”

Shen Yanming laughed, “Meeting you made me turn over a new leaf.
But it’s not much different.
You also have big… assets.”

He Changkong was speechless.


Shen Yanming continued laughing, “Hahaha.”

“Your room is quite tidy,” He Changkong commented after a quick look around the not-so-spacious room.

Following behind He Changkong, Shen Yanming explained, “My mom helped me tidy it up.
If I stay at home for a couple of days, this room will turn into a doghouse.”

He Changkong understood, “I can see that.”

Even in the villa at the base, Shen Yanming’s room was often messy.
It wasn’t dirty or chaotic, just that things tended to get scattered around.
However, now that Shen Yanming rarely went back to his room after moving in with He Changkong, perhaps due to influence or embarrassment, he had mostly corrected this bad habit.

He Changkong stopped in front of a bookshelf and took a look.
It was crowded with manga and art books.
He casually pulled one out and flipped through it, then raised an eyebrow, “This…”

After recognizing what He Changkong was holding, Shen Yanming tried to snatch it back, but He Changkong raised it high, preventing him from taking it.

Shen Yanming made a final effort, “Don’t look at that; it’ll hurt your eyes!”

He Changkong continued flipping through the pages, and his ears turned slightly red, “Why do you still buy these…”

What he was holding was an R-18 book, and it was BL to boot.


Considering that Shen Yanming used to be a straight guy, even if he read these kinds of books, they should have been of the heterosexual variety.
However, with a quick glance at the shelf, it seemed there weren’t any other explicit books like this one.

Shen Yanming explained, “I didn’t buy it! A classmate gave it to me for my birthday last year!”

He Changkong asked, “Is it common for you guys to give each other gifts like this?”

Shen Yanming replied, “They just wanted to gross me out.”

He Changkong inquired, “So, did you read it?”

Shen Yanming whispered, “…Um, I did.”

As He Changkong casually flipped through the book, he asked, “Did it gross you out?”

Recalling his feelings when he first read this book, Shen Yanming realized that he hadn’t been grossed out.
Instead, he had been intrigued, with thoughts like, “Ah, so this is how guys do it with other guys?” “Is that mosaic even the right size? Can the bottom really feel good there?”

If Shen Yanming were a genuine 18-year-old high school student, then this would have been something he did over a year ago.
However, he had come back from the future, and this event had taken place four or five years ago in actual time.
Afterward, so many things had happened that he had never thought about this again.

Now, being asked by He Changkong, he realized, belatedly, that he might have been gay all along.

Shen Yanming replied, “It seems… I wasn’t really grossed out back then.”

He Changkong asked again, “Sometimes, you say things that are a bit… suggestive.
Did you learn that from these books?”

Shen Yanming dared to say anything, but in intimate moments with He Changkong, he would become a bit shy and restrain himself.
However, when he was in a playful mood, he would blurt out some blush-inducing words.
Kong Jiang, who was pure-hearted, couldn’t endure it and nearly couldn’t resist dealing with this nonsense-spouting person several times.

Shen Yanming, annoyed and embarrassed, stepped closer to He Changkong and snatched the book back, hastily returning it to the shelf.
“How could that be possible? I’ve long forgotten what’s in there!”

When he turned around and saw the amused look in He Changkong’s eyes, Shen Yanming belatedly realized that he might have been tricked by He Changkong.
He furrowed his brow and, like a little puppy, gently bit He Changkong’s arm.
“You rascal.”


He Changkong patted the little puppy’s head.

They stayed in the room for a while, chatting about various things until a knock on the door signaled it was time for dinner.
Shen Yanming pushed He Changkong out into the dining room.

He Changkong was torn, wondering if he should use this opportunity to say something.
Shen Yanming had mentioned that he hadn’t explicitly told his family about their relationship, but it seemed like they accepted the fact that Shen Yanming had found a boyfriend.

Moreover, the two parents should have figured out by now that He Changkong was the sly old fox who had taken their child away.

So, should he speak first, or should he wait for the elders to ask?

Usually, in situations like this, the parents would ask questions.
However, throughout the meal, they had asked many questions, but they were all trivial matters, such as how the competitions were going, what they liked to do in their free time, and so on.
Until they finished eating, He Changkong hadn’t found the right moment to say the sentence he had rehearsed countless times in his mind: “Yanming and I are together, and I’ll take good care of him.”

At this point, his anxiety had reached its peak, and he wished he were better at socializing.

Unable to find the right moment to speak, he simply focused on peeling shrimp for Shen Yanming.

Shen Yanming wasn’t any more at ease; the two of them occasionally locked eyes, and their gazes briefly met before quickly shifting away.

Thinking that they could bring up the topic after dinner, the coach called to urge them back to the hotel, saying they needed to have a brief meeting.
They were in a hurry, and it wasn’t the right time to discuss coming out in such a situation.

Lin Qingyue complained, “I thought you guys could stay the night.”

“We have to follow the rules,” Shen Zhu stood up, “Shall I take you back?”

Shen Yanming stopped his dad, “You’ve had some drinks.”

Shen Zhu replied, “Then I’ll just take you downstairs.”

After bidding farewell to Lin Qingyue, the two of them carried the pile of snacks and fruit that had been forced upon them and followed Shen Zhu downstairs, arriving at the entrance of the residential complex.
Shen Yanming called for a car, and they waited together at the gate, not saying a word to each other.

Suddenly, an elderly man walking his dog approached them.
He was a fellow resident of the same complex.
He greeted Shen Zhu and chatted with them for a few moments before asking, “Is this Ah Yan’s friend?”

He Changkong nodded to the man and was about to respond when Shen Zhu said, “My eldest son, a world champion, impressive, right?”

He Changkong’s eyes widened slowly, and he looked at Shen Zhu, who was still chatting with the man.

“When did you get another son?” The man appeared skeptical.
“You’re just bragging.
What kind of world champion?”

Shen Zhu was a bit shorter than He Changkong, but now he stood proudly and put his arm around He Changkong’s shoulder.
“E-sports, what would an old man like you understand?”

The man was left speechless.
Just as he was about to say something, the Pomeranian he was walking started barking and ran forward.
Seeing this, the man didn’t say much more and walked away with his dog.

Once the man had walked a distance away, He Changkong hesitated before speaking, “Uncle…”

Shen Yanming’s heart was pounding now.
He bumped He Changkong gently, “Call him Dad, call him Dad.”

He Changkong was a bit dazed, hesitating to speak.

The taxi had already arrived, and its headlights were flashing, urging them to get in.
Shen Zhu waved his hand, herding the two visibly flustered young men into the car.
“Go back now, don’t overthink things.
Keep up the good work tomorrow, both of you – the current world champion and the future champion.”

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