He Changkong, feeling like he had just opened the door to a new world, asked, “Say it again?”

Shen Yanming had spoken without thinking earlier, and now, with He Changkong coaxing him to say it again, he felt a bit annoyed.
Putting on the fierce expression he used earlier when pretending to be a bully, he replied, “You say it yourself!”

He Changkong’s expression didn’t change much on the surface, but his shoulders slumped slightly, clearly disappointed that he didn’t hear another “husband.”

After a bit of commotion, Shen Yanming remembered the question he had wanted to ask earlier.
He used this opportunity to tell He Changkong about the day he had gone to meet Professor He.

Of course, this included the matter of the paternity test and the story He Yue had told him.

Before he started, he was quite nervous.
After all, even hearing about this kind of thing was uncomfortable, let alone being the one directly involved.
But he felt that he had to let He Changkong know the truth, so after careful consideration, he decided to tell him.

To his surprise, He Changkong didn’t react much after he finished speaking.

He Changkong just sat on the edge of the bed, and after a long silence, he said something unrelated, “So, the uncle I used to write letters to when I was a kid is my dad… Ah, it doesn’t seem appropriate to call him ‘dad’ now.”

Shen Yanming moved closer to him, placing a hand on his shoulder.
“Are you okay?”

“It’s fine,” He Changkong replied.
“…Actually, I feel somewhat relieved.”

“Huh?” Shen Yanming looked at him questioningly.
Shen Yanming had shared a lot with him, and he was also open about his thoughts with the other, “When I heard my mom saying those things that day, I did feel like it was all my fault.
Although I adjusted my perspective later, thinking back still made me uncomfortable.
But now, she’s the root cause of messing everything up.”

Shen Yanming asked with caution, “So, what about your mom? What do you plan to do in the future?”


He Changkong sighed.
“I don’t have any expectations for her anymore, and I’ve cut off contact with her a long time ago… In fact, I’ve already distanced myself from her over the past few years.
Do you know why I dropped out of college and came to play professionally?”

Shen Yanming shook his head.

He Changkong explained, “In my first semester of college, I got a grade below 90 in one of my elective courses.
My mom thought I must have gone astray in college.
But that elective course was actually a bit weird.
The teacher rarely showed up, and we just watched movies every class.
There were no exams at the end, just group presentations, and the grading was quite random.
I tried to explain this to her, but she didn’t listen.
Later, in the new semester, she visited my college once and had a chat with my classmates.
She found out that I played video games and privately scolded me with some harsh words, saying I would ruin my future like this.
I told her that I had been playing games for a long time, even since high school.
My stress was so high back then, and Meng Yan took me to an internet café once.
After that, I started going by myself.
But this didn’t affect my academic performance; I still managed to get into a good college.”

“…And she got even crazier after that?” Shen Yanming asked.

“Yeah,” He Changkong skipped many details in between and only shared the outcome, “Anyway, I might have entered my rebellious phase late.
At that time, I wondered why did I had to let her control me like this all the time? Coincidentally, Meng Yan made a joke about me joining the professional gaming scene, and I thought, why not? I knew I could do it, so I came.”

Listening to this, Shen Yanming felt upset, wishing he could go back a few years and run away with He Changkong sooner.
But the past couldn’t be changed, and people had to move forward.
Just as He Changkong had once gently put a band-aid on his wounded heart, he also wanted to take a long time in the future to fill the holes in He Changkong’s heart with overflowing love.

But even though he wanted to say all of this, he found it too embarrassing.
In the end, he wracked his brain and could only come up with, “Stop talking about such sad topics.
Come, let’s cuddle.”

He Changkong responded, “Actually, it’s not that sad.”


Shen Yanming said, “Even better! Come, let’s cuddle!”

So, the two of them cuddled.

The online issue was resolved.
The disciplinary violation of a young player from the second team hadn’t caused much of a stir among the players.
However, another matter had broken through the esports circle and even trended online.

In the playoffs, a player from Team IM had been performing poorly.
They lost from the beginning, and even if they won the remaining games according to points, they still couldn’t make it to the next round.
The main reason was their inability to adapt to the new game version.
Although it was regrettable, it was considered a regular occurrence, and it wasn’t something that would make it to the top trends.

The crucial issue was the player’s poor mental state.
Originally, their team’s performance had been average, but thanks to his exceptional skills with the Dark Dragon Knight, they had managed to secure a place in the playoffs.
However, a change in the game’s version had turned his strengths into weaknesses.
He practiced hard to adapt, but it was futile.
During a live stream, this player started drinking, and at first, he was just crying on the stream.
But as he continued to cry, he began hitting his own head with a bottle.
If it weren’t for his teammates discovering it in time and stopping him, who knows what could have happened.

But even this outburst of behavior was turned into various meme formats and spread like wildfire.

Initially, this wasn’t a concern for Shen Yanming and the others.
As fellow gamers, they could only sigh and think, “Brother, it’s not easy.” But the rules were harsh, and no matter how difficult it was, there was no other way.
Losing meant losing.

However, Pudding saw this trending topic and immediately grabbed Shen Yanming.
“Master, you are a real master! Quickly, tell me the next lottery numbers!”
Shen Yanming had just finished a game and looked puzzled at Pudding.

Pudding’s actions had caused quite a stir, and even their teammates in the training room turned to look.

Pudding showed Shen Yanming the video clip from the trending topic.
“Don’t you remember? When we were getting our hair done before, you told me that this guy would one day hit himself with a bottle.”


Shen Yanming suddenly realized, “Oh, that!”

Back then, he had been trying to convince Pudding to get his shoulder treated, claiming that he could predict the future.
He wanted to provide an example that would eventually come true.
However, his mind had gone blank at the time, and he couldn’t think of anything else, so he mentioned this, which took a while to come true.

But the incident never occurred as Pudding quickly went to get his shoulder treated.

Shen Yanming had nearly forgotten that he had even said such a thing.

Pudding said, “Master, it’s my fault for not recognizing your talent.
At that time, I even told you not to make things up.”

Shen Yanming sighed, “…I really did make it up!”

Pudding teased, “Don’t be so modest, Master.
How could you make up something with such detailed information?”

Having been reborn for so long, Shen Yanming sometimes felt that his previous life was like an old dream, long buried in the depths of his memory.
He had been living well in the present, to the point where he almost forgot that he had come from the future.
However, Pudding’s question suddenly made him shudder.

Back then, Shen Yanming had said such things out of desperation, trying to persuade Pudding to get his shoulder treated.
In hindsight, such a statement was entirely inappropriate.
Moreover, as Pudding pointed out, it was eerie how he knew such detailed information.

What if his teammates discovered his secret?

Shen Yanming sent a pleading look to He Changkong, but He Changkong calmly asked Pudding, “Do you know why he knows it so clearly?”

Pudding asked, “Why?”

He Changkong replied, “Because he’s from the future, he’s a prophet.”

Shen Yanming: “???”

He Changkong remained unfazed and continued, “Feel free to ask him anything else you want to know.”


Shen Yanming: “???” Is this the ultimate art of self-destruction?!

Pudding’s mouth twitched a bit as he responded, “No way, even Kong Jiang can crack such jokes now.
My youth is officially over.”

He Changkong said coldly, “Then what? If you keep calling him ‘Master’ like that, he might start believing he truly is one.”

In his heart, Shen Yanming secretly gave He Changkong a thumbs-up and added to the conversation, “I have to admit, I’m amazed at myself.
I can even ‘milk’ nonsense like this.”

Meng Yan, who had just finished a game, leaned in and said, “Ding Jiang, you shouldn’t call him ‘Master.’ It’s like inviting bad luck.”

Misfortune bringer, Xiao Shen, angrily pointed at Meng Yan, “This great prophet tells you that you won’t have a partner for the next three years, you scoundrel!”

Meng Yan replied, “Damn, rebound!”

Shen Yanming stood up, crossed his arms in a protective pose, and said, “Rebounding won’t work! Counter-rebound!”

Meng Yan thought for a moment.
Since the others already had partners and were all lovey-dovey in front of him, the curse had no effect.
After considering it, he made a Kamehameha pose toward Pudding and said, “Damn it, then I’ll share the curse with Ding jiang.”

Pudding’s face twisted in disbelief, “Are you even human???”

Pudding had originally found it quite intriguing when he came over to ask Shen Yanming about the prophecy.
But now, due to a few offhand remarks, Pudding had forgotten why he came in the first place.
He started a playful fight with Meng Yan in the training room, and after several laps, Sunday handed Pudding a selfie stick, saying, “Ding hiong, here’s your weapon.”

With this newfound advantage, Pudding felt empowered, and Meng Yan started complaining about unfairness.

Shen Yanming leaned back in his chair, watching these two very lively teammates chase and play.
He couldn’t help but sigh, “The happiness of elementary school kids is so simple.”

Hearing this, He Changkong asked, “Rank?”

Shen Yanming immediately shifted his focus back, replying, “Rank!”

After a few more rounds, these two young people, who kept very healthy schedules and were considered somewhat unconventional, left early.
On the way back, Shen Yanming thought about Pudding coming to him and asking how he could know such detailed things.
He still felt a lingering fear.
He mentioned it to He Changkong in passing, but He Changkong didn’t think it was a big deal, “Unless you actually told him the winning lottery numbers for tomorrow, normal people wouldn’t think too much about it.”

This secret would forever remain between the two of them.

Shen Yanming nodded, “And besides, many things have turned out differently from what we knew.”

He Changkong said, “Things are constantly changing and evolving.”

Shen Yanming chuckled, “Hmm…that sounds so familiar.”

He Changkong cast a sidelong glance at Shen Yanming, “It’s from the philosophy question you memorized last night.”

Shen Yanming: “Oh!”

Previously, after switching to the new game version, several members of the team practiced day and night to adapt.
Now, their gameplay had caught up, and they had been performing well in the first half of the playoffs.
If they maintained a stable performance in the second half, securing a spot in the World Championship would not be a problem.
Therefore, the players adjusted their training time according to their individual needs.

Shen Yanming was initially overjoyed, thinking that he could surf the internet before bed again.
However, yesterday, as he happily flopped onto his bed, he saw He Changkong holding a stack of papers and handing them to him.

He Changkong said, “Now, every day, both in the morning and before bedtime, you need to do some exercises and review.
I’ve written down the specific tasks for each day on this piece of paper.
The workload isn’t too heavy, and you should be able to handle it.
After the World Championship in the spring, you can spend more time studying.”

Shen Yanming: “=口=……”

Shen Yanming tried to wriggle out of it.
“I have a headache.
I’ve been playing games all day, and I’m so tired and haggard.
I need to sleep.”

Surprisingly, He Changkong didn’t stop him.
“Then go to sleep.”

Feeling somewhat guilty, Shen Yanming lay back down but couldn’t fall asleep.
After a while, he realized something was missing, “What about my goodnight kiss?”

He Changkong, looking at Shen Yanming, who didn’t seem to have a headache or fever, replied, “No more.”

Shen Yanming was shocked.

He Changkong mercilessly pointed to the desk, “Go and complete today’s task.
You’ll get a kiss for each task you finish.”

Shen Yanming grumbled, “You’re ruthless.”

Shen Yanming reluctantly got up and begrudgingly reviewed a few pieces of knowledge.

However, Shen Yanming was a bit scatterbrained.
Yesterday, he studied diligently, but after a full day of training today, he not only forgot what he had studied but also what he needed to study when he got back to his room.

When He Changkong reminded him, Shen Yanming hesitated to return to his room, saying, “The view outside seems nice.
How about we take a short walk?”

He Changkong asked, “A row of withered trees, it’s cold.
What’s there to see?”

Shen Yanming blinked his puppy-dog eyes and said pitifully, “Ge… with you by my side, everything is beautiful.”

It had to be said that although Shen Yanming was being slick to avoid his study tasks, He Changkong was indeed touched by that statement.
However, he wasn’t swayed so easily.
He followed Shen Yanming’s logic, saying, “Then go back, and with me by your side, you can study, and it will still be beautiful.”

Shen Yanming complained, “I’m so pitiful.”

He Changkong said, “I hope you can get into a university when the time comes.”

Shen Yanming tried to make a deal.
“After I finish studying… can you kiss me longer?”

He Changkong patted Shen Yanming’s head.

After a while, Shen Yanming thought of something else.
“But in a few days, we have to go out of town for a competition.
Do I have to study there too?”

He Changkong had initially intended to say that he could squeeze in some study time at the hotel, and if he was too tired, he could study a little less.
However, before he could speak, Shen Yanming continued, “But we’re going to my hometown.
I wanted to take you home.
Are you going to make me study in front of my parents?”

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