Even though the room was plunged into darkness with the lights off, in reality, He Changkong wasn’t able to see Shen Yanming’s expression at that moment.
Regardless of whether he could be seen or not, fueled by embarrassment, Shen Yanming instinctively covered his face after uttering those words.

Soon, Shen Yanming’s wrist was gently held, and the hand covering his face was moved away.
With their positions swapped, He Changkong was now gazing down at him.

Shen Yanming heard He Changkong’s soft voice saying, “People should be responsible for what they say.”

Shen Yanming’s initial reaction was relief.
Thankfully, He Changkong was still the fierce top he had envisioned in his heart.
If He Changkong turned out to be a bottom after all of this, it would be quite awkward.
Only afterward did he belatedly realize that he was being a bit cowardly.
He turned his face away, unable to meet He Changkong’s eyes directly.
He just felt the gaze on him was excessively scorching, heating his face.
But thinking about it, this was an inevitable outcome, so he murmured softly, “I like you, and I’m willing.”

Afterward, he even lifted his leg and brushed his knee against He Changkong’s waist.

He Changkong, however, sighed, “I like you too, that’s why I can’t be so reckless with you.”

As sweet warmth flowed through Shen Yanming’s heart, yet he still felt a bit puzzled.

He Changkong leaned down and kissed Shen Yanming’s cheek, then continued, “We’ve never done these things before.
I don’t know if I might hurt you unintentionally, what if you feel pain, or if you end up getting a fever after, we still have training and matches ahead.
Do you think I would let you train or compete with an uncomfortable body the next day?”

They say desire can cloud one’s judgment, and He Changkong was just an ordinary person.
Hearing such a direct invitation from his lover, he couldn’t be completely unaffected.
If he had followed his instincts a bit more, perhaps Shen Yanming would have been devoured by him by now—or maybe even earlier.

He Changkong’s reasoning wasn’t without basis.

However, Shen Yanming, for some unknown reason, blurted out, “…Seriously, adults plan their intimate moments for auspicious days.
If they don’t, then wouldn’t they never be able to do it all year round?”

He Changkong: “…”


Oh my,” Shen Yanming continued, “I’m just kidding.
I’m not entirely clueless.”

He Changkong had mentioned all those things before; Shen Yanming had read about them on forums.
Everyone’s physique was different, and not everyone was naturally gifted.
Many people experienced some discomfort the first time.
However, after being kissed and touched just now, feeling a bit dizzy and dazed, it was natural for him to want to continue.

“Good boy,” He Changkong said.

Shen Yanming had indeed chickened out for a brief moment after making some rather bold remarks, but now, if he were to just let this slide, he felt a subtle unwillingness.
So, he replied, “Then you can’t just tease and not follow through.”

He Changkong held Shen Yanming’s hand tightly.
“You really are…”

Shen Yanming had already brought the conversation to this point.
No matter how patient He Changkong was, there was a limit.

So, he resorted to using his legs.
Even though it was just that, Shen Yanming clung to He Changkong’s waist like a melting piece of candy, humming softly.
After it was all over, the two cleaned up the scene.
He Changkong looked at Shen Yanming’s reddened skin from the friction, placed his hand on it, lightly caressing the skin with his fingertips, then leaned down to place a gentle kiss there.

Shen Yanming once again covered his face, curling his legs up.


This was really a bit too risqué.

He Changkong lifted his head, eyebrows slightly furrowed, as if he wasn’t entirely approving.
“A tattoo? Of what?”

Shen Yanming pondered, “What about… your name?”

He Changkong asked, “Wouldn’t that hurt?”

Shen Yanming considered it, “It probably wouldn’t hurt too much… I’ll look it up.” He was about to reach for his phone.

He Changkong stopped him.

Shen Yanming blinked.
“Why not?”

He Changkong sat up, and seemed like he was about to say something but ultimately stayed silent.
In the end, he used a kiss to suppress Shen Yanming’s curiosity.

With the tight match schedule, TMM’s members once again embarked on the days of traveling to different cities for competitions.
Recently, online discussions had grown quite heated.
Originally confined to forum discussions, rumors of He Changkong and Shen Yanming’s fights leading to poor performance began circulating on social media as well.
Whether the rumors were true or not wasn’t the focus; what mattered was He Changkong’s recent performance was indeed unsatisfactory.
People online were fickle, especially among many casual players who purely admired the strong.
When you’re doing well, I’ll support you, but when you stumble, I’ll kick you a few times and move on to following a new powerful figure.

Of course, He Changkong wasn’t falling into despair, but public opinion was turning harsh.
A careful consideration would reveal that some behind-the-scenes forces might be using fake accounts to manipulate the narrative.


Originally, the coaching staff wanted to have a talk with He Changkong.
However, they were wary of doing so now, especially after the upcoming match.
Instead, before the match, the coach specifically approached Shen Yanming, suggesting that he could try a more cautious strategy.

A more cautious strategy meant not overly relying on He Changkong’s support, not taking unnecessary risks, to avoid compromising their chances.

It was merely a coach’s suggestion.
While the coach held an important role, the actual command on the field wasn’t entirely in the coach’s hands.
How they played depended on the team’s internal coordination.

Shen Yanming understood the coach’s intention.
Lately, He Changkong’s performance had indeed dipped a bit.
For the sake of the team, playing a bit conservatively alongside He Changkong was understandable.

However, such a playstyle carried an implicit message, one of distrust in He Changkong’s abilities.

Shen Yanming didn’t want to be the one distrusting He Changkong.

So, after discussing with his teammates, he decided to take the initiative.

Before stepping onto the stage, he asked He Changkong, “Can I mess around freely like before?”

“You can,” He Changkong patted his shoulder.
“There are a few things I haven’t had a chance to explain to you.
I’ll wait until after the match to talk about them… for now, you can trust me.”

On stage, in their seats, character selection.
Shen Yanming and He Changkong found the opponents who were triggering special events from the start of the match.
Shen Yanming alone rushed into the midst of the perfectly cooperating enemy pair, preparing to seize their special event.

This was a highly aggressive move.
While seizing a special random event might deal a significant blow to the opponents, whether they could seize it or not was another matter.
Even if they managed to do so by force, they might not survive the attack themselves, ultimately causing more harm than good.
It was like sacrificing eight hundred to kill a thousand enemies.

Whether it was the commentators, the audience, or even the coaches, their hearts were in their throats.

From the moment they stepped onto the stage, the livestream audience hadn’t stopped discussing.
At first, there was a bit of confusion.
Weren’t they supposed to be fighting? How come they still looked like inseparable twins?

But there were probably those who were deliberately steering the narrative.
Someone immediately chimed in: “They can’t possibly fight in front of others.
They need to act like they’re close brothers.
However, their condition and performance can’t be faked.
Let’s just wait and see.”

Most people thought it made sense, so they continued watching the match.


And then, as soon as they started, they saw their Luanzi ge pull off such a powerful move.

This time, their opponents were aiming to obtain the Snow Pearl from the Ice and Snow Troll’s Nest, one of the game’s wild bosses.
This item could freeze the entire enemy team without aiming.
It activated instantly, and using it in a team fight could provide a significant advantage.
Naturally, such a heaven-defying item wouldn’t be easily obtained.
Firstly, the probability of this random event appearing was quite low – generally, you would need to play hundreds of matches to have a chance of encountering it.
Secondly, even if it appeared, obtaining the Snow Pearl wasn’t straightforward.

Either you had to sneakily grab the pearl from the boss during its patrol, catching it off guard, or you had to face the boss head-on, defeat it, and then take the pearl.

The opposing duo had initially chosen the first method because they couldn’t defeat the boss on their own.
Not engaging in combat and obtaining the item smoothly was naturally the best option.
If they had to fight, they’d need to call their teammates for help, and involving teammates would mean initiating a team fight right from the start.

Little did they know that Chaos would emerge halfway through.
As soon as Chaos appeared, he alerted the Ice and Snow Troll, naturally he wouldn’t be so kind as to help the opponents engage the boss and conveniently obtain the item.

No matter how you looked at it, Chaos was a squishy character.
He couldn’t withstand even two hits from the boss.
He wasn’t a tank, so he couldn’t divert the boss’s aggression.
Unless the opponents foolishly attracted the boss’s attention, chaos would always be the boss’s primary target.
So, after taking a hit, he quickly positioned himself beside the two opponents before they could react, and then he lured the boss’s upcoming area attack towards them.

Of course, by doing this, his own health was hanging by a thread.
Even the two opponents realized what was happening by now.
They dodged the attack range.
One moved behind chaos to prepare for a treasure snatch, while the other activated a skill aimed at the nearly finished-off Little White Wolf.

In that very moment, He Changkong swiftly used a control ability to freeze the enemy Nanny who was about to grab the Snow Pearl.
He then snatched the Snow Pearl himself.
Following that, he used an instantaneous healing skill on Shen Yanming’s Little White Wolf.
Almost immediately, he used another rescue skill to pull the Little White Wolf out of the battlefield.

These four actions were executed seamlessly, taking less than five seconds in total, practically in the blink of an eye.

And not a single mistake was made.

The Little White Wolf was pulled out of the Ice and Snow Troll’s attack range.
The boss naturally redirected its aggression towards the bewildered enemy assassin who remained nearby.

The commentators exclaimed, “Kong really hasn’t disappointed us.
Initially, I was thinking that Chaos’s move was too impulsive.
If it didn’t coordinate well, the potential losses might outweigh the gains.
Now it’s clear that I was overly concerned.”

The online detractors were silenced.

– Is the Snow Pearl that easy to snatch?
– Ah, ah, ah, ah, Kong Shen is so cool! [/thumbs up]
– Then let me respectfully call Luanzi ge a ‘Luan Shen’ and bow to the greatness.
Bless me to reach Rank Six tomorrow.
– Damn, Luan Shen is amazing
– By the way, I’ve been suspecting that Kong’s performance in the previous matches in Cloud City was just an act.
– Actually… It’s not bad.
This is his true level after all, so there’s nothing surprising…
– Maybe he adjusted his mentality?
– Weren’t some of you saying something different earlier? Let me check who was the loudest when criticizing earlier.

– To be honest, I’ve always found it funny.
Saying that two guys in a fight are performing poorly just because they’re gay? You treated them like middle school kids in puppy love, breaking up and self-harming.

– To the person who said that earlier, I advise you to be careful with your words.
If you don’t believe he could perform that badly, then does that mean he deliberately lost before? Doesn’t that create an even bigger problem?

The outcome of this match was never in doubt.
TMM won the match.
After their victory, Shen Yanming joyfully grabbed He Changkong’s hands and wanted to spin around, though he couldn’t quite manage it.
Regardless, his happiness was evident.
“My ge is dependable.”

The other teammates couldn’t stand to watch.
The team, led by Meng Yan, rolled their eyes one after another.
“Yes, yes.”

Though they spoke disdainfully, deep down, their hearts also relaxed.
Of course, their concern wasn’t just about the match.
They were more worried about whether their brother could overcome his psychological shadow.
Now, it seemed like there was no shadow at all.
Creating a psychological shadow for the opponents seemed more plausible.

However, winning just one match wasn’t enough.
They didn’t underestimate the next matches.
After several hours of intense battle, they emerged victorious with a 3-1 advantage.

After returning to the base, Shen Yanming directly confronted the new healer of the second team, Eyes, with He Changkong beside him.

Later, He Changkong recounted the whole incident to Shen Yanming.
Shen Yanming’s first reaction was, “My goodness, I can’t do anything wrong behind your back.
With your Sherlock Holmes-like skills, there would be nowhere for me to hide.”

He Changkong: “…”

He Changkong had initially intended to directly talk to Eyes about this matter.
He didn’t think Eyes, who was relatively young, could come up with such cunning tactics.

However, Shen Yanming had enthusiastically taken up this task himself.

Shen Yanming explained, “You’re too gentle.
You lack intimidation.
You have to make him afraid, force him to confess… Of course, I won’t really beat him up.”

He Changkong: “…”

Shen Yanming enthusiastically began narrating his glorious past deeds to He Changkong.

He hadn’t done anything truly bad.
Even when combining his two lifetimes, he had only fought for the White Wolf once.
However, he had acted like a small-time rogue, helping younger students who were bullied by standing up for them.
He used to hang out in internet cafes a lot and had seen how actual thugs behaved.
Mimicking them wasn’t difficult for him.

If he were asked to really fight like a thug, he probably couldn’t beat others.
But scaring little kids? He had more than enough capability for that.

Reluctantly, He Changkong agreed to let Shen Yanming take the lead on this.

For the time being, they didn’t mention this plan to anyone else.
Only the two of them were aware of the operation.

That day, Shen Yanming confidently led the person into a blind spot of the surveillance cameras.
Then he pushed the considerably shorter and younger guy against the wall, crossed his arms, and fixed a delinquent’s smile on his face as he faced the slightly pale and panicked Eyes.

Shen Yanming took out an envelope, bent down, and gently patted it against Eyes’s face.
“Little baby, do you know what you did wrong?”

He Changkong, hearing this address, furrowed his brows into a character for ‘river’.

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