He Changkong’s eyes darkened.
He leaned down again, his lips pressing onto Shen Yanming’s still glistening ones.
This time, he tentatively used his teeth to nibble on Shen Yanming’s tongue.
He heard a soft moan escape from the latter’s mouth.

Previously, He Changkong had treated Shen Yanming like a treasure.
Whether it was holding his hand or kissing him, his actions had always been gentle and cautious.
The only exception was the other day when his emotions got a bit out of control.
He had thought he was being too rough then, but unexpectedly, it seemed like Shen Yanming had opened the doors to a whole new world.

He had said he liked it a bit more fierce.

He Changkong held onto Shen Yanming’s hand, and his actions were slightly less tender than before.
He seemed like a hunting beast, capturing a taste of sweetness from Shen Yanming.

If before, after a kiss, Shen Yanming would turn into a soft, fluffy marshmallow, now he had directly melted into a pool of syrup.
His whole body was practically hanging onto He Changkong, clinging to his shoulder like a drowning person grabbing onto a piece of driftwood.
It took quite an effort not to lose his balance.

Shen Yanming blushed, “… My legs feel a bit weak.”

He Changkong supported his waist and asked, “Do you like it?”

Shen Yanming clung to He Changkong again, rubbing against him, and mumbled, “… Mhm, am I a little perverted?”

He Changkong chuckled softly, intentionally agreeing, “Mhm.”

Shen Yanming was immediately overwhelmed with embarrassment and frustration.
He impulsively grabbed He Changkong’s hand and bit it.

With their bodies so close, they soon sensed changes in each other’s.
He Changkong patted Shen Yanming’s back, signaling him to let go.
“I’ll take a shower.”

Shen Yanming released his grip, and followed He Changkong, he watched as He Changkong took clothes from the luggage and prepared to enter the bathroom.
As they reached the bathroom door, Shen Yanming, seemingly having made up his mind about something, tugged on the hem of He Changkong’s shirt, “Um… how about, I… I help you?”


The two good friends helped each other in the bathroom.
At first, Shen Yanming was quite shy.
After just one glance at the specific object of his assistance, he couldn’t dare to look directly again.
Later, he began to complain that his hand was sore, as if a hand fatigue complaint from an esports player wasn’t entirely unscientific.

Shen Yanming was chatty as always, so He Changkong sealed his mouth, while also offering him very friendly help.

But Shen Yanming playfully hinted that it didn’t have to be that friendly.
He Changkong continued to help him in a somewhat less courteous manner, and to Shen Yanming’s surprise, he found this rather enjoyable.

After a long while, the two of them, who had achieved mutual assistance, finally returned to bed, turned off the lights, and went to sleep.
They ended up sleeping past noon the next day.
Due to waking up so late, they were once again subjected to their teammates’ scrutinizing glances.

Shen Yanming felt no qualms about it.
Facing Meng Yan, who often scolded them as “damn gays” and was always unable to resist prying into their business, he mercilessly retorted, “What are you looking at? Even if you keep looking, you won’t find anyone for yourself.”

Meng Yan shed fake tears, pretending to cry, “Don’t straight single guys deserve to be humans too? I’m transferring! I’m transferring tomorrow! I’m going to a world without damn gays!”

Sunday added sound effects to Meng Yan’s fake crying, “Wuwu.”


The one-week training camp soon came to an end.
Apart from the initial bothersome incidents, the following days went fairly smoothly.
On the last day, after the team went out for a free meal and a stroll, they returned to the country.

Although every year saw a new version released at this time, in reality, the time for teams and players to adjust and train between the regular season and the playoffs was quite limited.
After their return, intensive training awaited them, followed shortly by the upcoming playoffs.

The playoffs were a “top eight into top four” format, with the previous points reset.
The eight teams would compete anew, and the top four teams in the final rankings would earn tickets to the World Championship.

Due to the smaller number of teams participating compared to the regular season, the matches would be played in various cities, each being the home ground of a team.

However, regardless of the format, they had to win.

During the training camp and subsequent practices, they had discovered a few issues.
For instance, after the version update, Sunday was still not quite accustomed to several characters.
Pudding couldn’t join in yet, so Sunday had to carry the load.
To solve this problem, Sunday had taken a short leave from school and stayed at the base, practicing day and night.

Of course, other teammates were in similar situations.
They were essentially cut off from the outside world.
When they were awake, aside from eating and using the restroom, they stayed in the training room.

Shen Yanming, who usually liked to surf the internet during his free time, recently felt like his phone was just a decoration.
He had even given up the habit of scrolling through Weibo before sleep.
After returning home, he would kiss his Kong ge goodnight, and would immediately fall asleep.
The phone still had some use; at the very least, he needed its alarm to wake him up in the morning.

So, almost no one knew about the latest online rumors.

However, in contrast, Pudding, who was quite idle, was among the first to come across some rumors online – in fact, it couldn’t be entirely labeled as rumors.


Pudding had already been discharged from the hospital.
Initially, he had returned to the base, but he couldn’t see the computers there without being able to touch them.
The doctor had allowed him to play only a game or two a day, and he absolutely couldn’t engage in high-intensity training.
This made him feel like there were millions of ants crawling on his heart, making him uncomfortable every day.
So, he had simply gone back home temporarily, only occasionally coming to the base.

Being at home was also boring, so he looked at various online rumors.
That night, he saw a particularly eye-catching post on the forum.

The post was titled: “[Confession] My Friend Is an Insider, Let Me Tell You Something You Don’t Know”

Posts like this would occasionally appear on the forum.
Every time, they would attract a large number of users to come and watch.
The validity of the revealed information varied, and whether the readers believed it or not, everyone loved to read it.

Including Pudding.

However, this time the original poster hinted in the very first post that the scoop was about a team that had won the championship for the past two years.
This hint couldn’t even be called a hint; it was practically shoving the three letters “TMM” in front of the readers.

Pudding lay on the sofa at home, but as soon as he saw that, he sat up straight.

Oh boy, it seemed he was going to enjoy some gossip about his own home.

Pudding scrolled down to read the second post.

The first part was the author’s lengthy introduction, with some miscellaneous details to prove the authenticity of the source.
After rambling on for a while, the author finally said: “These days, esports teams are all about creating CP relationships.
It does stimulate consumption, but most of them are fake—let’s say 99% are fake.
So, where’s the remaining 1%? It’s in the team I mentioned in the first post.
The CP is really popular, and people have caught them being intimate outside.
Moreover, both of them are a bit love-struck, spending their days focused on each other instead of practicing.
Their performance this year might not be great.
After the playoffs, you can come back and see if what I said is true.”

In the comments section, someone quickly decoded the post and asked if it was referring to Kong and Luanzi ge.

Pudding’s heart raced.
Normally, if he came across this kind of post, he would just chuckle and scroll past.
Even though it might seem fake to others, he knew that some parts of what the original poster said were true.
There were indeed two people in their team who were very involved—Pudding had learned about this later from Meng Yan.
It had left him questioning life for a few days, but he had come to accept it now.

Of course, these two people definitely wouldn’t stop practicing just because they were in a relationship.
A few days ago, Pudding heard from Meng Yan that He Changkong and Shen Yanming had a three-minute cold war because Shen Yanming refused to leave the training room.
Three minutes! What an excruciatingly long three minutes!

Since it was true, even if many didn’t believe it, as long as some people began to doubt, it was possible that someone would start digging deeper.

If they really dug up something, the consequences could be troublesome.


Moreover, this exposé by the original poster felt malicious.
Even if no one proactively dug further, the original poster might cause more trouble later.

The teammates were all busy with training, and Pudding couldn’t decide whether to show them the post or not.
Time was already tight, and adding this issue to their plate seemed unnecessary.

Pudding refreshed the post again, and as expected, everyone was enthusiastic about this kind of gossip post, and there were many more comments now.

Thinking quickly, Pudding decided to steer the conversation in a different direction.
He occasionally used this account to claim he was an industry insider, and he had answered questions and helped others in several posts.
His reputation on the forum was good, and he was considered a trusted senior member by the forum users.

He adjusted the font size of his comment to be larger and used flashy font effects, typing out a sentence with numerous exclamation marks.

[Forum Legend]: I know it’s true! LZ1LZ: an abbreviation commonly used in Chinese internet slang, especially on forums and online communities.
It stands for “楼主” (Lóu Zhǔ), which translates to “original poster” or “thread starter” in English.
It refers to the person who initiated a forum thread or discussion.
is telling the truth.
Pudding and Nightmare are in a relationship.
Guess who’s the 1 and who’s the 0! Bet your chips on this!!!!!!!

Author’s Message:

Ding Jiang: I’m sacrificing my own reputation to block the cabinet door for my bro.

Meng Yan: Ah??????? What a bad idea??? Can’t even lead a rhythm, five.

Luan luanzi & Kong: Th… Thank you?

Coach: ……………….??

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1LZ: an abbreviation commonly used in Chinese internet slang, especially on forums and online communities.
It stands for “楼主” (Lóu Zhǔ), which translates to “original poster” or “thread starter” in English.
It refers to the person who initiated a forum thread or discussion.

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