“When did you call for backup? No, wait… how did you finish the match so quickly?” Hearing another person’s voice, Andrew was also taken aback.
According to common logic, the chaotic match between the healers shouldn’t have ended so soon.
He had estimated that at this time, He Changkong wouldn’t come out, so he had looked for Shen Yanming.

Shen Yanming tried to pull his hand away, but Andrew’s grip was surprisingly strong.
Even though there had been a moment of daze earlier, Andrew hadn’t let go.

He Changkong turned on the lights in the exhibition hall directly, illuminating the entire space in an instant.

With a stern face, he walked briskly over, prying Andrew’s hand away and then folding the index finger of Andrew’s right hand upward.
Andrew’s expression immediately showed pain, and he was muttering something under his breath.

Shen Yanming was initially startled.
He had seen various sides of He Changkong – cold, distant, gentle, and shy – but he had never seen him with such a fierce aura.
He shook the wrist that had been painfully pinched just now and hurriedly tugged at the hem of He Changkong’s coat, whispering, “Ge, don’t be impulsive…!”

Not to mention that players fighting privately was an absolute no-go zone – Shen Yanming was acutely aware of that.
Even if they were to really fight, it wasn’t certain they could get the upper hand against that bear-like build of Andrew.

Although He Changkong had managed to remove Andrew’s hand easily just now.

Meng Yan, who had been told not to intervene earlier, sensed that something was wrong and disregarded his teammates’ warnings.
He popped out from behind the corner, “He Changkong, don’t bother, it’s not worth it for a person like him!”

Seeing a sudden addition to the group, Andrew’s expression changed again.

Andrew had indeed taken a liking to Shen Yanming from the moment he saw him.
After observing for a day, with his similar radar-like instincts, he naturally couldn’t miss anything.
However, he hadn’t understood Shen Yanming before.
Seeing him act sweetly in front of He Changkong, Andrew had thought he was of the gentler type.
Andrew had encountered a few Asian boys of this kind before – easygoing, seemingly shy, but actually very open…

So, at noon, he had tested the waters in the elevator.
Seeing Shen Yanming acting like an alarmed little animal, he thought it was all bluff and even found this version of Shen Yanming quite cute, which fit his taste.
Then, in the training room, he had observed Shen Yanming for an entire afternoon, and it seemed Shen Yanming hadn’t mentioned this incident to He Changkong.

Thus, he had taken the chance during the healer brawl to send a message to Shen Yanming.


He wasn’t afraid that Shen Yanming would sue him for harassment.
His message contained nothing inappropriate; it could easily pass as a message from someone looking to make friends.

He didn’t know whether Shen Yanming would come or not, but he thought if Shen Yanming did come, he would come alone.
Seeing how secretive they were even about holding hands, Andrew concluded that Shen Yanming hadn’t come out to their surroundings about their relationship.
Supposedly, Eastern societies were only moderately accepting of homosexuality… if Shen Yanming were to come, won’t he possibly come alone?

If Shen Yanming was coming alone, if not for that intention, then what else could it be?

Before Meng Yan appeared, Andrew thought that Shen Yanming was showing interest while being somewhat resistant.

When He Changkong arrived, things were still manageable.
But when Meng Yan showed up, Andrew realized he had fallen into Shen Yanming’s trap.
It seemed that Meng Yan had been secretly following them from the beginning.
Perhaps Andrew was too focused on Shen Yanming, or maybe Meng Yan had been careful enough in the darkened exhibition hall; Andrew hadn’t noticed him throughout the process.

Andrew realized that what he had said earlier might have been recorded, maybe even videotaped, and he felt a sense of impending doom.
When Shen Yanming had warned him about surveillance, he hadn’t taken it seriously.
He had checked beforehand that the surveillance had been out of order for some time, but because the exhibition hall hadn’t been opened to the public recently and the displayed items weren’t particularly valuable, maintenance had been postponed.

With this thought in mind, Andrew decided to take a riskier approach.
He provocatively said to He Changkong, “I suppose your little boyfriend must taste quite good.”

He thought for a moment and felt that these two probably wouldn’t easily reveal their sexual orientation, so even if they recorded the audio, it might not be useful.
He might as well completely provoke He Changkong right now.
As long as He Changkong laid a hand on him, he wouldn’t be in the wrong anymore.


Andrew smirked, “Why not let me give it a try too? …Ah!”

He felt that his fingers hurt even more, but it was only for a split second, and He Changkong soon released his grip.

He Changkong’s eyes turned red, and even his breathing became heavier.
He was genuinely angered, but he didn’t make any other moves.
He merely turned to Shen Yanming and said, “Let’s go back.”

Shen Yanming called out softly, “Ge…”

He Changkong placed his hand on Shen Yanming’s back, and Shen Yanming could feel a slight tremor in his touch.
Still, He Changkong patted his back soothingly.

Then, He Changkong turned to Andrew in an unruffled tone and said, “Your coach, my coach, and the organizers are all outside.
You better handle this yourself.”

Andrew’s face immediately drained of color.

As they exited, Shen Yanming did indeed see several people standing at the entrance of the exhibition hall, precisely the ones He Changkong had mentioned.
In addition to them was Sunday, who was using both hands and mouth to explain something to these people.
He was gesturing and speaking with great enthusiasm, his face turning red and his ears heating up… Shen Yanming admired this shy kid who had been trying so hard to interact with several strangers for so long.

Seeing Shen Yanming and the others come out, Sunday blinked at Shen Yanming and then put on a pitiful expression.

Shen Yanming understood; it seemed Sunday hadn’t just casually mentioned telling Kong ge.
He had actually told him.


Meng Yan came out with them and distributed several copies of the recorded audio to the relevant personnel on-site.

He Changkong greeted the others, “My teammate was a little frightened.
I’ll take him back first.”

Silently, they returned to their room.
After entering, He Changkong first led Shen Yanming into the bathroom to wash his hands.
Warm water flowed over Shen Yanming’s wrists, and He Changkong gently touched the reddened skin, asking, “Does it hurt?”

Shen Yanming shook his head.

“Don’t worry.
I told them that Andrew misunderstood your sexual orientation and tried to harass you…” After rinsing for a while, He Changkong turned off the tap and lifted Shen Yanming’s hands slightly.
Leaning down, he placed a gentle kiss on his wrist.
After considering it for a moment, he felt his words might not have been appropriate, so he explained further, “I mean… I don’t think there’s anything wrong with our relationship that we can’t show to others.
It’s just that I don’t want us to be forced to come out in such a situation.
I also don’t want you to be the subject of gossip right now.”

Shen Yanming didn’t have much opinion on what He Changkong said.
He had other concerns.
Biting his lip, he hesitated for a moment before asking, “Ge, aren’t you angry?”

He Changkong’s expression grew even darker.
He took Shen Yanming’s hand and walked him over to a wall, pressing him against it, “How could I not be angry?… I’m already at the point of wanting to kill him.”

Shen Yanming was taken aback for a moment.
He wanted to say he wasn’t asking about that, blaming himself for not clarifying his question… But before he could speak, He Changkong continued, “But I want to hold the champion’s trophy with you.
I have to stay calm… Can you comfort me?”

Without waiting for Shen Yanming to reply, He Changkong sought comfort from him on his own.
His actions were even more forceful than usual; rather than kissing, it was more like a random, unmethodical biting.
Shen Yanming felt a bit of pain, yet even this slight pain brought forth a strange sense of pleasure he had never experienced before.

He Changkong was too fierce today, as though he wanted to devour him.

Shen Yanming couldn’t hear He Changkong’s thoughts, but if he could, he would have discovered that his instincts were indeed correct.
He Changkong did indeed think this way.

—He wanted to consume him, possess him, and hide him away.

This kiss lasted longer than any before, until Shen Yanming began to feel a bit short of breath.
He murmured a few unclear and indistinct moans, and only then did He Chongkong pull away from his lips.
But he still held him tightly.

This time, it was Shen Yanming who patted He Chongkong’s back, as if soothing a child.

He heard He Changkong say, “You are mine alone.”


Shen Yanming smiled, “Of course.”

He Changkong added, “I’m sorry.”

Shen Yanming felt somewhat puzzled, “What are you apologizing for?”

He Changkong said, “For not protecting you.”

“What’s that? I’m a true tough guy.
The word ‘protect’ is a bit too much… Of course, it was my lack of foresight tonight,” Shen Yanming tilted his head and kissed He Changkong’s jawline, feeling a bit guilty, “Actually, I wanted to ask you, are you not angry? I didn’t even tell you about being harassed by that idiot.
Sigh, I thought I could handle it on my own.”

“Not angry, there’s no reason for me to be angry with you,” He Changkong said, “I’m just really worried.
After the match, I couldn’t find you.
When I heard what Sunday said, I was so anxious that I almost went crazy…”

He Changkong had known that he liked Shen Yanming before, known that his emotions were easily stirred by Shen Yanming.
However, that was just a stir; he had never lost control of his emotions like this before, nor had he ever imagined he would lose control like this.

Shen Yanming whispered, “It’s my fault.”

He Changkong shook his head.
Actually, his thoughts were in disarray, but he tried his best to keep his words coherent, “No.
I wouldn’t ask you to tell me every little detail.
You have your own space, and that’s your freedom.
I respect everything about you.
But personally, I still hope you can rely on me voluntarily… Also, using the word ‘protect’ might have been a bit excessive just now, but what I mean is, I want to be someone you need.”

Shen Yanming, “qoq!”

Shen Yanming tried to kiss He Changkong again in this position, but just as their lips were about to touch, the room’s doorbell rang incessantly, disregarding their intimacy.

Shen Yanming let go, and He Changkong cleared his throat softly, “I’ll go answer the door.”

The door opened halfway, and before anyone could be seen, Meng Yan’s voice reached their ears, “How’s Luan jiang… doing, uh.”

Meng Yan’s gaze shifted past He Changkong and landed on Shen Yanming behind him.
Shen Yanming’s lips were slightly pursed, tinged with an unusual shade of red.

Meng Yan seemed a bit flustered, “…This, you guys, can’t possibly have just eaten some spicy hotpot, right?”

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