Shen Yanming tactfully stood back by He Changkong’s side, resting his chin on He Changkong’s shoulder.

From this angle, with just a slight tilt of his head, he could kiss the side of He Changkong’s face.
A tingling feeling crept over Shen Yanming.
He turned around, cleared his throat, and addressed Zhang Xixi, “I’m sorry, Xixi, Kong ge said he won’t lend me.”

Zhang Xixi complained, “If he says he won’t lend you, then he won’t.
Don’t you have any opinion of your own?”

Shen Yanming responded, “No.”

Zhang Xixi, “???”

“Alright,” He Changkong gently pressed his hand against Shen Yanming’s head.
He thought for a moment, realizing that directly refusing someone might sound too harsh, so he added, “There are still many matches ahead.
Let’s finish watching these first.”

Shen Yanming chimed in with He Changkong, “Exactly, if you don’t want to watch the game, I still want to watch it.
Right, Gege?”

Zhang Xixi came enthusiastically but left disappointed.
Before leaving, he didn’t forget to secure his rights once more, “Remember, I’ll come find you later.”

After saying this, Zhang Xixi ran over to his nanny, who had just come down from the stage.
His nanny, Xiao Liu, was speechless, “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were a freelancer for their team.
Next time, could you come to me first, you jerk!”

To be honest, when Zhang Xixi had rushed over, Xiao Liu initially thought Zhang Xixi was running towards him.
He had spent quite some time styling himself, waiting for the praise that was supposed to come when someone rushed over.
But instead, a gust of wind had blown by, and his team’s assassin ended up on their team’s assassin.

Life was indeed as lonely as snow, Xiao Liu sighed inwardly.

Zhang Xixi didn’t feel like he did anything wrong, “Can you teach me how to play White Wolf? No, you can’t.”


Xiao Liu retorted, “Get lost.”

Not far away, Shen Yanming was watching the scene with great amusement, “It seems like I’ve successfully stirred up some conflict among them.”

“Let’s go.” He Changkong took a step forward, returning to his seat.
Shen Yanming didn’t really care about what was happening with Zhang Xixi.
He followed He Changkong back and took his seat.

Sitting back down, Shen Yanming saw Meng Yan looking disgruntled.
He nudged Meng Yan with his elbow, “What’s wrong? Is it because your bro didn’t perform impressively enough just now?”

He Changkong also glanced over.
Meng Yan rolled his eyes, “It’s nothing.
Your Ding ge was watching the live stream, I told him it’s already three in the morning in China, and he should get some sleep.
He said okay, and he indeed stopped bothering me, but then I checked my social media, and I found out he’s giving strategic advice on his posts.”

Back when they were all addicted to the game, pulling an all-nighter wasn’t a big deal, but now that he’s in recovery, it’s not advisable.

Shen Yanming chuckled, “So, Yan Jiang is the only mother figure on our team.”

He Changkong felt like he was being teased, “…”


Meng Yan didn’t argue against being called a “mother,” he continued, “I told him, and he said it’s a small thing, that he’s almost recovered.”

He Changkong replied, “It’s okay once in a while won’t hurt.”

Meng Yan sighed, “Alright, maybe I’m meddling too much.”

“I didn’t mean it that way…” He Changkong paused, “He probably really wants to come to this training camp, to play matches himself.”

Meng Yan was originally a bit upset, but after hearing this, he had nothing to retort.
He choked for a moment, then sighed deeply.
However, changing his stance so quickly would hurt his pride, so he kept up his tough demeanor, “If he wants to sleep, then sleep.”

Shen Yanming chuckled softly and sent a message to Pudding.

[Shen Bird]: Beauty, when will the doctor say you’ll be better?

[Beauty]: I’ll be discharged in a while, daily life is fine, but I can’t play matches yet.

[Shen Bird]: Is that so? Next time, I’ll take you out to have some fun.

[Beauty]: Luan jiang, you’re so considerate.
I’m a lonely old spinster, so sad.[/crying emoji]


Shen Yanming chatted with Pudding for a while, convincing him to go to sleep.
Then, he made an “ok” gesture toward Meng Yan.
Unexpectedly, Meng Yan became even more upset, “Why doesn’t what I say work? He listens to you!”

Shen Yanming, “???”

He Changkong turned Shen Yanming’s head back, making him face the screen on the stage, “Watch the match.”

Indeed, watching the match was necessary.
Although it wasn’t a formal competition, it could show the different players’ states after the version update.
These were all potential opponents in the future, and knowing oneself and the enemy was key to victory.

While there was free training time after the matches, by the time all the teams had finished competing, it was already quite late.
Some people chose to enter the training room, while others chose to go back to rest.
Shen Yanming initially thought of avoiding Zhang Xixi, but this guy was enthusiastic about discussing tactics and strategies, so he pulled Shen Yanming into the training room.

There were designated seats, but there weren’t many people at the moment.
Zhang Xixi pulled Shen Yanming to sit next to him, plugged in his peripherals, and without much chatter, started a solo match.

At first, Shen Yanming wanted to skip, but after a few rounds with Zhang Xixi, he started to get into it.
Besides discussing the White Wolf character, they also tried out a few other roles.

Zhang Xixi wasn’t aggressive in combat and was relatively reliant on teammates in team settings.
But in solo games, his style became quite tricky, with diverse strategies and decent execution.
Their solo matches weren’t about winning or losing, but about experimenting with different tactics.

Experimenting eventually led to immersion.

In the previous life, Shen Yanming liked playing with Zhang Xixi because the guy’s exploration of characters was boundless.
At that time, he enjoyed tagging along with Zhang Xixi to try things out.
Every time they had a new understanding or discovery, they both felt a sense of achievement.
So, although they weren’t official teammates, they formed a sense of accomplishment community through this process, and their relationship naturally improved as they played together more often.

Nowadays, they didn’t have as much contact as before, but when they met, it was like two martial arts fanatics in a wuxia novel – easily lost in their world.

That’s why Shen Yanming, who had initially wanted to skip, unintentionally ended up playing with Zhang Xixi until the early morning.

In fact, the four of them were in the training room.
But Sunday had gone to pester his idol, and He Changkong spent the whole night playing with Meng Yan.
When his very healthy biological clock reminded him it was time to sleep, He Changkong turned off his computer, prepared to call Shen Yanming.

But Shen Yanming was still engrossed in his game.
He turned his head briefly to address He Changkong, “Ge, go back first, I’ll just play one more round.”

He Changkong responded, “I’ll wait for you.”


Shen Yanming raised his hand and executed a skill, “No need, I’ll be back soon.”

Coincidentally, Meng Yan also didn’t feel like playing solo anymore.
He came over to He Changkong and suggested they return together.
He Changkong then agreed with Shen Yanming’s words, “Then I’ll go back and wait for you.”

Shen Yanming responded, “Mhmm.”

As it turns out, the biggest lie of humanity, apart from “I’ll start dieting tomorrow” and “I’ll definitely read this weekend,” is “I’ll just play one more round.”

One round follows another, endlessly.

He Changkong returned to his hotel room alone — players shared rooms in pairs, but they didn’t have much to discuss, so they just stayed in one room.

He took a shower, tidied up, and read a book for a while.

He was rarely so distracted while reading, but this time he indeed found himself glancing at his phone after reading a couple of pages.
Another hour had passed, and Shen Yanming hadn’t returned yet.
He had just sent a reminder message, but there was no response from Shen Yanming.

After reading several dozen pages of the book, He Changkong turned over and got dressed again.

It wasn’t that he minded Shen Yanming playing games and exploring new tactics, even getting deeply involved with other outstanding players.
Nor did he mind Shen Yanming not sticking to his usual sleep schedule – as he’d just said to himself, an occasional deviation was harmless.

He was very aware that he was feeling jealous.

It felt like his Samoyed, who was cuddling with him a moment ago, suddenly darted off without a care when someone waved some treat in front of him.

And that didn’t sit well with him.

Moreover, He Changkong knew that Shen Yanming had a good time playing games with Zhang Xixi.
The two were of similar age and always had something to talk about.

Perhaps this was somewhat petty, but once possessiveness arose, it was hard to control.

He Changkong returned to the training room again.
It was past 2 AM when he arrived, and there were only a few people inside.

Shen Yanming and Zhang Xixi seemed quite energetic.
The moment He Changkong entered, he heard Shen Yanming’s spirited voice exclaiming, “One more time!”

He Changkong went around from behind and appeared soundlessly behind Shen Yanming, “One more time?”

“Don’t go, let’s fight until dawn…” Shen Yanming mimicked the tone from a card game called Landlord, but halfway through, he felt something was off and turned around, “Kong Kong Kong ge.”

He Changkong repeated, “One more time?”

Quickly, Shen Yanming exited the game, “No more.”

Zhang Xixi couldn’t help but shrink back.
He only knew that He Changkong wasn’t much of a talker and seemed a bit difficult to get along with, but he hadn’t expected him to emit such a chilling aura.
He felt as though if that aura could solidify, he would be assassinated by flying ice shards right then and there.

Shen Yanming stood up and said to Zhang Xixi, “Xixi, let’s continue this tomorrow.”

He Changkong: “…”

He Changkong left without saying a word, and Shen Yanming hurriedly followed, “I thought you had already gone to bed…”

He Changkong remained silent.
Shen Yanming tugged at the hem of He Changkong’s clothes, “Gege, don’t be angry.”

After leaving the esports arena and walking a bit, they entered the hotel adjacent to it.
It wasn’t until they were in the elevator that He Changkong finally said, “Without you around, how could I sleep?”

The person in front of him was clearly displeased, yet Shen Yanming oddly sensed a hint of sweetness.

And to be honest, this side of He Changkong was unfamiliar to Shen Yanming.
It was different from his usual meticulous demeanor.

It felt quite refreshing.

When the elevator reached their floor, the two walked along the corridor.
A foreign player with blonde hair and blue eyes approached them.
They nodded at each other in greeting.
After the player had walked past, instead of tugging on He Changkong’s clothes, Shen Yanming reached out and held his hand.

Not only did he hold his hand, but he also gently scratched his palm.

In a soft voice, Shen Yanming made a promise, “Just this once, I promise to sleep and wake up early tomorrow.”

When they reached the door to their room, He Changkong paused, “I’m not upset about that.”

Shen Yanming’s survival instinct kicked in, and he immediately said, “I shouldn’t have procrastinated, shouldn’t have agreed to go back soon, and then dragged it until now.”

He Changkong still said, “It’s not because of that either.”

Shen Yanming was a bit slow on the uptake, “Then why? What’s it about?”

He Changkong was quite direct, “I’m jealous.”

Shen Yanming: “!!!”

“Jealous?” Finally understanding, Shen Yanming exclaimed, “You’re jealous of Zhang Xixi? You… are you stupid?”

“Stupid.” He Changkong didn’t deny it either and swiped the room card to open the door.

Once the door was locked, Shen Yanming immediately got closer, wrapping his arms around He Changkong’s waist, “How could he compare to you? What would make you happy?”

He Changkong gazed into Shen Yanming’s eyes, “…Comfort me.”

Shen Yanming blushed, but he didn’t hesitate for long.
Tilting his face up, he pressed his lips against He Changkong’s.
However, he soon found the roles reversed.
He was kissed so tenderly that he turned all soft.
After who knows how long, he was finally released, and he nestled against He Changkong’s shoulder, breathing softly.

Through his clothes, Shen Yanming playfully bit He Changkong’s shoulder, “Are you happy now?”

“En,” He Changkong affirmed.

Author’s Message:

Kong: It’s fine to play with anyone, just remember to comfort me.

Luan Luanzi: >3

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