Shen Yanming’s heart was experiencing a major earthquake.

When he saw the replies, Shen Yanming’s initial reaction was that Kong Shen’s account had been stolen.

Why would Kong Shen speak up for him? Did they know each other? They were clearly two parallel lines, thousands of miles apart, and they couldn’t possibly intersect.

It couldn’t be that Kong Shen just happened to stumble upon this post and casually shared his opinion, right? Kong Shen wasn’t the type to come out and give his views for no reason.

Moreover, as a professional player, it was really dangerous to express opinions so casually.
One slip of the tongue and he would be bitten by crazy dogs forever.1bitten by crazy dogs: being harassed by internet trolls

Shen Yanming took his roommate’s phone and refreshed the page to catch up with the latest updates on the post.

Initially, it was fine.
Some people agreed with Kong’s point of view, stating that playing games was for enjoyment, and it was understandable to relax and play casually without worrying about winning.

But as Shen Yanming had anticipated, it didn’t take long for some irritable individuals to start bashing Kong.

– Are you showing off? Do you really think you’re invincible after winning two championships? What are you babbling about?

– You, a professional player, dare to say things like “winning or losing doesn’t matter”? It’s hilarious!

– I just don’t like seeing any noobs.
All the noobs should just die!

– The regular season is about to start.
You better spend less time typing and practice more.
Who do you think you are, a life mentor? It will be hilarious if you can’t even make it to the playoffs.2a little TMI, playoffs refer to the stage of a competition or tournament where the top-performing teams or players from the regular season (preliminary rounds) compete against each other to determine the final winner.

The two groups of people argued even more fiercely, and the whole post became filled with hostility.

Shen Yanming felt like his heart was burning.

When he was the one being criticized, he didn’t feel much, as there were always different opinions in the world, especially from those with extreme views.
You couldn’t convince them no matter what.
Therefore, from before to now, Shen Yanming hadn’t paid much attention to these online conflicts.
Let them say what they want, and he would live his own life.

But when Kong was being attacked because of him, he found it difficult to bear.

There were a few knocks on the door, and the voice of the dormitory supervisor came from outside, “Get back to your own beds!”

Several classmates hurriedly dispersed, hiding their phones under their pillows.

Shen Yanming returned to his own bed.
The dormitory lights were turned off, and he stared at the tiny red light emitted by the air conditioner indicator, not knowing how long he had been staring.
Gradually, he heard snoring sounds, but he still couldn’t sleep.

His mind was filled with thoughts — it’s okay to criticize me, but criticizing Kong is not allowed.

In a certain sense, Kong was like his lighthouse.

Shen Yanming couldn’t quite explain why.
In theory, as Kong is a healing class player, he shouldn’t admire him so much.
It was hard to justify.

Maybe it was because he had been hammered in a solo game, he made great progress because of it.
Maybe it was because he always hoped to have a partner he could completely trust to watch his back.

Or maybe it was because they were somewhat alike.

In the previous life… TMM, who won two consecutive championships, fell apart and went downhill, without ever making a comeback.

But Kong still stood in the ruins of TMM.
Despite being mocked and underestimated, despite losing the advantage of youth… he refused to give up.

Obviously, he was also a player with great individual skill, and in a different environment, he might have soared.

But he didn’t know why he was being stubborn.

It sounded nice to say he was stubborn, but in reality, it was somewhat foolish.

Shen Yanming silently chuckled at himself, but things were different now.

Now, Shen Yanming had given up.

He kept this matter in his heart and attended the classes the next day without much focus — although he wasn’t particularly attentive in class to begin with.
Fortunately, the weekend was just around the corner.
The first thing Shen Yanming did when he returned home was rush to his computer.

Sitting in front of the computer, he didn’t know how to resolve this issue anymore.
He missed the opportunity to say something when he couldn’t log into his account, and it was now too late to bring it up.
The post had been up for two days, and the discussions had already been concluded.
It would be strange to bring it up again.

As for what to say to Kong, it seemed even more far-fetched.
Firstly, they didn’t have each other’s contact information, and sending a private message would probably get lost among the numerous messages.
Secondly, it might seem like he was making a big deal out of nothing.

Perhaps Kong had just casually made that comment.

But this matter felt like a knot in Shen Yanming’s heart.
After thinking it over, he went in-game to find My Milk’s Not Working.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: Bro, did Kong Shen get criticized by the coach for what he said in the forum a few days ago?

He left a message and played for a while by himself.

Later, My Milk’s Not Working came online and replied to him.

[My Milk’s Not Working]: Nothing happened.

In truth, He Changkong had indeed been criticized a bit, but it wasn’t a big deal.
So, he answered honestly.

However, he felt that Shen Yanming’s words were strange.
This “Kong Shen” didn’t seem to be calling him, but rather referring to a third person.

Shen Yanming came out of the game.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: Good to hear qoq3qoq: emoticon that represents crying or sobbing.
Used to express to express frustration, disappointment, or sadness.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: I couldn’t use my phone at school before, so I couldn’t go online to say anything.
What’s up with all these people? They watch a few matches and think they’re experts, criticizing Kong Shen like they know everything.
When Kong won the championship, these people were still at home watching Peppa Pig.

[My Milk’s Not Working]: There’s no need to get angry with these people.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: Yeah, I don’t really care what they say about me.
I have thick skin.
But I feel bad for involving Kong.
Although I don’t know why he came out and said that, if you encounter him, thank him for me and apologize.

He Changkong figured out the situation.
Shen Yanming believed he was from TMM, but didn’t believe he was Kong himself.
He might have thought he was another person from TMM.

He wondered what was going on in this kid’s head.

He Changkong was about to explain once again that he was Kong, but then he saw Shen Yanming’s message–

[I’m Messing Around Again]: Why is Kong so amazing?

[I’m Messing Around Again]: I will love him forever.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: If I weren’t a guy, I would even ask him out.

He Changkong typed a few words but then deleted them.

[My Milk’s Not Working]: …

[I’m Messing Around Again]: Hahaha, I was just kidding.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: But seriously, if there were a bunch of fans waiting in line for him, I would definitely stand out.
He would notice me first.
I’m quite handsome, you know?

[I’m Messing Around Again]: I just don’t know if I would look good as a girl.

He Changkong was taken aback by these bold words.

In this situation, He Changkong couldn’t admit his identity.
It could turn into a major awkward situation.

He remained silent for a while before responding to Shen Yanming.

[My Milk’s Not Working]: …

[My Milk’s Not Working]: Kong won’t have any inappropriate relationships with fans.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: Wife, you’re so serious =.=

[I’m Messing Around Again]: Of course, I know Kong would never do that!

[I’m Messing Around Again]: It’s just a figure of speech, exaggerated to express my love for him =.=

[My Milk’s Not Working]: Don’t say such things randomly.

[My Milk’s Not Working]: So, what do you like about him?

Shen Yanming couldn’t possibly say something melodramatic or prophet-like.
He thought it was strange that My Milk’s Not Working was so curious.
With that in mind, he casually dodged the question.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: Didn’t I mention it before? He’s good at the game, handsome, and he’s good at studying! Who wouldn’t like him?

He Changkong directly sent a link.

[My Milk’s Not Working]: TMM Youth Training Camp registration link.
If you join, you’ll have a chance to meet the Kong that you like.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: …Are you actually in charge of recruiting for the team?!

This had almost become a daily routine.
Whenever Shen Yanming and My Milk’s Not Working played together, they would chat for a while, and then the other would try to persuade him to join the Youth Training Camp.

Shen Yanming firmly declined.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: Not going.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: Ranked games?

[My Milk’s Not Working]: Ranked

Shen Yanming chatted aimlessly with his “Cheap Wife” for a while.
On the surface, they were laughing and joking, but the pent-up frustration he had been holding for days hadn’t completely dissipated.
He really wanted to play a satisfying match, but unfortunately, he didn’t have a high-ranked account on hand.
He could only use [I’m Messing Around Again] to crush some noobs.

On paper, his win rate with this account wasn’t low, but in order to maintain the facade of being a noob, he would deliberately lose a few games after winning a few.
His rank stayed at the same level.

My Milk’s Not Moving account raised in rank.

But when they played together, the skill level of other players they encountered was still far from impressive.

Usually, it didn’t matter much.
After all, it was just for fun… But now, Shen Yanming felt a bit bored.

So, Shen Yanming changed his mind.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: Solo, my dear wife?

[My Milk’s Not Working]: ?

[I’m Messing Around Again]: I want to be hammered by you.

Translator Note:

Shen Yanming: “It’s okay to criticize me, but criticizing Kong is not allowed.”
Shen Yanming: “Why is Kong so amazing?”
Shen Yanming: “I will love him forever.”

Have to say it, Shen Yanming is such a relatable character.
That kind of stuff is totally something a fan would say.
On a side note, Kong finally realized that Shen Yanming doesn’t believe he is really Kong, this whole situation is so funny

I’ll update again in a few hours, please look forward to it

Thank you for reading! 

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1bitten by crazy dogs: being harassed by internet trolls2a little TMI, playoffs refer to the stage of a competition or tournament where the top-performing teams or players from the regular season (preliminary rounds) compete against each other to determine the final winner.3qoq: emoticon that represents crying or sobbing.
Used to express to express frustration, disappointment, or sadness.

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