Shen Yanming knew someone had come in, but he didn’t bother to look to see who it was.
He also didn’t know that the person was livestreaming, so he kept on talking endlessly.

However, He Changkong caught a glimpse of Meng Yan, who was holding his phone and standing there like a statue.

He Changkong reminded Shen Yanming, “…talk less.”

Shen Yanming quickly adjusted himself, still typing rapidly on the keyboard.
He reduced his shouting when he heard He Changkong’s words, “Okay, okay.”

If Kong ge doesn’t like it, I’ll stop.
That’s what Shen Yanming thought.

However, he couldn’t hold it in for too long.
When he played games, not only did he rely on controlling the characters on the screen, but he also expressed himself vocally.
Even when he played alone at home, if he got excited, he would shout a few times.
Now that He Changkong didn’t want him to speak, he could only produce simple syllables from time to time, like a quick “ah.”

It sounded even weirder.

After the team fight ended, and their side’s tanks carried the crown, Meng Yan stood beside Shen Yanming with a complicated expression.

It was only then that Shen Yanming had the chance to spare some attention and looked up at Meng Yan, saying, “Yan jiang~ Can I use your computer?”

The way he called “Yan jiang” sounds quite fitting with the local customs.

“Don’t be disrespectful.
Call me ge,” Meng Yan moved the camera over and explained to the viewers, “That random ID is now being played by your Luan luanzi…”

– Damn, is that Luanzi ge?

– That makes sense.
He was even more shameless when he was streaming on his own channel.

– Kong should be more reserved, right? Can he really stand him??

– Didn’t you hear? Kong Shen just said, “talk less,” and Luan luanzi immediately shut up.
Haha, he’s so timid.

– Damn, that’s awesome.
So, this random ID is actually his main account? No wonder.

– Really? Nightmare said “now,” and it feels like there’s more to it.

– Could it be some kind of legacy TMM account?

– Hahaha, that’s possible.
Otherwise, how do you explain that he can play so many roles so well and come up with various tactics? It’s quite unpredictable; it might be a shared account.

– Wait, isn’t anyone wondering why Luanzi ge is in TMM’s base?

If He Changkong saw these discussions among the netizens, he’d probably explain that the account’s versatile playstyle was because he wanted to try different things.
After all, he was just playing for fun and not in a major competition, he wasn’t too concerned about sticking to his original style and approach.
Sometimes, when he saw his opponents trying new things in a match, he would want to try them too.

However, he didn’t see these enthusiastic discussions, so the netizens wouldn’t know the truth for now.

After Meng Yan finished his explanation, Shen Yanming finally realized that someone was livestreaming.

He didn’t turn around, but he exclaimed, “Ah, Yan ge is livestreaming! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Meng Yan thought, “How would I have known that you’d add some weird sound effects while playing games!”

Nevertheless, he still felt relieved.
At least Shen Yanming was now aware that he shouldn’t mess around in a livestream…

Yeah right!

The next second, Shen Yanming said, “If I had known you were streaming, I would have let everyone witness Kong Shen’s extraordinary plays! Do you know how amazing it felt? In that moment, I felt like I had reached the gates of heaven! It was pure bliss for my soul…”

Meng Yan: “…Shut up!”

How could he forget that Shen Yanming’s ID was “I’m Messing Around Again”?

It’s impossible not to mess around

The game ended quickly, and the word “Victory” appeared in the middle of the screen.
Meng Yan nudged Shen Yanming’s shoulder and said, “Say hi to everyone.”

Shen Yanming had never shown his face in his livestreams before, so when the camera suddenly turned to him, he felt a bit embarrassed.
He brushed his bangs aside and greeted, “Happy New Year, handsome guys and beautiful girls—”

As he casually scanned the bullet comments, he noticed some people persistently asking him how he ended up in TMM’s base and whether the rumors about him signing with TMM were true.

Shen Yanming looked up at Meng Yan and then turned to He Changkong.
However, he couldn’t find any answers from their expressions.
He didn’t know if he should reveal the truth, so he responded vaguely, “Ah, you know, it’s rare to visit Haicheng.
How can I not visit the holy land? As a small fan of TMM, I must come and see where the players usually train… Ah? You’re asking how I got in? I said I was delivering takeout for a nearby barbecue restaurant…”

“You’re too noisy, please leave my livestream,” Meng Yan clicked his tongue and walked over to He Changkong’s side.
“Kong jiang, say hello.”

He Changkong’s voice remained calm and composed, “Good morning.”

The barrage started to buzz.

– It’s already noon!

– Kong! When are you going to start streaming regularly?

– Nightmare can even do daily life streams, why don’t you try that too?

– No, we just want to see you play games.
Don’t do too many random things.

– Huh? If you just want to see games, why are you still in Nightmare’s livestream?

He Changkong glanced at the barrage briefly, but he didn’t respond to their comments.
He wasn’t a big fan of livestreaming.
As the end of the month approached, he would silently play games without any commentary.

He stood up and patted Shen Yanming’s shoulder, “Let’s go eat, and then I’ll drop you off at the airport?”

Shen Yanming hadn’t answered yet when Meng Yan spoke up, “What are we eating? I want to eat too.”

He Changkong asked back, “Why are you coming with us? Aren’t you supposed to solo with someone this afternoon?”

Meng Yan replied, “Well, it’s not a big deal if I join you for a meal before that, right?”

He Changkong said, “The airport is too far, you can eat in the cafeteria.”

Meng Yan covered his heart, “You’re so heartless, Kong jiang.”

He Changkong hesitated for a moment, “How about I pack some food for you…”

“I was just kidding.
By the time you come back with the food, I’ll have starved to death at the base and turned into a corpse,” Meng Yan’s playful mood had not completely subsided, “Men are all heartless creatures.
Take your little friend and go as far away as possible.”

Shen Yanming was quite cooperative, his slender fingers gesturing gracefully, “Sister, please don’t say that.
I told Kong ge that he should be fair and treat everyone equally, but he just won’t listen and keeps spoiling me…”

He Changkong interrupted, “Enough.”

Shen Yanming immediately resumed his normal demeanor, “Alright, alright, I won’t say anything anymore, ge.”

The barrage burst into laughter.

– All we ever hear about are the laughs of newcomers, not the cries of the old.

– What’s going on? Is there a backyard fire at the King’s palace?

– Wait, look at the entrance, seems like there’s a new person joining the battlefield.

Pudding floated over in a nightgown, looking like he hadn’t fully woken up yet, and with a slightly nasal voice, he said, “Yan jiang, if he’s not taking you out to eat, I’ll take you… Oh no, you’re livestreaming? My bare face is going to be shown like this.
Quick, turn it off, turn it off!”

The burden of being an idol was indeed heavy.

Others: “…”

In order to finish things quickly and get back to school before the end of classes, their schedule was rushed.
He Changkong said he would take Shen Yanming out for a meal, so they found a nearby restaurant and had a quick bite before heading to the airport.

When he returned, he didn’t go home directly.
Instead, he took a taxi to the school, arriving during evening self-study.

He discussed with his parents and decided not to officially drop out for now.
Instead, he would take a long break, and when the college entrance exams came, he would take them.
Even if he could only get a few points, it was still something, and at least having participated in the exams would give him a chance to get a diploma.

This way, he didn’t have to deal with too many administrative procedures and didn’t have to return during the day.
He only needed to inform his homeroom teacher and class leader.

His main purpose for returning to school was to greet his classmates and collect some of his belongings from the dormitory.

Packing up all the odds and ends took quite some time.
When he was nearly done, he sat on the empty bed for a while, and the bell signaling the end of the evening self-study rang.

A few minutes later, his roommate returned.

It was the roommate who often lent Shen Yanming his phone to play games.

Upon seeing Shen Yanming sitting on the bed with his luggage packed, the roommate was initially shocked, but then a look of extreme sorrow appeared on his face.
“Yan, did you finally… get expelled from school?”

Shen Yanming: “… How is that possible!!!”

The roommate scratched his head.
“Then what’s going on?”

Shen Yanming felt a bit embarrassed.
He had previously talked big about fighting together with everyone to get into college, but now he was suddenly leaving, “Well, I’m going to play professionally.”

Roommate: “!!!”

The fact that Shen Yanming was Luanzi ge had already caused quite a stir among several classmates, but they had all vented their frustrations to Shen Yanming on WeChat.

Now, the news they heard was even more shocking.

Roommate: “So, what they’re saying online is true? You’re going to TMM?”

Shen Yanming nodded.

“Amazing, Yan ge!” Tears welled up in the roommate’s eyes, and he took out a notebook, saying, “Here, sign your name on every page.
I’ll make a fortune by selling your autographs.”

Shen Yanming: “…”

Other roommates gradually returned one by one, and Shen Yanming explained to them, bid farewell, and received congratulations.
They all had a round of chitchat and thoughts about the future.

After they had daydreamed enough, his usually gossip-loving roommate secretly took out his phone and pointed to a Weibo post that had been forwarded many times that afternoon.

Gossip King Roommate: “Yan, you’re an insider now.
Tell me if this gossip is true or not.”

“What gossip?” Shen Yanming took the phone and looked.
He had been rushing to catch his flight and had been busy all the way, so he hadn’t had time to check his phone or see any new updates on Weibo.

On the phone screen was a long Weibo post with many words, which seemed a bit difficult to read at first glance.
Shen Yanming patiently started reading.

It was a post by a girl who claimed to have been used and abandoned by Lan.
She had compiled the entire story with clear and logical reasoning, a clear timeline, chat screenshots, and some payment records.

In the beginning, she had just sent some encouraging and admiring private messages to Lan as a fan.
Lan didn’t reply at first, but after she sent a selfie from the live venue, Lan started to respond to her intermittently.
They gradually started chatting about other topics and added each other as friends, and their relationship became more intimate.
In the end, Lan was the one who initiated the relationship, and the girl thought it was like an idol drama plot where she became her idol’s girlfriend, feeling overwhelmed with sudden happiness.

Although Lan’s salary was high and he received generous bonuses, most of his money went into filling the holes in his family finances.
It was rumored that he didn’t have much left for himself—later on, this girl also had her doubts about it.
But at the beginning of their relationship, the girl felt sorry for Lan and bought him many luxury brand clothes, limited edition sneakers, and collectibles he wanted.
She also gave him red envelopes on various holidays.
When Lan went to out-of-town competitions and couldn’t stand the hotels provided by the organizers, the girl would book him a presidential suite.

But it didn’t take long before she discovered that Lan was also flirting with others at the same time, using similar approaches to when he first approached her.
Even the red envelopes she gave him would appear in conversations with other girls in the same amount.

Sent by him to other girls.

The girl had confronted him, but the once gentle and considerate Lan began to ignore her and even treated her coldly… When asked, he claimed that he didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore because of the stress from competing.
He insisted that he was only friends with the other girls and nothing more.

Later, the girl found out that she wasn’t the only victim.
At the end of her post, she organized anonymous submissions from others, revealing that Lan had done even more infuriating things, such as making other girls undergo abortions and other reprehensible acts…

However, despite the massive number of repost, there has been no response from the parties involved.

Some said that this guy was truly despicable and that he should learn to be a decent human being before becoming an outstanding player.
If he is truly this trashy, they suggested the club should kick him out of the professional team as soon as possible and chemically castrate him.

Others still insist on defending him.
After all, Lan usually appears gentle and refined, not only performing well in games but also treating fans nicely, which has earned him a group of die-hard fans.

The defenders argue that just a few chat screenshots and one-sided descriptions couldn’t prove anything.
Who couldn’t Photoshop chat screenshots? Who couldn’t fake payment records? Even if it was true, there was no mention of them calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend in the conversations.

Moreover, they question why a champion player with so much money would need others to spend money on him.
It’s full of loopholes!

It must be an attempt to mess with his mentality before TMM’s upcoming match!

Of course, there were also those who are taking a wait-and-see approach.
On the internet, scandals often turn upside down, and nobody knows which gossip is real.
One moment, they might be fervently stepping up to help, and the next moment, they might find themselves being used as pawns.

In short, the two sides were constantly arguing.

Shen Yanming handed the phone back to his roommate.
Although he already knew Lan was trash, seeing the specific details in front of him made him feel disgusted.

He didn’t know how Lan, who had been exposed like this, could still bounce back.
He imagined Lan would probably try his best to whitewash himself, and he was quite curious about how Lan would do it.

However, no matter how he tried to clean up his image, what’s done is done.
If you don’t want others to know, don’t do it in the first place.
If you do things you shouldn’t do, there will always be consequences.

Shen Yanming didn’t comment on whether the scandal was true or not; he just said, “Let him face the consequences.”

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