The JT player who had taken down Aji multiple times was called Cloud.
From the big screen, it could be seen that even when he had killed the opponents consecutively, his expression remained tense, lacking the excitement that a normal person would have.

…Then again, it was rare to see someone being killed more than ten times in a professional match.

Despite the small number of spectators present at the live match, the scattered conversations created a noisy atmosphere.
The commentators on the stage also seemed to be at a loss; they hadn’t encountered a situation like this before.

Fortunately, Aji was pulled down by his teammates and sat back down, preventing any further trouble.

The match continued.

However, at this point, the situation on the field was clear.
After this incident, not only Aji but the other CTG players were also greatly affected.
The entire team was like loose sand, almost crumbling under the pressure from the opposing team.

Meng Yan patted Shen Yanming’s shoulder and began gesturing, explaining what happened last night.

It had to be said that Aji was somewhat cautious.
Instead of using any electronic payment method, he brought a wad of cash to give to Cloud.
When Meng Yan and He Changkong eavesdropped, they also heard Aji instruct Cloud to delete all the chat records related to the fake match, even their conversation seemed to use coded language in place of specific terms.

In the end, the transaction was made, and Aji reminded Cloud not to leave immediately after him and should preferably wait for about ten minutes before going out.

This gave He Changkong the opportunity to confront Cloud.

After confirming that Aji had gone far enough, He Changkong opened the recording and played it while calmly walking out from behind.

Aji’s voice slowly floated out from the recording: “Here’s 50,000 yuan for now, I’ll give you the rest after the match…”

“Who’s there!”

Someone was in the utility room! They had heard the entire conversation and even recorded it! Cloud began looking around cautiously, trying to find the source of the sound.
Perhaps due to nervousness, he accidentally knocked over some items on the shelf.

Startled, Cloud turned around once again and finally saw He Changkong walking towards him.

Although the lighting in the utility room was dim, Cloud’s face could still be roughly seen.
In that instant, all color drained from his face.

With a pale face, Cloud made a move to snatch He Changkong’s phone.

But it was futile.
He Changkong was taller, and with a simple lift of his hand, Cloud could only jump up and down like a comical monkey.

Meng Yan held Cloud down.
“Don’t jump around, brother.
Judging by your appearance, I doubt you ever succeeded in snatching a basketball from someone during your school days.”

He Changkong turned off the recording and casually put away his phone.
He looked at Cloud.
“Do you want me to hand over this recording to the organizing committee?”

Cloud bit his lips and didn’t directly respond to the question.

He Changkong calmly looked at Cloud.
“I won’t give it to the organizing committee.”

Cloud raised his head in disbelief.

Meng Yan was equally shocked.
Considering He Changkong’s rigid personality, it would have been good enough if he didn’t drag Cloud out and make him face legal consequences on the spot.
But to say that he wouldn’t hand it over to the organizing committee? That was unexpected.

He Changkong continued, “He plans to give you a total of one hundred thousand? Here’s the deal: tomorrow, in the BO3, starting from the second game, if you kill him, I’ll give you twenty thousand, no limit.
After the match, come find me based on the number of kills.”

Meng Yan was taken aback.
“Are you insane?”

Cloud also wore a dumbfounded expression.
He never expected He Changkong to make such a request.
His mind was in a state of confusion, and he hesitantly asked, “Why?”

“I don’t like him,” He Changkong said without any emotion, as if he were discussing a simple matter of personal preference, like not liking apples.
“I don’t like Aji.”

Cloud still didn’t understand.

When Cloud heard the recording and saw He Changkong and TMM, he thought he was done for.
He was in need of money.
Previously, he was instigated by others to buy illegal lottery tickets to gamble.
At first, he won a little and tasted the sweetness, but as he continued, he bet larger amounts until he used up all his savings and even owing a significant amount of debts.

His team’s strength was mediocre at best.
They could participate in the league, but they were just there to make an appearance and couldn’t make it to the later stages.
Their prize money was not much, and it couldn’t cover the financial hole he had dug with his salary and other subsidies.

The debt collectors were pressing him hard, pressuring him, even threatening to expose his involvement in gambling if he didn’t pay back.
He was pushed to a point where he had no other choice and decided to take the risky path and agree to Aji’s request.

When He Changkong and the others discovered him, he thought it was all over.
He regretted not being firm enough, not refusing Aji’s proposal… Or perhaps if he hadn’t listened to those unreliable friends and refrained from gambling…

But things didn’t turn out as he expected.
Kong not only didn’t report him but also offered him 20,000 for a kill…

However, could Kong be trusted?

He Changkong didn’t waste time with Cloud and simply said, “Whether you’re willing to do as I said or not, it’s up to you.
In any case, I have the recording.”

After speaking, He Changkong turned around and left, with Meng Yan following closely behind him, leaving Cloud standing there, in a daze.

Shen Yanming was completely stunned.
After pondering for a while, he looked at He Changkong with a hint of concern in his eyes.
“But, doesn’t this also imply that Kong ge is involved in manipulating the match results?”

He Changkong shook his head.
First, I’m just encouraging him to get more kills to win the game.
It’s not the same as match-fixing.
Second, even if using money as an incentive is not appropriate… in reality, I haven’t actually made a deal with him.
I just said it verbally, but I haven’t given him any money.”

He Changkong paused for a moment and added, “… and after the match, I won’t give him any money either.
It was just a bluff.
Once the dogs finish biting each other, I’ll submit the recording.”

Shen Yanming’s expression was priceless upon hearing the phrase “dogs biting each other” coming from He Changkong’s mouth.

In this way, as long as Cloud follows He Changkong’s instructions, they would first let Aji have a moment of satisfaction in the first game according to his request, and then go crazy chasing and taking down Aji in the second game… Aji’s mentality would definitely collapse.

Especially considering the stark contrast between the first and second games, it would be too brutal.
After all, no one could accept going from displaying dominance in front of everyone one second to being beaten up like a stray dog in the next moment.

Moreover, Cloud had agreed to lose to Aji.

Shen Yanming asked again, “But what if Cloud doesn’t listen to you?”

He Changkong looked into Shen Yanming’s eyes and said slowly, “Isn’t he listening?”

In fact, He Changkong had already anticipated that Cloud would listen to him.

Those who were inclined to cheat would always suspect others of doing the same.
They might even suspect that even players like Kong, who appeared clean, might do some shady things when no one was watching.
Cloud, holding onto that glimmer of hope, would be willing to believe He Changkong’s conditions.

Furthermore, with the recording in He Changkong’s possession, Cloud had no choice but to give it a try.

Shen Yanming still had some concerns.
“What if Cloud discovers that you won’t fulfill your promise and reveals the conditions you offered him?”

To his surprise, He Changkong chuckled lightly.
“Who would believe him…”

Shen Yanming: “…”

Indeed, if Cloud told someone else that Kong gave him money to kill Aji, most people would probably think Cloud had lost his mind.

After all, Kong was widely recognized as an honest player.

Shen Yanming’s mouth twitched, and after a long pause, he uttered, “You’re quite cunning…”

If it were Meng Yan or someone else with the same idea, Shen Yanming would probably mock them by saying, “what a sneaky bastard.” But when facing He Changkong, he couldn’t bring himself to say such crude words.

He never expected He Changkong to have this side to him.
Since Shen Yanming had gotten to know him, He Changkong’s image had been shattered time and time again.

He was no longer the Kong who existed on a lofty cloud, distant and ethereal!!!

He would use alternate accounts, seriously argue with netizens online, bought him a birthday cake, and even played the “pat-pat” game on WeChat with a hint of childishness.

And now, he was even involved in this dirty scheme!

Meng Yan laughed and teased Shen Yanming, “I’ve known your Kong ge for so many years, and this is the first time I’ve seen him do something so outrageous.
This is…”

He Changkong interrupted Meng Yan once again, saying, “Watch the match.”

As the match progressed to the third game, it was clear that Cloud fully intended to follow Kong’s words.
Aji was still being mercilessly beaten.
Normally, the skill gap between these two players wasn’t that significant, but now Cloud had the added incentive of money and the desire to survive, while Aji’s mentality shattered like glass.
As a result, Cloud was dominating Aji single-handedly.

Of course, Cloud was still able to get a kill of Aji and losing to him at the same time.
In that case, he might even receive double the money.

However, anyone would probably notice that something was off, and Aji definitely wouldn’t go and pay someone after being beaten so badly.

On the large screen, you could clearly see sweat forming on Aji’s forehead, and his hand gripping the mouse was visibly trembling.

Shen Yanming looked at the face of his former teammate, whom he had spent countless days and nights with, and suddenly felt a wave of emotion.

This would probably be the last game in Aji’s career.
It’s karma, after all he had caused harm to others before, and now he’s finally facing the consequences.

Although Shen Yanming had mixed feelings, he didn’t sympathize with Aji.

People have to bear the consequences of their choices.

But why did He Changkong have to do all of this again? Shen Yanming took his gaze off the screen and looked at He Changkong.
“Is this what you’ve been saying all along, that you want to show me something good?”

He Changkong: “…Mm”

He wanted Shen Yanming to see this annoying brat in a miserable state.

He Changkong had interrupted Meng Yan’s words earlier, but he didn’t expect Shen Yanming to bring it up again.
He was actually afraid that Shen Yanming would continue to ask him why he did all this.

It was hard for him to explain.
Normally, he wasn’t the type of person who cared about such trivial matters.

Based on the current situation, their relationship wasn’t strong enough for him to go to such lengths for Shen Yanming.
Even if they did have that kind of relationship… Aji and Shen Yanming had their conflicts, but it wasn’t anything deep-seated.
It seemed completely unnecessary.

However, He Changkong still remembered what happened in his previous life.
At that time, Aji somehow manipulated the situation and turned Shen Yanming’s incident of unjustly assaulting a player into a heroic story of sacrificing family for justice.
After Shen Yanming was expelled and even died unexpectedly, Aji would occasionally hypocritically say, “It’s such a pity, he was too impulsive.
He could have had a bright future.”

It was like a crocodile shedding tears.

He Changkong didn’t actually know the truth of what happened, but during the time they spent together, he didn’t believe that Shen Yanming was the kind of violent person who would randomly beat someone up.

He also didn’t believe that Aji, who would resort to match-fixing out of frustration, would be a righteous avenger sacrificing family for justice.

Even though the Shen Yanming in front of him hadn’t yet experienced the hardships that would come later, He Changkong still wanted to do something for that kid he once knew.

Since he learned about Aji’s match-fixing from Meng Yan, he had been contemplating what to do.
Therefore, when he stumbled upon the scene of their transaction in the storage room, his decision wasn’t a sudden whim.

If it weren’t for Shen Yanming, he would have probably quietly handed over the recording.
But handing over the recording would have been inconsequential, at most resulting in a punishment announcement and some discussions that would fade away with time, with few people caring in the end.

But he wanted to do something for that kid, and simply turning the page so easily wasn’t enough.

So, even though this wasn’t something he would normally do, as Meng Yan said, it was the first time he did something so outrageous.

Yet he still chose to do it.

All of these were things he couldn’t explain, and even when Meng Yan teased him with being “clouded by love,” he couldn’t argue back.

…Anyway, Meng Yan already had a deep misunderstanding of him, so let it be.

He Changkong held his breath, thinking about how to respond if Shen Yanming insisted on digging deeper.

Fortunately, Shen Yanming didn’t continue questioning, and He Changkong let out a sigh of relief.

The attention of the few people returned to the match, which should have been boring.

In the final round of the BO3, Aji still had more than ten deaths, despite the efforts of his other teammates.
They couldn’t turn the tide.

The losing team of this match was the CTG team.

Shen Yanming sighed.
“Actually, the others are quite innocent.
Just because of Aji, they finally had a chance to play a regular season match, but it ended like this.”

“It’s a good thing,” Meng Yan leaned back lazily.
“Kick out the shitty rat first, and then they can train honestly and seriously.
I think they still have a chance to take off.”

“Yeah…” Shen Yanming said, but in the middle of his sentence, he saw some commotion on the stage and suddenly widened his eyes.
“They’re fighting, they’re fighting!”

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