What are you showing me? Are we going to see a luminous watch?1luminous watch: “夜光手表” (yèguāng shǒubiǎo) literally translates to “luminous watch” in English.
It refers to a watch that has a feature allowing it to glow in the dark, typically using a luminescent material on the watch hands or markers.

Shen Yanming was still quite curious, but judging from He Changkong’s tone, he knew that he was intentionally keeping him in the dark.
In such situations, if he were to ask, he would probably only get a response like, “You’ll find out later.” Shen Yanming knew this and didn’t ask further, steering the conversation back to the photo.

He didn’t really care about what netizens said about him.
Although he was straight, if netizens called him gay, he could play along and say, “I’m indeed gay, and I’m a top.” If the girls teased him about his CP with someone else, he shamelessly asked them for fan fiction to read.
As long as everyone was happy, he didn’t mind.

In the past, he had countless CPs, and he had read numerous fan fictions about them.
He could even analyze the subtle differences in how he was portrayed in each CP’s fan fiction.
In some CPs, he was a cool and domineering little tyrant, while in others, he seemed carefree but actually harbored deep emotions.

He didn’t think of himself as carefree, let alone someone who hides his feelings.
As a result, he often burst into laughter while reading.
It might be a bit disrespectful to the creators, but the fact was that those fan fictions that CP fans praised for being delicate, sincere, and touching always turned into ridiculous stories in his eyes…

However, when it came to his relationship with He Changkong, he felt it was necessary to set things straight.

After obtaining Fish’s consent, Shen Yanming posted the photo on Weibo without explicitly mentioning that his friends were celebrating his birthday.
He just casually posted them, and the netizens, according to their own camp, believed what they wanted to believe and continued their discussions.

Some people thought he got along well with TMM members and started guessing which team he would join.

After taking a shower and lying on the bed, Shen Yanming casually skimmed through the comments.

Well, even after posting a photo with someone else, the newly emerged CP fans didn’t disappear.

Girls were really good at diving into these things, and Shen Yanming had come to realize this.

Anyway, as long as they didn’t cause too much trouble and affect He Changkong personally, it was fine.

Shen Yanming clicked on a few profiles based on the IDs in the comments, and found that some fast writers had already written fan fictions!

He was the kind of person who could happily enjoy reading fan fictions that portrayed him out of character, but this time he exited after just reading the beginning.

What the f*ck? Dominant Kong CEO and his little adorable wife? And cake play?

“… The cream that hadn’t been eaten was spread all over his body, messy and charming, as Luan luanzi looked at Kong.
The corners of his eyes turned red, and his eyes were filled with a spring-like tenderness.
His voice was like moistened candy, sticky and sweet.
He leaned down to Kong’s ear and whispered softly, ‘eat me’…”

Shen Yanming: “thump”2thump:”咯噔” (gēdēng) is an onomatopoeic expression in Chinese used to represent a sound effect, typically indicating a sudden or heavy thud or thump.

He had turned off the air conditioning long ago, and although the room wasn’t cold, he couldn’t help but shiver uncontrollably, his skin covered in goosebumps.

Help!, what did I just read?

Leaving aside everything else, just the roles assigned here are completely off.
In other fan fictions, he was always the dominant one!

These CP fans are no good.
They can’t even get the roles right.
The foundation is weak, so this CP definitely has no future!!!

Shen Yanming was taken aback by this fan fiction and decided to throw his phone aside and prepare for sleep.
However, the impact of this disturbing fan fiction was strong.
He turned off the lights, but even after a long time, he still couldn’t feel the drowsiness setting in.

He had no choice but to listen to the gradually intensifying sound of rain outside and wonder when it would stop?

When he arrived, he heard about the typhoon, but at that time, they said it wouldn’t land near Haicheng.
At most, Haicheng would be slightly affected.
Besides, the weather here had been clear all along, so Shen Yanming didn’t expect the typhoon to change its course as soon as it did.

If he woke up and the flight wasn’t canceled or delayed, he would be heading back.
The dream of celebrating his eighteenth birthday in an internet cafe didn’t come true, but unexpectedly, Kong and Fish had come to celebrate his birthday before he left.

Actually, he had already experienced being eighteen once, so honestly, he didn’t feel the same excitement as a newly adult.
The concept of growing up and becoming an adult is something that humans attach to the age of eighteen, but in reality, crossing that boundary doesn’t magically transform a person into an all-capable mature adult.

To become an adult, one must face the storms of life.
Before becoming an adult, they would be swept up and dropped by invisible hurricanes, have their long-held beliefs washed away by invisible rain, and be thrown into the mud.

Some people would forever remain trapped in the mud, becoming useless adults.

Suddenly, his phone lit up, and Shen Yanming squinted to look at the screen, discovering that He Changkong had sent him a picture.

It was a few lines of handwritten words: “Do not fear the wind and rain, forge ahead, and you can become the wind that breaks through the mist and the rain that washes away impurities.”

Shen Yanming thought to himself, what the hell, can this person read minds?

But He Changkong immediately explained.

[kong_]: I was in a bit of a hurry when I went to see you earlier, so I didn’t bring any birthday presents.
Consider this as a belated gift.
I happened to see the strong wind and rain outside and was inspired to write something, so consider it a blessing.

Shen Yanming carefully read those few lines again, saved the picture, and placed it in a folder specifically for meaningful images.

[Hazy Night]: qoq Thank you, I really like it.

[Hazy Night]: Did you write it yourself?

Truly worthy of a top student who dropped out of a prestigious university, he could write such artistic things, with beautiful characters and powerful strokes like flowing clouds and water.

He Changkong neither confirmed nor denied it, but a small gray line appeared on the screen.

“kong_ patted the left half of Hazy Night’s butts .”3A function in wechat, simply double-tap on the recipient’s icon in the chat and they will receive a little ‘nudge’.
If it is set to “shoulders, head or cat” when a friend “tap” on you in a group chat, they will be presented as “XXX tapped my shoulder”, which will be visible to the group friends.
In this case, Shen Yangming set it as butts.

[Hazy Night]: ……………

[kong_]: ……

Shen Yanming felt embarrassed to the point where he could almost dig a three-bedroom, two-living-room apartment with his toes on the bedsheet.
He let out a loud wail and desperately started explaining.

[Hazy Night]: It was just a silly modification we made while playing around with my friends before.
I’ll change it right away!!!

But before he could switch to the page to make the change, he was stopped.

[kong_]: Aren’t I your friend too?

Shen Yanming couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong, but he couldn’t refute it either.

And so, he watched as He Changkong seemed to have become addicted to patting—

“kong_ patted the left half of Hazy Night’s butts.”

“kong_ patted the left half of Hazy Night’s butts.”

[Hazy Night]: Stop patting, please…

Shen Yanming’s sense of shame was about to be completely wiped out.

This is getting ridiculous.

He realized that his unconventional nickname was a bit awkward, so while He Changkong hadn’t replied yet, he switched to another nickname that was less vulgar but still made it clear to those who knew him that it was him.

Plus, he added a touch of English to make it look cool.

Shen Yanming was quite satisfied with his new nickname and immediately used it to change the topic.

[Shen bird]4Shenbird: “沈bird”(Shěn bird): Kong ge, your handwriting is so nice.
Mine looks like chicken scratches.

[kong_]: I practiced calligraphy when I was young.

[Shen bird]: I practiced too.
On the first day my mom happily bought me a bottle of ink to practice, but I spilled it, staining my clothes creating a splattering effect.
Then my mom gave me a beating, and my clothes almost turned from ink color to blood color.
After that, she never mentioned practicing calligraphy again.

Shen Yanming casually shared, but He Changkong responded seriously.

[kong_]: If you have time, I can teach you.

This was starting to feel like awkward small talk.
Shen Yanming racked his brains and redirected the conversation back to what He Changkong had said earlier.

[Shen bird]: Haha, I was super surprised when you guys came to celebrate my birthday.
Not to mention, you smashed a lot of cat beds in my livestream room before.
I don’t know how I’ll repay you.
Even if I sell myself, I can’t afford it qoq.

[kong_]: Sign this, and you’ll be able to repay.

Then He Changkong sent a photo, it was a template for an intention contract.

Shen Yanming: “…” It’s like he’s always trying to make a deal.

Shen Yanming didn’t know how he fell asleep afterwards.
When he woke up, he was still holding his phone, probably having fallen asleep while chatting.

He slept until noon, and his hand felt a bit numb.
Shen Yanming glanced at the window and saw that the rain hadn’t stopped yet.
He turned on the TV for background noise, got up to wash up, and glanced at the TV screen out of the corner of his eye.
Reporters were braving the strong winds on the roadside, delivering news and urging citizens not to go out unless necessary.
Fortunately, there hadn’t been any incidents of trees falling on the road or hitting people.

But it seemed unlikely that flights would take off.

Indeed, not long after, the airline sent a text message saying that the flight’s departure time was uncertain.
It might even be canceled.

If it were someone else with important matters to attend to or a high school senior who needed to get back for classes, they would start cursing.
However, Shen Yanming was actually happy because it meant he could skip a day of classes.

He informed his parents about not being able to return home and received some advice from them.

After that, he took a screenshot of the text message and sent it to He Changkong.
He hadn’t forgotten that He Changkong mentioned showing him something good.

Half an hour later, He Changkong drove over, and Shen Yanming noticed that Meng Yan was sitting in the back seat.

Originally, He Changkong was waiting for Shen Yanming to sit in the passenger seat, but Shen Yanming’s eyes lit up as he opened the back door and exclaimed, “Wow! It’s the living Yan Shen!”

“The living Luan luanzi,” Meng Yan looked at Shen Yanming, who was pouncing at him like a fierce tiger, and instinctively moved away.
“Don’t come over.”

Shen Yanming: “???”

Meng Yan added, “You can sit in the front.”

Shen Yanming was quite puzzled.
“I wanted you to teach me how to perform the triple shot combo with the Ice Queen.”

Meng Yan clicked his tongue.
“Let’s not talk about work during rest time, okay? Overtime should be paid separately.”

Shen Yanming: “???” Why does it feel like Meng Yan is so disdainful of him?

He stepped back and sat in the passenger seat, getting a bit wet from the rain.
As he wiped himself, he said, “I hope we won’t be swept away by the typhoon.”

“…” He Changkong was somewhat speechless.
“It won’t happen.”

If it really reached that point, they wouldn’t be able to drive the car out either.

After chatting all night last night, Shen Yanming felt that the two of them had become more familiar with each other.
At least now, he didn’t feel as stiff as before, as if he had been hit with some kind of immobilizing buff as soon as he saw He Changkong.

They could communicate normally.

“Are you guys not training today?” Shen Yanming asked again.
“Where are we going?”

He Changkong replied, “Today is free practice.
I practiced with Meng Yan in the morning… Let’s have a meal first and then go to the place we went to yesterday.”

Meng Yan rolled his eyes.
“I usually sleep until the afternoon, but today he woke me up early, saying we should practice in advance.
Buddha, this is what love is, huh?”

He Changkong glanced at Meng Yan.
Meng Yan shrugged.
“Love for the game, I mean.”

Shen Yanming found it all a bit confusing.
He didn’t quite understand why they were going to the place they went to yesterday.
There was a match scheduled for today, but it didn’t seem to have anything to do with TMM.

Thinking about this, Shen Yanming took out his phone and checked the official account.
There were four teams competing today, divided into two groups: CTG versus JT and RX versus XXL.
The former was a match between two ordinary teams, and it was uncertain if there would be any surprises.
The latter involved XXL, a traditional strong team, but it seemed unlikely that RX would gain any advantages against them.

They could go watch the matches, but was that what He Changkong meant by something good? It didn’t seem likely.

Shen Yanming was puzzled.
“This? Why are we going to the sports arena?”

He Changkong didn’t answer, but Meng Yan started chattering, “There’s a match-fixing scandal going on.
You’ve heard about it, right, Kong Shen…”

He Changkong interrupted, “You talk too much.”

“Really? Can’t even talk about this?” Meng Yan turned to Shen Yanming, “Sorry, Kong Shen.”

He Changkong: “…”

Shen Yanming: “???” What are you guys talking about? If someone is fixing matches, why not report it? Are we going to see the scene being handled or something?

Author’s Message:

Kong: I rarely cause trouble.
It’s my first time doing so, and I’m feeling a bit nervous.

Nightmare: Are you nervous because of causing trouble, or is it for some other reason? (Stares)

Luan luanzi: 0_0?

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1luminous watch: “夜光手表” (yèguāng shǒubiǎo) literally translates to “luminous watch” in English.
It refers to a watch that has a feature allowing it to glow in the dark, typically using a luminescent material on the watch hands or markers.
2thump:”咯噔” (gēdēng) is an onomatopoeic expression in Chinese used to represent a sound effect, typically indicating a sudden or heavy thud or thump.
3A function in wechat, simply double-tap on the recipient’s icon in the chat and they will receive a little ‘nudge’.
If it is set to “shoulders, head or cat” when a friend “tap” on you in a group chat, they will be presented as “XXX tapped my shoulder”, which will be visible to the group friends.
In this case, Shen Yangming set it as butts.4Shenbird: “沈bird”(Shěn bird)

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