The audience at the venue burst into laughter upon hearing Shen Yanming’s words.
The female commentator was momentarily taken aback, but with her experience, she quickly defused the situation, saying, “It seems that this young man supports multiple players, after all, our players are all exceptionally outstanding… right, young man?”

Shen Yanming picked up the conversation, “Yes, yes, yes.”

He didn’t know why he blurted out “Zhang Xixi, Fighting!” earlier.
Maybe it was because the camera suddenly focused on his face, and just a second before, he was analyzing the possible strategies and chances of winning for both teams, and coincidentally, he was analyzing Zhang Xixi when the female commentator approached him with a question.

If it had just been that, he probably wouldn’t have blanked out and said something silly.
The main reason was that he seemed to have made eye contact with Kong.

Although that eye contact was like a Schrödinger’s eye contact1Schrödinger’s eye contact: in this context, it refers to a situation where the eye contact between two individuals is uncertain or ambiguous., in reality, Shen Yanming had no idea if Kong was really looking in his direction.

In that brief moment, numerous untimely thoughts surged through his mind.
For instance, he remembered a female classmate who once complained about annoying fangirls, saying, “Whenever that person goes to a concert, as soon as the idol turns towards her side, she thinks the idol is making eye contact with her and brags about it every day! It’s just being delusional! There are so many people in that direction! When I cheated on a test, I thought the class teacher was looking at me, did he? No, the class teacher couldn’t see me.”

With this in mind, Kong definitely couldn’t see him either.

However, he became so nervous and started to speak incoherently.
It was really pathetic!

…Speaking of which, what was there to be nervous about anyway?

To salvage the situation and prove that his love was only for TMM, he could simply say, “Zhang Xixi, do your best, don’t lose too miserably.” But those words lacked tact and were not something Shen Yanming could say.

Besides, it wasn’t necessary.

In reality, many players supported more than one team.
In this circle where the strong were respected, as long as they were strong enough, they would be liked.
The players on the stage right now definitely wouldn’t mind this.

He could only go along with what the commentator said and added, “…Kong Shen, do your best too!”

The female commentator loved to stir up trouble, “So, do you favor Kong or Xixi more?”

Shen Yanming: “…” They don’t play the same position, how can you compare them?!

If he had to choose, he would want to say that he definitely favored Kong.
Why was there even a need to ask? Zhang Xixi’s performance in games heavily relied on the state of his teammates, but Kong was different.
His teammates needed him, he didn’t rely on them much.
However, saying such a thing would be impolite and might affect the mentality of the players if they heard it.

This commentator was really something.

After thinking for a moment, Shen Yanming said seriously, “If Kong and Zhang Xixi both fell into the water, I would save Kong because Xixi can swim.”

The venue erupted in laughter.

The commentator: “…”

The two large screens on the main stage cleverly switched to the two players from each team.
Zhang Xixi looked clearly confused, while Kong remained calm—expressionless, making it hard to discern his emotions, probably composed.

Finally, this ordeal came to an end.
After the commentator finished interviewing him, she moved on to interview others.
Shen Yanming sat back down, let out a long sigh, and thought to himself, “Why not skip these unimportant segments and just get straight to the point? Just start the match and be done with it.”

After dawdling for a while, the opening exhibition match finally began.
The players from both sides took their seats and started selecting characters to enter the game.

The character selection process for the exhibition match was always a highlight.
Since the exhibition match didn’t count towards the score, teams that were chosen for the exhibition match would intentionally pick characters they rarely played or ones that would catch people off guard.
Sometimes, they even switched positions within the team, with the healer becoming a tank and the tank becoming an assassin, and so on.

In order to make it entertaining for the audience, the players gave it their all.

The XXL team was no exception; they had a chaotic position switch.
Biubiu, who usually played the tank, chose an assassin this time, while Zhang Xixi, who was originally an assassin, took the mage.

The TMM players remained in their original positions but chose some unpopular characters.

The game operator fully supported star players trying out less popular characters.
When ordinary players saw professional players playing these characters and putting on a show, they would follow suit.
Sometimes, they even managed to popularize the niche character and develop new strategies in the game.

The commentators were simultaneously announcing the characters chosen by the players.
Shen Yanming overheard the whispers of the other spectators beside him.
When they saw Meng Yan selecting a rarely used character jokingly referred to as a “warehouse manager” by players, the girl on his right couldn’t help but exclaim, “My husband! Yan Shen is using my husband! Essentially, Yan Shen is also my husband! Ahhh, husband, go for it!”

The guy in the front row wearing a programmer’s plaid shirt turned around and said, “No, besides having a good-looking model, does this character have any other use? Even if it’s a Nightmare, it’s not necessarily the best choice for showing off.
Its damage is like scratching an itch.
In my opinion, the developers should just delete it.”

The girl retorted, “What’s the matter with you?!”

Shen Yanming was caught in the middle, sweating profusely.
After a while, he took out his candy and handed it to the two individuals who were getting heated, saying, “Let’s keep the peace, let’s keep the peace.
Powerful characters protect the Throne Continent, and handsome characters guard the hearts of beautiful girls…”

Both of them were momentarily stunned, then accepted the candies from Shen Yanming with a complicated expression.

The guy in the plaid shirt felt a little embarrassed and said, “I… I didn’t mean to say that the character is bad.
I just think it’s poorly designed.”

The girl followed suit, “It’s okay, it’s okay.
That damned developer deserves to be scolded.”

The brewing conflict was resolved before the war even began.
Suddenly, the guy in the plaid shirt exclaimed, “Holy shit, what did Kong choose?”

The commentators on stage also seemed a bit stunned.

He Changkong had chosen Blood Demon, a character that could both heal and deal damage.

But if it was just that, everyone wouldn’t be so surprised.

The Blood Demon character is often referred to as a healer, but it has almost no team support skills.
It only has one resurrection skill and one healing skill, both of which come at the cost of sacrificing its own health.
It exchanges a portion of its own life to heal its teammates.

On the other hand, it had quite a few offensive skills.
For example, one of the skill descriptions said, “The Blood Demon summons chaotic power through its own blood, sacrificing a quarter of its life.
When the target is hit, they receive three times the damage of the Blood Demon’s lost health.” In simpler terms, it traded its own blood for damage output.

If this character had been a bit tankier2tankier: have more health or high health, it wouldn’t have been a problem.
But unfortunately, it was a squishy character.
If the skills didn’t land on the opponent, it can easily die after using them a few times.
Apart from successfully killing the enemy and gaining life steal, the Blood Demon cannot heal itself in other situations.
It’s as if it’s just adding to its own loneliness by drawing blood from itself.

Most casual players struggle to use this character effectively, which is why the Blood Demon is famously known as a warehouse manager.

When Kong started selecting his character, everyone thought he would choose a less popular healer character.

But unexpectedly, he chose the Blood Demon.

No, can the Blood Demon really be considered a healer??

It wasn’t until the game actually started that everyone became even more surprised.

Although Kong often played aggressively as a healer, it was still within the scope of a healer’s role.
He wouldn’t snatch away tasks that should be done by damage dealers when they were present.

But now—

Even though the game was still in the early stages, on the large screen, Kong’s Blood Demon dashed out of the safe zone, running fast, with Nightmare trailing behind, looking more like a healer.

The two of them arrived at the area where XXL was spawning, and they immediately encountered the mage Zhang Xixi, who was searching for equipment in the grass.
The two teams officially engaged in battle.

Zhang Xixi reacted quickly and immediately dodged, creating some distance between him and Nightmare.

He focused on defending against Nightmare but ended up losing a significant amount of health from Kong’s first skill.

Zhang Xixi: “!!!” What’s wrong with your healer!

At first, they were a bit confused, but as the game progressed, they started to understand.

In this match, Kong was the main damage dealer.

Moreover, it seemed like Kong was specifically targeting Zhang Xixi.

Unable to evade Kong’s attacks, Zhang Xixi had no choice but to confront him head-on.
Even though his health was dangerously low, he abandoned his usual cautious playstyle and engaged in direct combat with Kong.

The two fought fiercely, and the screen was filled with continuous flashy skill effects.

The audience below watched in awe, and Shen Yanming was also fully focused on watching the big screen.

Kong truly lived up to his reputation.
Even in the face of such strong opponents, he was able to make the Blood Demon, a character believed to have been designed by the developers to take revenge on society, hit every time.
He also managed to maintain his own health without dying.
How keen was his awareness, and how precise were his predictions to achieve such results…

Shen Yanming was carefully analyzing the actions of both sides in the confrontation when the girl on his right spoke up, “Why is Kong always targeting Zhang Xixi? Could it be because you cheered for Zhang Xixi earlier? Hahaha.”

“…,” Shen Yanming thought it was impossible, but he knew the girl was only joking, so he played along, “I think so too.
Ah, stop fighting, stop fighting.
If you want to fight, go to the dance studio and fight there…”3If you want to fight, go to the dance studio and fight there…: imply that instead of engaging in unnecessary fights or conflicts, it would be better to focus on practicing or honing one’s skills in the gaming arena.
In this context, the phrase dance studio metaphorically refer to a place of training or improvement.

The girl chuckled softly.

After saying that, Shen Yanming shifted his gaze back to the game arena.
Kong had successfully caught Zhang Xixi several times.
Once the entire XXL team got used to this rhythm, Kong suddenly pushed Nightmare forward and comfortably took on the role of a support from the backline.

If Shen Yanming were a member of XXL, he would probably be a bit confused.

Both teams were incredibly strong, but due to the positional changes in XXL and the unusual tactics of TMM, the match remained in a deadlock for half an hour before ending with TMM’s victory.

After the exhibition match, as is customary, the players had to chat on stage.
The commentator followed the routine and asked the TMM players, “Is this a new strategy you developed?”

Pudding shook his head honestly, “No, originally Kong said he would play as an Alchemist, but he switched to the Blood Demon at the last moment.
However, we all thought the Blood Demon was quite interesting too.
After all, it’s an exhibition match, and we wanted to show the audience something novel.”

Zhang Xixi wailed, “Is the novel thing you wanted the audience to see watching a healer brutally beating me up! I’m suffering!”

The microphone was passed to He Changkong.

He Changkong didn’t explain why he played as the Blood Demon or why the match was so intense.
He simply said something that seemed unrelated, “I can swim too.”

For a moment, no one in the audience understood the meaning behind Kong’s sudden statement.

Shen Yanming’s heart skipped a beat.

No way? Did Kong remember that silly question about who he would save if they fell into the water before the match?

So, he targeted Zhang Xixi because… he wanted to compete against him?

No, no, no, that’s impossible!

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1Schrödinger’s eye contact: in this context, it refers to a situation where the eye contact between two individuals is uncertain or ambiguous.2tankier: have more health or high health3If you want to fight, go to the dance studio and fight there…: imply that instead of engaging in unnecessary fights or conflicts, it would be better to focus on practicing or honing one’s skills in the gaming arena.
In this context, the phrase dance studio metaphorically refer to a place of training or improvement.

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