Shen Yanming arrived in Haicheng on Saturday evening.
He was familiar with this place from his previous life and didn’t feel the need to explore.
After checking in at the hotel and letting his family know he was safe, he had nothing to do.
He glanced at the building outside his hotel room window, and a sign for an internet cafe caught his eye.

He touched his ID card in his pocket.

How frustrating! He was still two days away from turning eighteen.

Lying on the bed, Shen Yanming played mobile games and became more and more frustrated.
He didn’t know anyone here, and spending the whole night in the hotel would be incredibly boring.
If only he could understand the meaning behind the things Milk’s Not Working said to him in the game a few days ago, he might have already added him as a friend, and now they could be happily meeting up at a hot pot restaurant.

When he got his phone, he was actually trying to make amends.
He found Fish’s Weibo account and sent a direct message.

But he didn’t receive a reply.

He idled away at the hotel until the next day, Sunday afternoon, Shen Yanming braved the scorching sun and arrived at a sports arena in the outskirts of Haicheng.
Today’s opening exhibition match and the first round of regular season would be held here.

In the past, Shen Yanming would enter the venue through a special entrance with the club’s car, so he had never really paid attention to the surroundings outside the arena before a match.

The scene was bustling with people, many of whom were wearing team uniforms or fan merchandise.
There were also cosplayers dressed as game characters, moving through the crowd and adding to the lively atmosphere.

Suddenly, Shen Yanming felt a tap on his right arm.
Two girls were holding large bags filled with what looked like accessories, looking at him.

Shen Yanming was puzzled and asked, “What’s the matter?” Were they trying to sell him small trinkets? He didn’t seem like the type of person who would collect such things…

Both girls blushed, and one of them covered her mouth and giggled, lightly nudging the other girl as if encouraging her to speak.

The girl who was nudged was more straightforward and took out a cat ear headband from the bag, handing it to Shen Yanming.
“Hello, big brother.
We noticed that you’re wearing TMM’s team uniform, so we came to give you some fan merchandise ~”

Shen Yanming took the cat ears and pinched the tips.
They were finely crafted, fluffy, and had a nice texture.
However, he hesitated a bit.
“Are there any other fan merchandise? Why cat ears?”

The girl replied, “Because our team name is Sweetie, so this time we decided to make something sweet.”

Upon closer inspection, he noticed a small tag embroidered with the TMM logo in the middle of the two ears.

Some people called TMM their Mom and Sister, why didn’t they make something in the style of a mom or sister?

Nevertheless, Shen Yanming looked at the two girls with eager eyes and slowly asked, “…Should I put it on?”

The girls nodded eagerly and said, “Real men wear cat ears.”

Shen Yanming: “…”

Feeling challenged, he reluctantly put the cat ears on his head.
However, However, he felt that wearing cat ears didn’t suit him, so he brainwashed himself, thinking that he was the First Little White Wolf, and wolf ears were also pointed, not much different from these ears.
What he wore were wolf ears, not cat ears.

Shen Yanming adjusted the headband with his hand and said to the girls, “These are my wolf ears, not cat ears.”

The shyer of the two girls was already squatting on the ground with her face covered.

Shen Yanming asked, “What’s wrong with her? Does she have a stomachache?”

The other girl replied, “It’s fine, she’s just… a bit excited?”

“Excited about what?” Shen Yanming tilted his head in confusion, and his pointed ears twitched along with the movement.
“Oh, right, we’re about to watch the match, so it’s hard not to be excited.”

The girls: “…” Was it possible for a gaming enthusiast, even if he was handsome, to be so straightforward?

Suddenly, Shen Yanming remembered something and took out two small bags of candy from the small compartment of his backpack, giving one to each girl.
“A little gift for your hard work in distributing fan merchandise.”

After saying that, he waved his hand and was about to leave, but the two girls pulled him, insisting on taking a photo together.

Shen Yanming decided to play along and thought that since he was wearing wolf ears, he should make some fierce movements.
He raised both of his paws, mimicking what he believed to be a predatory action, and even stuck out his tongue.

With a fierce expression.

Shen Yanming finally bid farewell to the two girls, who remained in place looking at the photo they had just taken.

They couldn’t help but whisper to each other.

“That handsome guy kept saying he was a wolf?”

“…But this photo is really silly, mixing a hint of goofiness amidst the coolness.”

“He’s not a wolf, he’s a dog.”

“He looks like a Samoyed… but so cute!”

“We should’ve mustered the courage to ask for his contact information!”

“It’s not too late for you to go now…”

After saying that, the girls turned their heads, but they couldn’t see the figure of the handsome Samoyed guy anymore.
He had already disappeared into the crowd.

Shen Yanming continued to wander around with the crowd, looking at the merchandise stalls and trying out the game demo area.
It was crowded and hot everywhere.
He decided to queue up early in the waiting area since there was already a long line of people ahead.

With so many people here to watch the matches, how was he going to find Milk’s Not Working in this sea of people?

Moreover, as insiders, they must have a separate seating arrangement for watching the game.

Could it be that he would have to regretfully miss the chance to meet?

As Shen Yanming was thinking about this, he caught a glimpse of a chubby guy skillfully maneuvering through the crowd.

Shen Yanming: “!”

The chubby guy wasn’t wearing a team uniform, but those naturally smiling eyes on his face were unmistakably Milk’s Not Working!

Shen Yanming quickly walked up and stood in front of the chubby guy, smiling as he greeted him, “Fish!”

After all, it wouldn’t be appropriate to call him “wife” in such a public setting…

Fish stopped and waved back at Shen Yanming.

He was a member of TMM’s second team.
Although their name wasn’t as prominent as the first team’s, and they weren’t a star player, many players still recognized the members of the second team.

So, when someone suddenly called out his name and greeted him, he didn’t find it strange.

Initially, he had planned to wave back and leave, but he didn’t expect the person in front of him to strike up a conversation.

Shen Yanming was practically beaming with joy and exclaimed, “Hey, you have no idea! I was so annoyed these past few days because I couldn’t add you as a friend.
I never thought I’d run into you here.”

Fish was also talkative.
“It must be fate!”

A few days ago, Fish was looking for friends to play ranked games with on Weibo.
The ones who came first got to secure the friend spots.
When Fish heard what Shen Yanming said, he thought he was a fan who didn’t manage to secure a friend spot.

Shen Yanming continued, “You’re quite different in person compared to online.”

Fish got excited too and curiously asked, “How am I different?”

Shen Yanming replied, “You seem much colder online.”

Although Shen Yanming said this, he could understand.
Many people have one image online and a different one in real life, and that’s normal.

Fish was a bit surprised.
“Ah? Really?”

After thinking for a moment, Fish realized that it might be because he didn’t interact with fans as often as other players or streamers, which gave people the impression of being cold.

So, he explained, “There’s always a difference between online and real life… By the way, I haven’t asked how should I address you?”

Fish didn’t have many fans, so he recognized most of the IDs that often interacted with him on his Weibo and livestreams.

Shen Yanming: “…”

Shen Yanming was speechless.
“You’ve been chatting with me for so long without even knowing who I am? I never expected you, with those thick eyebrows and big eyes, to be this kind of fish!”

Fish scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.
Shen Yanming leaned in and whispered, “It’s me, that ‘I’m Messing Around Again guy…”

It felt a bit awkward to refer to his ID in the real world like that.

Fish widened his eyes.
“Damn, it’s you!”

Shen Yanming vaguely felt that Fish’s reaction was a bit exaggerated.
Did he really need to be so surprised after recognizing him?

Little did he know that Fish’s emotions were running high at that moment.

This was the famous Luanzi ge! A man with terrifying speed and the ability to beat professional players, a man who could make Kong Shen speak up for him!

Unbelievable, this Luanzi ge was his fan? And that he was troubled because he couldn’t add him as a friend?

Fish felt his legs go weak.

Fish held Shen Yanming’s hand with both of his own hands.
“Luanzi ge, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Shen Yanming: ” Pleasure to meet you… Wait, why are we acting so distant? What’s our relationship?”

Fish also felt that Luanzi ge’s words were a bit strange, but when he thought about Luanzi ge’s exaggerated style in the livestream, he understood.
Luanzi ge tended to be overly dramatic when speaking.

So, Fish complimented him again, “I didn’t expect you to be so handsome in person.
I thought all gamers were otakus.”

“Well, you can’t say that.
When it comes to being handsome, no one can compare to the grass1team grass: “队草”(Duì cǎo) is a slang term used to describe a handsome person within a team or group.
It’s a combination of the word “队” (team) and “草” (grass), which in this context conveys the meaning of someone who stands out and shines within the team due to their good looks.
in your team,” Shen Yanming accepted the praise without modesty, “Of course, I’m handsome as well… You’re not bad either, decent and strong.”

The two of them chatted and talked about various things.

Fish had something to attend to, and he didn’t plan to stay too long.
After a few more sentences, he was ready to say goodbye.

This time, Shen Yanming didn’t forget his main objective.
Before Fish left, he pulled him over and added him as a friend in WeChat.

Reluctantly bidding farewell, Shen Yanming made an arrangement with Fish, “If you don’t have training tonight, let’s go to the internet cafe together.” After midnight tonight, he could openly go to the internet cafe!

Fish eagerly agreed, “Definitely, definitely! I’ve been wanting to play games with Luanzi ge for a long time!”

Shen Yanming thought to himself, don’t we usually play together? Fish probably meant that he had been looking forward to playing together offline?

Shen Yanming and Fish were happily getting acquainted, while the real cheap wife was feeling worried in the lounge backstage.

He Changkong knew that Shen Yanming was coming, but since Shen Yanming didn’t add him as a friend, he didn’t know what the situation was.
He also felt hesitant to go to Weibo to ask again, fearing that the other person simply didn’t want to add him on WeChat… After all, WeChat was considered a more personal way of contact.

But he really wanted to see Shen Yanming.

However, with so many spectators here to watch the match, and with his own match approaching, how could he possibly find him?

He was leaning on the sofa with his eyes closed, resting and thinking about these random things, when suddenly the door was pushed open.
He looked towards the door and saw their second team’s chubby guy, excitedly saying, “Guys, guess who I just saw? I saw Luanzi ge!”

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1team grass: “队草”(Duì cǎo) is a slang term used to describe a handsome person within a team or group.
It’s a combination of the word “队” (team) and “草” (grass), which in this context conveys the meaning of someone who stands out and shines within the team due to their good looks.

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