running back kick toward the head of a waking goblin worker as he fell down on top of several other unconscious goblins.

”K-Keuk…!! Valgor human!!! ”

Kian was rather surprised that the goblin he had kicked managed to withstood his attack. It even shook its head off like its Arenla (Monday) business!

He took a closer look at the goblin workers skin tone, it was yellowish colour indicating that it may have lived and survived against a human encounter before!

”Oh, looks like I may need to get dirty this time! ”, his cockiness exuded from his cocky statement as he sheathed his broadsword to play a rougher game with the yellow goblin worker.

”«Fight me!!» ”, he taunted the goblin to make the first move!

”Graahh!! ”, the goblin charged after being imbued with a surge of rage within them to kill everything in its sights! It swung its makeshit hammer with stone and stick tightly put together with mud and branches at Kian!

Kian could feel the threat coming out from the goblins raged swinging as it was faster than the average goblins. The longer they lived, the better they are in combat! He decided to swing his counter by dodging to the goblins blind spot and punched it in the head!

”Keuk!! ”

Kian took a deep breath as he faced around the encampment to find more goblins slowly approached him. He wasn threatened by their numbers since they
e mostly dark green, recently left their natural grounds of the caverns.

”Fifteen, no… more than that? ”, he tried to guess the numbers of the goblins coming ar him and decided that he should be focusing on how to make those numbers go down in a quick note.

He smirked and scoffed at the goblins trembling fingers on their weapons and looking at each others to see whos going first since the human they are trying to kill had took down a yellow kin of theirs.

”«Whats wrong?! Lets fight!!» ”, he taunted and soon the goblins weary glances turned cold-blooded from a surge of rage within their veins had erupted from Kians provocation!

”Kwik!! Kwikkkk!!! ”

”Kaboss!!! ”

”Here it comes. ”, he took out his blade again as he readied himself for battle!

He swung his blade as soon as he felt a goblin had entered into his range of attacks!

«Heavy Slash»!

He managed to kill three goblins immediately with his powerful swing and injured two other as he evaded to his back with a light step behind. Within that small step, he kicked himself off the ground and up in the air and began his next attack!

He slammed his broadsword on the ground and created a crater as it caused several goblins to scatter about. Kian had managed to take out three more goblins who were slower than most of the rest in that destructive slam attack.

His eyes shone a bright yellow as he twisted his body and swung his broadsword horizontally for a complete full circular swing!

He cleaved through several more goblins, injuring seven and killed another three which gotten too close inside of his wide swing.

”Keuk! ”

He grinned after noticing one of the only uninjured goblin left shivering in fear as he began activating his special powers, Wind elemental energy began to surround his feet!

Dirts and rocks began to follow the flows of the Wind energy as it soon span around his broadsword as Kian shouted his special attack!

”«Earth Tornado, pseudo style!» ”, he swung his blade, creating a dirt tornado which bruises his enemies with the high speed rocks and pebbles brushing and grazing against the goblins!

”Keuk! Keuk!! ”

”Mier—!! ”

Kian sliced off the head of one goblin begging for its life after witnessing the rest of their kins were mercilessly killed by him. He was reminded of his childhood stories from a certain old man who called himself a scholar once told a story about the goblins evil deeds in order to survive.

”No mercy for the likes of…? ”, he stopped to find another goblin peeking from the other side of their camps.

”…No witnesses. ”, he dashed and suddenly stopped when he noticed that the dark green goblin had white hair and old features all over its frail face and body.

”An old… goblin? ”, he had never seen such a thing in his life. Most goblins he had fought all had black hair, indicating that they may be young adults. He kept his guard up as he gripped tightly onto the blade.

”H-Human… kind… ”

[Huh?], Kian was dumbfounded by the old goblins speech. It was talking in Common tongue, the human language to converse with everyone in the entirety of Agenda.

He almost lowered his guard down as he focused on the old goblin in its old eyes.

”Please… no harm… us… and grandchildren… ”

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