houted at him and as he asked, ”{Beasts Masters?} ”

A man with white hair and pale purple eyes took notice of a fair traveler patting the heads of his tamed snow wolves. He muttered what he had learned back when he was in the capital of {White Haven Kingdom}.

”{Tamer} developed Trust with their tamed beasts as they fed them with mana and love. They can either choose to have those tamed beasts of theirs to protect themselves against monsters as {Monster Hunter} or fight against one as a {Beasts Master}. ”, a sigh escaped a man as a warm breath soon attracted his attention toward the cover of the book that his mother was reading.

Goblins History.

Goblins were once lived in the subterranean area of the world, Agenda. They weren incredibly hostile creatures in the old era. However, that history of them used to live in the undergrounds soon changed their opinions after noticing a small tribe of goblins walking out of their caves, blinded by the gaze of the sunlight.

Smaller than the average human, dark green to yellow skinned, and facial features known to be shunned as ugly, these were the key features of a goblin race. It was unknown as to when did they became much hostile and aggressive to the humans living near their territories.

As they were told to dye their hats made with animal skins they captured in the blood of their victims. They as a whole, a lesser threat in individual but considered as a problem in groups. They fought dirty and will hindrance their foes until their deaths or victories.

Some goblins in their tribes are intelligent, capable of human speech although terribly due to their stunted growth over their vocal chords. Still, this doesn stop a goblin to mimick a humans skill to use it for themselves in the next generation of their kin.

They left behind various inscription of what theyve learned from their little lives exposed to the threats such as humans and stronger beings in order to guide their newborns with learning the abilities of the human or be aware of certain… dangers they may encounter in their lives.

However, there are still those who are non-hostiles to human and tend to seclude themselves deep in the caverns and lived on with their little farm and forage of various other non-hostiles creatures that lived among them.

The yellow the goblins skin are, the longer theyve been outside of their natural caves. It is also a way to determine ones age as goblins grew faster than the average person of any race. Although, theres evidence of them aging like humans via the colour of their hair, nowadays with the goblin skin turning colours being much more distinguishable than a strand of white hair. No wonder the main way to see how old a goblin is by their skin colour.

The race is majority male dominated by almost ninety percent, the female kin are rarely seen in the wilderness as most goblins will have to breed with their female captive, vulgar but it was by their ruthless nature and plausible vengeance to humans that once invaded their home in the first place.

Ichalis turned his head toward another book beside his mother, a book titled Creatures of Black Mountain caught his eyes as he asked for her permission to have a read on the book, ”Mother Rufia, may I have a look at that book beside you? ”

She looked at him after lowering her current book slightly, ”Yes, you may, my son. ”, she was smiling as she enjoyed watching her son be interested in literature like her.

She was practically giggling to herself as she continued back to tend to her little reading about the goblins. Is she finding their history funny for some odd reason, Ichalis wondered about what was inside of his mothers mind as he shook his head quietly.

He then grabbed the book politely as he could from where he was seated and opened the book as he checked out the names of the wolves he wanted to read more about.

Night Wolves.

These wolves tend to only lurk out in the dark night until the early morning of the sun basking its first light over the earth, signifying the daytime has arrived. They lurked in the night for only weak preys, let it be a young baby that couldn defend itself, an injured wolf of its different kind, or even a lone man in the {Black Mountain}.

Usually they hunt for weak preys in a group of three, only one of their kind are sent further away as a scout to sniff out any potential weakling to be made as meal for them. When one scout is killed during its duty, the smell of its blood will alert the rest nearby to avoid any encounter with a strong opponent.

They prefer to hunt when necessary, only grouping up to kill a lone and beefy animal together as a pack rather than in a group of three mentioned earlier. The night wolves hated the sun, as if they were vampires scared over a little light of the morning sunlight.

During the day, they waited inside of various caves under their territories and waited they will for any… unaware preys to come into their caves to find shelter or treasures.

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