you are with {Warrior}.

As a {Warrior}, one can advance their worth into two type of strength. Skilled with physical disciplines or skilled with brutal disciplines. One heavily trained with the shortsword, longsword, broadsword and greatsword will able to train themselves with physical disciplines. This path is known commonly as {Swordmaster}.

On another hand, with brutal disciplines. One would be knowledgeable with brutally mauling their foes with sledgehammer, greataxe, and battleaxe will be called {Bastard Brute}.

{Swordmaster} and {Bastard Brute} also able to advance further into their own paths.

Starting with the latter, {Bastard Brute} could advance into a {Barbarian}, skilled with overwhelming Wind manipulation of their weaponry. Or into a {Brutal Destroyer}, one skilled with breaking everything in their path with Roar energy and environmental destruction of their strong slams.

Meanwhile, on {Swordmaster}.

The strongest {Swordmaster} will undergo a process of advancing immediately into their best path, {Gladiator}. {Gladiator} path in the right hands and skills will be a deadly force with excellent sword dance techniques and destructive power of their preferred affinity.

If a {Swordmaster} mostly leaning towards the arts of discipline within their magical potentials, they will become a {Lunar Knight}, skilled with magical prowess of perfect energy attacks and excellent executions.

Xalkren came out of the end of the one way Chakra tunnel. His eyes darted around as he quickly scanned the surroundings. He needed to make sure it was safe enough to recreate another tunnel for when Kian arrived at the same place as him.

He nodded inwardly, confirming that it was safe enough for another tunnel but he looked around one last time, this time to get information of the dirt road.

Xalkren didn know much outside of {Cold Dread Village}. He has never left the village for long and only traverse around the river nearby for camping trips.

Kian finally arrived at the end of the Chakra tunnel. His eyes wandered around, searching for the boy who casted the tunnel spell.

”Kuren, where are we now? ”

Xalkren shook his head, ”Not sure. Do we keep following the dirt pathway? Im afraid that we might encounter danger. ”

Kian looked at his infected right shoulder and nodded slightly, ”Lets try to avoid anything suspicious, but if its multiple carriages with decent looking people, well be stopping them to ask for directions. ”

Xalkren nodded firmly at his plan, ”It will not work all the time, but well give it a try. ”, he clutched his hand against his right shoulder, ”Ill be the one to ask, if its you… ”

Kian squinted, ”…Fine, I might be scheming something if I was the one going. ”

”Good. ”, Xalkren placed his foot forward, beginning to track his path down the dirt road.

”Lets go. ”

Kian took out his sword from the sack behind his back and rested it against his left shoulder. He decided to get ready for potential battles.

Xalkrens eyes caught something in the distance after a few minutes of tracking.

”Kian. ”

”Hm. ”, Kian nodded as he walked toward a tree near the path and leaned against it. He decided it was best to not hide.

Xalkren noticed not one, but two carriages being pulled by horses advancing toward their destination. There were trained soldiers escorting a noble out into the wild open for a fresh air.

”Decent formation, possible {Calda City}s noble family trip outside. ”, he shook his head slightly.

One of the soldiers riding a horse in front of the line noticed Xalkren and Kian nearby. He did a side glance to his partner and the latter nodded firmly.

The soldier then roared as he raised his reigns of the horse, ”Hiyaa! ”


Loud horse footsteps closing in fast toward the two {Adventurers} before stopping its noble steed in front of them.

”Who and what are you two doing out here? ”, he demanded answers from the two of them.

Xalkren answered firmly with a straight face, ”Im Xalkren, and this is my friend, Kian. We are lost and in need of a guidance to reach our destination to {Calda City}. ”

The soldier nodded at Kian after noticing his nod. He then asked, ”{Adventurers}? ”

”Yes. ”, Xalkren replied.

The soldier raised his hand as he heard the carriages closing in behind him, ”Do you two have an empty map? We have a map and ink for you to draw your own map with it. ”

Xalkren faced Kian as the latter rummaged into his large sack after putting away his sword first to not attract any unwanted aggression from the soldier.

”Hnn… Found it! ”

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