”Son, my actions will not be understood by the likes of you until youve grown strong and ready for it. Youll understand the whole reason why… ”

The boy in his peak teenage years (19) opened up his eyelids before closing it back tight from the sudden brightness of the sunlight hitting his face.

He woke up from the grassy bed, staring at his palms and noting the dirt and rashes he received.

He faced his front, near his foot was a dagger stuck in the ground. As if someone had stabbed it there on purpose, he was the one who did it. A voice came out of the mans lips as he took a deep breath.

”…It hurts, but… I need to get away from here. I need to grow stronger than him. ”, he gritted his teeth. His darker than black eyes sparked flames within him.

He was furious, beyond the point of calming his senses down.

”Ill kill you, Father. ”, a declaration out of him as he snatched the dagger from the grass floor and gripped it tightly and his eyes wandered around for anything he could scavenge for survival.

He groaned as the pain in his right shoulder lingered. The stab wound was the exact size of the dagger he gripped onto. He dropped the dagger as the pain became unbearable to control.

”Guh! ”, he knelt down, wincing in pain as he grabbed the dagger off the floor.

[I need to push on… I need to kill him for everything he wronged. My mother… my friends…]

Memories of the good time hes had flashed in his mind as his expression turned grim, [Uncle Drebara. Aunt Suiyaz. Brother Dexor… everyone.]

He gritted his teeth as he forced himself to stand up straight. He needed to go. He must leave before those under his damned father caught up with him.

[Father Ren… for killing my Mother Dorothy and my only true home in {Cold Dread Village}.]

He kicked the ground, continuing his escape from the deep {Dark Forest of Black Mountain}, not wanting to waste anymore breath of his flickering burning candle.

[Ill kill you to avenge everyone, I swear!]

”Fuhh! ”, the dark green haired boy lifted his head after rinsing his entire face into the running water of the river he found.

He glanced at the reflection of the water in front of him as he admired his good looks. His eyes, bright yellow which could attract nobles to fall for him. If only he was a noble himself, he would be living a grander life than be out here in the {Dark Forest of Black Mountain} as an {Adventurer}.

”Man, that was a terrible night. ”, he muttered under his breath. He was spent of his stamina running away from the terrible nightmare of the night.

He subtly glanced toward the direction he ran away from, [I wonder if anyone else survived that night? «Black Flames» engulfed that entire village and screams howled overnight with several… ugh.]

He held his face with his hand, he was traumatized by the nightmare caused by the «Black Flames». He stood up, carrying his large makeshift sack that contained his treasured sword and other necessities.

”No time to fear now, Kian. Time to begin your journey as a wandering {Adventurer}! ”, Kian wore a firm face as he lifted himself to move on and away from the unfortunate nightmare that fell upon {Cold Dread Village}.


Kian jumped as the rustling sounds were right behind him. He slowly glanced behind him as he swallowed his saliva. He closed his eyes, hoping it wasn a demonic monster that was hunting him.

However, a voice called out his name.

”Kian?! ”

Kian opened his eyes as emotions struck his heart at the sight of the boy in front of him.

Black long-haired, usually tightened up as a back ponytail. There was only one name he know deep inside of his heart.

”Xalkren? ”

A faint smile appeared on the black haired boy as he suddenly collapse on the dirt floor. Kian, startled by the sudden outcome, yelled out in fear, ”Kuren! ”

He held him tightly as he scanned for his wounds, he noticed the stab wound on his friends shoulder and began shaking his frail bruised body, ”Kuren! Wake up! ”

”We just met!! Don you dare come to me just to die now! ”, tears escaped his eyes, making his visions blurry.

Kian shook off his tears wildly as he took out a waterskin pouch from his sack. He then lifted his friends head and gently pouring water into his opened lips.

”Drink, friend! ”

His face turned sour as he felt his friends faint heart beats, ”Fuck… ”

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