Seven years ago.

Twilight City

It was the rainy season in the south, and it had been raining for nine days straight.
The mist was thick, the air was humid, and the whole city seemed to fall into a fairyland, looking ethereal and dreamy.
But today’s rain was different, it was no longer the silky drizzle, but the torrential downpour, pounding on the eaves with a loud sound.

Under the eaves of a pharmacy at the entrance of Orange Blossom Alley, a woman in plain clothes looked at the sky.
She seemed to be in her twenties, with a beautiful face but a bit pale.
She stared at the rain curtain as if thinking about something, and after a long time she muttered a sentence.

“What a heavy rain.”

But her voice overlapped with another voice.

The woman was startled and quickly turned her head, only to find that there was already a scholar in white standing next to her.
The scholar looked no more than seventeen or eighteen years old, with a long sword at his waist and a bookcase on his back.
He seemed to have just taken shelter under this eave, and was wiping the rain off his face with his hand.

“Who are you?” The woman asked in surprise.

The scholar wiped off the rain on his face, turned his head and smiled gently at the woman, “Greetings, miss.
My name is Su Baiyi.”

The woman was stunned, and the rain suddenly became lighter at this moment.
She could not detect any hostility in the scholar’s gentle smile, and she thought: Could he be a traveler who really lost his way?

The scholar who called himself Su Baiyi turned around and set his bookcase by the wall, still with a gentle smile on his face.
“That’s more like it.
You were so wound up with murderous aura, even this soft rain felt threatening.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the rain became heavier again.

A long knife was pressed against Su Baiyi’s chest, and the woman said coldly, “I just asked you who you are, not your name.
I asked why you appeared here.
The checkpoints within three miles should be guarded by people from the four major families.
How did you sneak in?”

Su Baiyi faced the sharp knife, still smiling calmly, “Miss, however you got in here, I got in here the same way.
This question is meaningless.
But our meeting here is very meaningful.
Because… I’m here to help you.”

The woman withdrew her knife and looked at Su Baiyi suspiciously.
“Are you from Devil City? I thought they didn’t receive my letter.”

Su Baiyi scratched his head and pointed at his face.
“May I ask, miss, what do you see on my face?”

The woman looked at him for a long time, frowning more tightly.
She didn’t understand what this young man was up to.

I have the face of a noble gentleman, pure and harmless.
How could I be from Devil City?” Su Baiyi sighed helplessly and fiddled with his sleeve.
“Do people from Devil City have such fine features as mine? Do they have such clear eyes as mine? Miss, your vision is really not very good.
No wonder you like…”

“Qing Yi Lang such a man.”

A gust of wind blew by, and the rain came in, hitting their faces, hurting a bit.

Su Baiyi still had a gentle smile on his face, looking at the woman in front of him, although his words were clearly provocative.

The woman felt that she should be angry, but she held back her knife and met Su Baiyi’s eyes, only lowering her head slightly.

The wind died down, and the rain resumed its steady fall, and then there was the sound of horse hooves splashing water.

“They’re here.” Su Baiyi raised his eyebrows.

The woman’s expression became serious in an instant.
She said in a low voice, “I can’t guess who you are, but since you say you are my helper, I believe you.
After all, I have no choice.
But we have to work together to fight the enemy, on the edge of life and death.
I hope you won’t lie to me, Su Baiyi.”

“Actually, I don’t know what to say.
I have no sect, no school.
I come from a small village.
You’ve never heard of that village, but maybe you’ve heard of its wine.
As for why I’m here to help you? My master sent me.” Su Baiyi scratched his head.
“I’m a good disciple, you know.
I always listen to my master.”

“Who is your master?” The woman asked, trailing off.

“Shh.” Su Baiyi raised a finger and made a gesture of silence.
He raised his eyebrows slightly.
“Listen, the sound of horse hooves has passed the second street corner.
When they reach the third one, it will be time to act.
I’ll go first.
If things go smoothly, I can handle it alone.
If I need your help, I’ll send a signal.”

The woman shook her head anxiously.
“The fourth street corner is a better place to act.
That place is very narrow, and the carriage can’t move easily.
Even if they have more people, they can’t use their full strength…”

“True, but we’re not the only ones who can think of such a good place.
So I guess there are already other people waiting there to ambush.”

“Achoo!” At the fourth street corner, a carriage was parked quietly.
A burly man in white sat in front of the carriage, holding the reins in his hand.
He sneezed heavily and blew his nose.
He said unhappily, “Senior sister, we’ve already come this far.
Can you tell us who we’re waiting for?”

“Have you ever heard of Qing Yi Lang?” A gentle voice came from the carriage.

“The young gentleman in green clothes, who comes and goes in the apricot garden fragrant.
Isn’t he the most charming young master in the south nowadays? I heard that half of the women from the four major families like him.
Senior sister, could it be that you also…” The burly man raised

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