Chapter 45: Are You Acting Coquettishly, Lord Marshal?

The Lord Marshal who spoke frankly was surprisingly cute.

Ji Xingjue pressed his fingers against his lips, laughed softly before stopping teasing him, and stepped back to talk about business.
“There is bad news.
In order to prevent me from stealing the star map, Neil actually used a physical display that was decades ago, combined with an ancient and backward technology to display the star map with an external memory, and there is no connection after cutting off.
It has to be said that it has a miraculous effect on high technology…… but that star map is probably also very problematic.”

If the Star Pirate was to actually show them the real map, it was only when there was a hole in their brain. 

Qi Qing shook his head: “It’s okay.”

In addition to them, there were also many Imperial Army who seized the opportunity to sneak in, and it wasn’t difficult to take this chance to explore the Boundless Star Sea.

“Are you able to get in touch with anyone else?”

Qi Qing nodded: “It’s possible within the scope of the Boundless Star Sea, but the signal outside the Star Sea is blocked.”

“We have been in sync all the way here, and Damel should know how to do it.” Ji Xingjue stretched his waist, “I’ll go rest for a while, and wait to see which one of the Holy Order’s ‘big shot’ will come tomorrow.”

Qi Qing looked at his slightly pale face and frowned: “Are you getting tired too easily recently?”

It has indeed been getting worse lately.

Is Madam’s medicine not working?

Or it’s still effective, but the effect is getting weaker and weaker.

Ji Xingjue’s heart sank slightly, but his mouth was full of teasing: “If it isn’t because I’m too busy.
When I return to the Imperial Capital after I’m done with work, I’m going to take a long vacation and sleep for three days and three nights.”

After finishing speaking, Ji Xingjue turned his head away in a concealed manner, and walked briskly to the second floor, feeling very relieved.

Since leaving the Imperial Capital, he and Qi Qing’s livelihood had declined precipitously, and he had never enjoyed the treatment of a single room again.
Thanks to Niel’s benefit, he could finally sleep alone today.

A few days ago, on the small bed in the Star Pirate’s cramped and broken rest cabin, the two of them had to turn sideways to lie side by side on the bed, and even if he was laying glue against the wall, Qi Qing almost fell off the bed.

In the end, it had to evolve into a situation where he curled up in Qi Qing’s arms to sleep, so that Qi Qing could lie on the bed with peace of mind.

Ji Xingjue was generous, and it didn’t matter if he slept like that. 

But early this morning today, when he woke up in a daze, he found something with an obvious sense of existence…although he knew it was a normal physiological phenomenon, he was still in a daze for a while.

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He didn’t dare to tease Qi Qing with this.
While pretending to be dead and waiting for Qi Qing to wake up and leave, he inexplicably replayed the exercise movies he saw on the small battleship in his mind.
It wasn’t until the bald man called someone to open the cabin that he regained his senses.

He was grateful to Neil.

Ji Xingjue thought with relief, opened the door casually, and continued to say, “Are you sleeping next to me or at the opposite door? Get a closer room so we can take care of each other.”

The moment the door was closed, Qi Qing precisely raised his foot to jam it: “Only when we stay together that we’re taking care of each other.”

Ji Xingjue was dumbfounded: “But…”

“In such a dangerous place, you want to leave me alone?” Qi Qing raised his eyebrows.

Ji Xingjue let go of the doorknob in confusion, thought for a long time, and found something was wrong.

Under normal circumstances, shouldn’t this sentence be said by him?

The dignified Marshal of the Empire also had the nerve to say this?

He kicked Qi Qing’s shoes, feeling amused: “Xiao Bao, are you acting spoiled in front of your brother?”

Qi Qing stared at him expressionlessly: “Try and call me that one more time.”

Ji Xingjue keenly smelled a dangerous air; his subconscious mind told him that if he really called that out again, something unexpected would happen.

He resolutely swallowed the word “Xiao Bao” that almost blurted out, and very flexibly turned things around.
“Lord Marshal, won’t you make arrangements for tomorrow’s operation?”

“You rest,” Qi Qing said briefly and concisely, “I’ll turn on silent mode.”

Xiao Bao, you are too clingy—

Ji Xingjue went dot dot resentfully in his heart, rolled up his coat and lay down on the bed.
He glanced sideways at Qi Qing who opened the terminal to communicate with his subordinates before silently opening his collar and looking down at the criss-crossing scars on his own body.

In fact, these injuries all emerged in the past two months.
At the beginning, the wound was so deep that even the bone could be clearly seen, but the self-healing speed was amazingly fast without entering the medical cabin.

When it was found out by Qi Qing, the scars were still relatively deep, but now, they were already shallow scars.

Ji Xingjue lowered his eyelashes and touched the wound on his chest.

When he started to cut open himself, he aimed at this point and made gestures for a long time, not daring to be too careless.

The other places were fine, no matter how deep the puncture was, it wouldn’t be fatal, and it would heal quickly, but he wasn’t sure about the heart.

In case something went wrong, being alone in that small dilapidated apartment in the Imperial Capital, even if he disappeared for a few days, no one would notice.

But now he regretted not being ruthless.

Before he could do a research on himself clearly, the thing he feared happened first.

What the hell am I?

Ji Xingjue folded his collar, closed his eyes and thought.

If Qi Qing found out, he would feel that he was also the kind of monster studied by the Holy Order.

…….although he himself also thought so. 

He could only hope that Yelis would finish his research on that chip sooner.

After making a mess out of his mind, Ji Xingjue suddenly heard footsteps approaching. 

He quickly closed his eyes, slowed his breathing and pretended to be asleep. 

Qi Qing had always acted swiftly and resolutely about his work, and after commanding a few words to his subordinates he had contacted, he walked over: “A’Xing?”

Seeing that Ji Xingjue closed his eyes and seemed to be asleep, he immediately stopped talking. 

Ji Xingjue’s ability to pretend to be asleep was becoming more and more natural which made him feel quite proud in his heart.
However, sensing Qi Qing’s eyes sweeping over his face inch by inch, his scalp suddenly becomes numb.

Did he find out that he was pretending to be asleep?

Even after waiting for a while, Qi Qing remained silent, as if he was simply looking at him.
After a long time, he felt Qi Qing’s fingers reaching out to brush away a lock of hair that was hanging down his face.

It was obviously just an ordinary movement, but it seemed to be extremely restrained.

“A’Xing,” Ji Xingjue heard Qi Qing open his mouth, as if thinking for a while, and said to him, “Grow well.”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

Was this the act of treating him like a flower?

Ji Xingjue closed his eyes and fought a battle of wits and courage with Qi Qing for a while, but he still couldn’t resist his tiredness and fell asleep.
When he opened his eyes again, the sky outside was already dark, and the more troubling thing was that although he slept for a while, the feeling of mental fatigue didn’t disappear much.

Ji Xingjue pinched the space between his eyebrows.
Seeing that there was no one in the room, he went out to look for them, and found the returned Neil was sitting leisurely at the table downstairs, watching a very popular hit drama.

Ji Xingjue took a glance, and the corners of his eyes twitched. 

Wasn’t it the dog-blood drama between the domineering Star Pirate and the noble maiden that Song Mei and Cecilie get together to follow up every day?

Seeing Ji Xingjue, Neil waved his hand very enthusiastically.
“Professor Ji is awake? Tsk tsk, Marshal Qi is not too capable, I thought you won’t be able to wake up until tomorrow—do you want to have dinner?”

Ji Xingjue’s fist was a little stiff as he forced a smile, “Boss Neil, I seem to know why you will be taken a beating.”

Just as he was talking, the door creaked and was pushed open.

Qi Qing, who walked into the house with two roasted hares and a few freshly picked fruits, saw Ji Xingjue coming downstairs, raised the prize in his hand, “Are you awake? Come and have dinner.”

Neil choked and stared at him unbelievably: “Qi Qing, is it necessary for you to do this?”

Ji Xingjue didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Where did you get it?”

“There are forests nearby, so I caught and roasted them.” Qi Qing glanced disdainfully at the dinner that Neil had sent on the table.

No matter in terms of dignity or safety, it was impossible for him to eat the meal that Neil sent.

It was even more impossible for Ji Xingjue to eat the meal given by this malicious Star Pirate!

Ji Xingjue wasn’t aware of this truth, so he leaned over and took a sniff.
Lord Marshal’s craftsmanship was as exquisite as ever, and the fragrance actually aroused a long-lost craving.
The two of them sat across from Neil, and slowly ate two fat roasted golden-yellow and fragrant hares.

Neil was sitting alone on the other side.
At first, he was quite disdainful, but then, he slowly ate two bites of his food, then looked at them.
He took two more bites before looking at them again.
Finally, he couldn’t hold back, and leaned his face over.
“It looks not bad?”

At any rate, they were now living on someone else’s territory—

Ji Xingjue signaled Qi Qing to be restrained a bit with his eyes before tearing a piece of meat and handing it to him.

Neil tasted it, and suddenly his eyes lit up: “Lord Marshal……”

Qi Qing indifferently spit out two words: “No way.”

Neil gave a loud “tsk”.

Ji Xingjue lowered his eyelids, gnawed the hare’s leg slowly, and curiously looked at Neil’s blindfold.
“Excuse me, Boss Neil, your eyes…”

“This ah,” Neil touched the blindfold on his right eye, “Professor Ji, don’t worry, my eyes are fine.”

Qi Qing spat out all the bones and lightly dampened Niel’s enthusiasm with his remarks.
“He doesn’t care about you, he just wants to study whether you are blind or not.”

“It’s also my honor to be studied by Professor Ji,” Neil fought back with a smile.
Blinking his left eye, he looked at Ji Xingjue tenderly, “It’s also possible if Professor Ji wants to see me take off the blindfold.
It’s just that some obtrusive guy has to be cleared in advance, um, according to my family’s family motto, the only one who can watch me take off the blindfold is my future wife…”

Qi Qing’s pupils were cold, as ice and frost as he coldly said, “That’s a pity.
I’m afraid you won’t live long enough to take off the blindfold.
I’m very glad that there is one less unlucky person in the world.”

After a few contacts, Neil had already mastered the technique of blowing up Qi Qing quite proficiently, and sneered: “It’s so murderous, Professor Ji, look, this kind of man is not good, if you stay with him, after a long while later, he might point a knife at you.”

Qi Qing said indifferently: “I only do this to people who need a beating.”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

Why did the flames of war have to make the innocent bystanders get into trouble in a disturbance? 

He was too lazy to intervene in a fight between these two elementary school students anymore.
With a kick, the chair slid half a meter away, and before leaving, he scooped up two fruits, gnawed in his mouth before nodding gracefully, and looked sideways coldly.
“You two can argue slowly, don’t bring me in.”

Seeing Ji Xingjue like this, Qi Qing resolutely put away his offensive, stopped talking to Neil, moved to his side, and handed him a hand.

Ji Xingjue looked down strangely, and found some slightly broken skin on the back of his hand.

“I’m hurt,” Qi Qing said calmly, “bandage me.”

Ji Xingjue almost laughed out loud.
He tilted his head, and looked at him with a smile.
“Are you acting coquettishly, Lord Marshal?”

He thought that Qi Qing wouldn’t give him a reply, but unexpectedly Qi Qing took a look at him and calmly sounded an affirmative response.

The last time Qi Qing acted like a spoiled child to him was more than ten years ago.

When he was younger, Young Master Qi especially liked to act like a spoiled child with a cold face, and Ji Xingjue could never refuse, and often did whatever Qi Qing asked him to do.

Duke Qi Bai sighed more than once: “Yu Tong and I all can’t bear his young master’s temper, A’Xing, you spoil Xiao Bao too much.”

It then dated back to the day when Ji Xingjue rejected Qi Qing for the first time and left the Qi’s family.

Ji Xingjue’s thoughts drifted far away, and rubbed the Lord Marshal’s hair with a smile.
“I’ll get the medicine to disinfect you.”

Neil’s face was a little distorted.
Seeing that Ji Xingjue really went upstairs to find medicine, he couldn’t help but mocked: “Qi Qing, this injury will heal even if you don’t hurry up and disinfect it.
You even have the nerve to say it out loud.”

“I have the nerve to say it out loud and there is someone who is willing to accept it.” Qi Qing leaned back, his posture was idle, and with the corner of his mouth curled, he said, “Do you have any?”

Neil: “…”

Neil suddenly regretted bringing these two here.

The author has something to say:

The later Xiao Ji, who unconditionally accepted Xiao Qi’s coquettish: I just regret it, regret it very much.

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