Chapter 26: It Seems Your Husband Has Fed You Well

It has come to the moment when the empire needed Marshal Qi Qing to go on an expedition.

His Majesty the Emperor quickly organized a temporary meeting.
As a person involved, yet not a staff member, but a family member of the marshal, Ji Xingjue could not leave the palace for the time being.

Of course, he couldn’t go to the meeting either.

Ji Xingjue heaved a sigh helplessly.
Seeing that Qi Qing was about to enter the conference hall, he teased, “Then I’ll be waiting outside for the Marshal to return from working overtime.”

Qi Qing raised his eyebrows and sneered, “The last time you said that, when I came back, you were hand in hand with that second prince.”

“What hand in hand?” Ji Xingjue thought about it with his head full of fog.
He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and leaned in and asked with a smile, “Marshal, are you a primary school student who blushes when someone holds your hand?”

Qi Qing: “…”

The Marshal refused to answer him, and threw something at him with a cold face before turning around and hurried into the conference hall.

Ji Xingjue looked down at it just to find that it was Qi Qing’s personal terminal device.

Although there was a signal shielding device nearby, personal terminals were not allowed to enter this kind of meeting, regardless of whether it was shielded or not.

The personal terminal only supported binding one person’s identity information, and after binding, only the terminal holder could operate it.

It would be a lie to say that he wasn’t curious, but he had no this kind of hobby to invade other people’s privacy casually.

Due to the deep suspicion of the Marshal, and in order to rebuild trust, Ji Xingjue didn’t go too far.
He just strolled outside the council hall, admiring the gorgeous style of this palace that a commoner could never enter in his life.

When Qi Qing was on the front line, the Star pirates would just go straight ahead to create a crime and offend him.
Mostly, they never made a successful move.
Now that they finally managed to make a successful sneak attack, of course they wouldn’t keep a low profile and couldn’t wait to send a notice to promote in All Star Network.

And the spy from the Alliance wasn’t something that could be overlooked either, since the news had probably quickly reached a group of foreign envoys.
Ji Xingjue wandered for a while, and then arrived at the conference hall where the foreign envoys from the Alliance entered.

A good while later, the envoys walked out of the hall again, and their faces were generally not good-looking.

Obviously, with Qi Qing inside, this group of people wouldn’t be very satisfied with the outcome.

Thinking of Qi Qing’s cold face while oppressing other people, the corners of Ji Xingjue’s lips curved indiscernibly, giving birth to a strange wonderful pride.

He placed the matter of this group of people behind his mind and planned to continue walking around.
Unexpectedly, An Tang’s extremely keen eyes glanced at him, and after seeing him, he whispered a few words to the people around him, then walked over and greeted him friendly: “Is Professor Ji waiting for Marshal Qi here?”

Ji Xingjue politely and amicably nodded.

“I heard that Professor Ji is focusing on the direction of bionic intelligence,” An Tang didn’t care about his perfunctory, “The Alliance is also tackling this problem.
I wonder if it’s an honor to invite Professor Ji to the Alliance as a guest and talk about it?”

Ji Xingjue replied with a rising tone of “Oh”.

Not only bionic technology, in the last battle, the tyrant of the Randa Empire ordered the to destroy most of the high-tech materials, plus a series of extremely destructive and protracted wars.
When the Radiance Empire was established, the personnel of the seven major galaxies suffered serious losses, the economic level plummeted, and the technological level was directly set back by an epoch compared to the Randa Empire.

Therefore, even now, although the technological level of the Empire had developed, it had been ridiculed by the Alliance as a fall-behind.

Then An Tang actually invited him to have a scientific exchange?

An Tang obviously knew what he was thinking, and smiled: “Does Professor Ji think it’s strange?”

Even though there was no one around, he lowered his voice: “His Royal Highness Harlem went to the Alliance for a study tour.
I am familiar with him, and he praised Professor Ji to me.”

No wonder Harlem was silent when An Tang came over in the Fountain Garden just now.

Ji Xingjue wasn’t interested in these, so he rolled his eyes and continued to be perfunctory: “It’s all false praise.”

“When the Randa Empire collapsed, several scientists in the field of bionic intelligence fled to the Alliance,” An Tang was attracted by the red tear mole at the corner of his eyes, and after a pause, he said leisurely, “Since Professor Ji is doing research on bionic intelligence, aren’t you curious about what the scientists of the Randa Empire left behind?”

Ji Xingjue narrowed his eyes slightly.

An Tang’s throat tickled.
He covered his lips and tilted his head and coughed a few times, then turned to take a breath.
“I’ve made you laugh at me, I didn’t expect this kind of weather in the capital of the empire, and the entire envoys fell ill.”

The Alliance was probably suspecting that this was a conspiracy plotted by the Empire.

An Tang continued: “On behalf of the Alliance, I welcome Professor Ji to visit at any time.”

He added jokingly: “But the premise is that you don’t bring Marshal Qi.
If he comes back a few times, the Alliance can’t bear it.”

Even after An Tang’s figure was gone, Ji Xingjue stood there, lost in thought.

When the Glorious Empire was first established, the supporters of the Randa Empire were reluctant to admit it, and formed an exile army, wandering around, trying to assassinate the new emperor.

After being chased around for more than ten years, the exile army vanished and never appeared again.

At that time, the Alliance backstabbed the newly-born empire, and the two sides ripped off each other’s faces.
As soon as the order to besiege the supporters of the Randa Empire came out, several scientists of the Randa Empire fled the Alliance.

However, it didn’t take long for those scientists to die unexpectedly one after another.

The Alliance preemptively denounced the Empire, believing that it was the Empire’s secret killing and annihilation of humanity.

When the empire was in desperate need of talents, the policy toward scientists was “surrender is the best“.
It was inexplicable and confusing, and the retort was that the Alliance was greedy and unbridled, killing the scientists for the information they possessed.

To this day, the two sides would still quarrel over this matter.

Ji Xingjue was very interested in what those scientists left in the Alliance.

If he and Qi Qing acted together, Qi Qing obviously wouldn’t let him go to the Alliance to investigate alone.

He almost had an idea in his mind, and after waiting for a while, the door of the conference hall opened, and the ministers scattered out.

Ji Xingjue leaned on the stone pillar calmly, and saw Qi Qing at a glance.
He was wearing a black uniform with silver stars on his shoulders, standing tall and standing out in the crowd.

Almost at the moment he found Qi Qing, Qi Qing also found him and walked over.

When the minister who originally wanted to talk to the Marshal saw Ji Xingjue, he immediately stopped and gathered together to whisper.

The rumor of the gossip was that the Marshal’s hatred was twisted, and he was only allowed to torture and revenge Ji Xingjue himself.
Whoever touches him will counter a difficult death, extremely scary!

“I didn’t run around this time, am I obedient?” Ji Xingjue handed the terminal back with a smile.

As if it was a matter of fact, Qi Qing naturally reached out his hand in front of him and the corners of his lips curled up invisibly: “Obedient.”

The young master’s temper was still in his bones, Ji Xingjue laughed, put the terminal back on his wrist with his head lowered and asked, “Are you going to go out?”


“When will you leave the Imperial Capital?”

Qi Qing said, “Tomorrow morning.”

Ji Xingjue nodded, followed him out, and lowered his voice: “I’ll send you the star map when we go back.”

Seeing Ji Xingjue being out of his normal character, becoming so unexpectedly honest, Qi Qing’s eyelids twitched, and his intuition told him something was wrong.

“That’s it? I thought you would beg to go with me.”

Ji Xingjue’s expression became solemn, but his face did not change: “Lord Marshal has misunderstood me too deeply.
How could I make such a difficult request for you? Am I that kind of unreasonable person?”

Qi Qing gave a lukewarm snort, swallowed what he was about to say, and prepared to see how a certain person surnamed Ji was going to use his devil trick.

After leaving the palace, Damel, who was called over temporarily, was already waiting outside the suspension car.
When they got in the car, he couldn’t help but ask, “Marshal, can we leave the Imperial Capital?”

Qi Qing looked down at the terminal, and said “un” calmly.

Damel let out a long breath, “Thanks God.”

Although the front line was dangerous, it wasn’t anything like the Imperial Capital, where countless people were eyeing them, and the rules were strict.
The front line was where the solid and reliable comrades-in-arms entrusted their lives on each other’s backs.

In contrast, no matter how easy and comfortable the Imperial Capital was, Damel wouldn’t like it, and had been suffocated long ago.

After he was finished, he turned to ask Ji Xingjue worriedly, “What about Madam? The Holy Order is targeting Madam so bluntly.
If the Marshal is not here, what if something happens again?”

Ji Xingjue also lowered his head and fiddled with the terminal for a while, sent a message to the two of them, and smiled kindly when he heard the sound.
“The Imperial Capital is still very safe, don’t worry, you must be careful in everything you do on the front line.”

After Qi Qing finished scanning the information on the terminal, he raised his head lightly, looked at Ji Xingjue’s eyes, and sneered at the corners of his mouth.
“Listen to him, don’t worry.”

[T/N: QQ is so tolerant with JXJ’s pretence.]

Ji Xingjue shivered for no reason.

Turning his head again, Qi Qing had already closed his eyes and entered a state of rest with high efficiency.

After working without sleep for so long, even the machine will have a high heat load, not to mention the human.

Ji Xingjue swallowed back what he wanted to say, and silently said “Shh” to Damel, slowly flattened the back of the chair, and pulled the small blanket next to it to cover Qi Qing.

Damel gave him a thumbs up appreciatively.

As expected of the Marshal’s wife, he is careful!

Ji Xingjue got up and walked over to him, his voice was very soft: “I still have something to do, drop me off when passing by the school later.”

Damel hesitated: “But the Marshal didn’t order…”

“Of course he permits you to let me go, didn’t he tell you to ‘rest assured‘.” Ji Xingjue smiled, “Or, do you want to wake him up and ask him?”

Damel: “…”

I don’t dare, and I don’t want to.

Damel dropped Ji Xingjue off outside the school.

The suspension car landed gently, and Ji Xingjue was about to get up when Qi Qing woke up.
He suddenly grabbed his wrist and asked vaguely, “Where are you going?”

Ji Xingjue looked down at him.

The Marshal was obviously not completely awake, his eyes were still a little hazy, and he was quite cute—If the Alliance army and Star pirates knew that Ji Xingjue used “cute” to describe Qi Qing, they would be so angry that they would smash the dictionary on his head.

Not only Ji Xingjue thought this kind of Qi Qing was cute, but also boldly patted the Marshal’s head: “Go to school.
You go home to rest, I’ll be back in a while.”

The Marshal, who was in a state of chaos, was surprisingly obedient, letting him pat a couple of times, and after staring at him for a while, he complied, closed his eyes and laid back.

Damel watched with stunned silence.

Ji Xingjue withdrew his wrist, waved lightly at Sire Adjutant, tied the scarf before pulling open the car door and jumped out.

The sky was dark with fine snowflakes floating in the air, and the street lamps were smudged with bright colors.
Ji Xingjue was very familiar with this kind of school.

It was already the time at the end of class, and the students either went back to the dormitory or hid in the library.
There were few people on the road, so if he dodge a little, he could escape safely, saving him the trouble of being stared at and saying hello all the way.

Ji Xingjue avoided people without a trace all the way, and went to the comprehensive building with ease.
He took the elevator to the principal’s office, and knocked on it politely.

Seeing him, the principal was very surprised: “Professor Ji? Are you feeling better? Why are you here?”

Ji Xingjue smiled slightly: “There is a small matter, I want to ask for your help.”

Half an hour later, Ji Xingjue left the principal’s office and went to the laboratory building.

At this time, the other colleagues in the laboratory had already left, and the ones waiting inside were Cecilie and Song Mei, whom Ji Xingjue had notified in the car.

The two sat in front of the alloy table by the door, with the light turned off as they were watching an interstellar dog blood drama, snorting and nibbling on melon seeds.
Once Ji Xingjue pushed open the door, they looked over.

Seeing that Ji Xingjue was intact from top to bottom, the two of them clicked their tongues: “It seems that your husband has fed you well.”

Ji Xingjue leaned against the door, smiled nicely: “It seems that some people don’t want to get government scholarship anymore.”

Their faces suddenly changed, and Cecilie stood up straight, fleeing three feet away from Song Mei: “This is the head of all evil, the source of mental pollution.”

Fatty Song felt extremely wronged: “I never taught you that sentence!”

Ji Xingjue admired the two of them turning back on their faces for a while, then shook the document in his hand and put it on the table.

“Under the former site of the Randa Empire Scientific Research Base in the Fourth Galaxy, a prototype of a high-level android is suspected to have been dug up, but it’s inconvenient to move it due to time.”

As to how he got the information, Ji Xingjue had no guilty conscience.

“I applied for research to the principle before choosing to lead a small team,” Ji Xingjue smiled, “We’ll leave tomorrow at noon.”

With reasonable reason, even if the Marshal knew about it from the front line, he would not be suspicious.

——As for where he went after departure, Qi Qing had no control.

Perfect, the car won’t be overturned this time.

Ji Xingjue thought confidently.

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