Chapter 07: Bad Encounters (2)


Keirsey felt good in the morning.
One couldn't even imagine how relieved her heart was when she heard the news that Asena and Cayden had already reconciled.


It was the first time she had seen Cayden so angry.
Though he wasn’t angry with her, she was still worried that the little sparks might catch the fire and burn their relationship.


For Keirsey, a life where she was hated by him was unimaginable.
Keirsey knew that she was weak as she could only live by relying on Cayden.
But she was so happy to lean on him that she never thought of quitting.
Just a few days ago, she started to imagine what it would be like if Cayden disappeared.
She had such a wild imagination because of Asena's order for Cayden to remove his surname.


'Actually, even if Oppa is expelled from the family, I can just follow him.' When she had such an idea, all her worries disappeared…
But she was still wary of being hated by him.
Hence Keirsey began to pray day and night for Cayden to not hate her because of Asena.
As if heaven had granted her request, Asena went to make peace with him.
Through Asena’s bloodshot eyes that Keirsey had not seen in a long time, she could feel how worried Asena was too.


Everything was good though.
Keirsey thought that now she could get back together with Cayden the next morning.
And with the warm rays of sunlight, the morning came.
Keirsey couldn’t sleep much, but her chest was still light.
The unpleasant pressure that had been pressing on her chest for a few days had disappeared.
She was able to approach Cayden with aegyo again.
Unsurprisingly, Cayden accepted her cute pranks and they were able to talk about gossip accumulated by not seeing each other for a day.
There was no awkwardness in the atmosphere anymore, and Keirsey felt truly happy.
She began to have such a good time with Cayden, but suddenly, his gaze was fixed on one place and did not move.




Although Keirsey giggled 'hehehe' with her extra cute voice, his gaze never returned to her.
She waved her hand in front of his eyes and pinched his cheeks, but he didn’t respond.




Keirsey leaned closer to him and looked in the direction his eyes were fixed.




A girl was standing there.


Keirsey couldn’t believe Cayden didn't respond to her because of that girl, so she looked up at him with difficulty again.




And Cayden continued to stare blankly at that girl, even exclaiming, as if he had fallen into a trance.


There was a feeling of discomfort in Keirsey's chest as if someone was ripping it apart.


Keirsey immediately shook Cayden to wake him up from the trance when she noticed her elder sister.
Asena was looking at Cayden with a frown on her face, then her expression hardened, and she glared coldly at the girl.


Patting her strange heart and bringing his gaze to her, Keirsey expressed her doubts but Cayden's next words were even more shocking.


“Because that girl looked so pretty.”




He complimented that the unknown girl was beautiful.
Why was it that the words that made her happy when they came out of his mouth gave her the opposite feeling just because they were not directed at her? No matter how much Keirsey thought about it, she couldn’t figure out the reason.


Cayden suddenly tapped her and Asena on the shoulder while looking at the students standing in a line.


“I guess we have to stand in a line according to our department.
Let's go.”




But Keirsey's feet did not move.
For some reason, it seemed like she had to be by Cayden's side…
Though it was an impossible wish; Cayden tapped her and Asena as if to signal them to move, and then went to stand in his line…
But Keirsey kept looking at his back for a long time.


✧ ✧ ✧


Entrance ceremonies were always boring no matter where one was.


Someone suddenly yawned, and as if it was contagious, yawns began to come from here and there.


I was also bored out of my mind, but when I thought of Daisy Hexter, whom I saw earlier, fatigue went away as if I had taken a stimulant.
Should I call it the feeling of seeing my favorite celebrity in front of my eyes? My heart was moved to see that clear, gentle, and hardworking soul in person.


My eyes traveled here and there, wondering if I could find other characters.
There were a few silhouettes that seemed to be recognizable, but for no one, I was as certain as I was for Daisy.


Then my eyes were fixed again.
There she was.
Even in this boring situation, Daisy was looking at the podium with eyes full of enthusiasm and determination.
Those eyes were wonderful.


At the end of the novel, the Hexters fell to the Prysters, but Daisy’s overwhelming steadfastness before that was the reason I fell in love with her character.
I also knew that she had to go through many trials to get here.
She was a character that I found very attractive even when she was just fictional, but seeing her in front of me like this made me admire and respect her efforts even more.


She would have done well if she had joined the Knight's Department.


I continued to look at her, but I suddenly noticed an intense gaze from somewhere.


Asena was staring at me.


I smiled at her, but Asena didn’t seem in the mood to reciprocate.
She turned her head and looked straight ahead with a hardened face.


…Why are you doing that?


Well, it might be because she didn’t want to show a weak image in a crowded place.


After another yawn, I waited for the entrance ceremony to finish.


✧ ✧ ✧


After the entrance ceremony was over, the class proceeded immediately.
All students from the knight's department were dragged somewhere without even having time to say hello to each other.
After passing through several gates, a large training ground appeared.
The professor who had been leading us without a word till now exclaimed loudly.


“Knight's Department! Well done! I am Horslow and I will be in charge of you for the next two years.
You can address me as Sir Horslow.”


People around me started getting excited.
It was a name I had never heard before, but he seemed to be quite famous.
Well, I did not know about his skills but from just his looks, he was a typical image of a courageous knight.


There were scars here and there on his cheek, and his white hair was like a lion's.
Even though he was old, his arm muscles did not shrink and he seemed especially proud of his size.


“We couldn’t all be friends with each other.
But knights do not communicate verbally.
We Just talk through sweat and blood.
If you put in your effort here, you will become close with your classmates.”


His enthusiasm was palpable.
Gradually, I began to realize that this was actually the place where I could develop my skills.


All the students looked around awkwardly to see their new classmates, I also tried to remember their faces.
Still, perhaps because it was the Knight's Department, everyone was in good shape.
Even the few women I noticed also had a good physique.


Sir Horslow clapped his palms and they collided to produce a resounding sound, instantly erasing the cluttered atmosphere.
At the same time, in response to the signal, several workers brought different types of horses.


“Today’s class is a horse class! A knight must be able to ride a horse first.
Though sword skills matter, a swordsman who can not ride a horse can not be called a knight.”


I looked at the horses that were dragged.
Of course, I learned how to ride and recognize a good horse from Sir Lawrence, the training head of the Pryster's Knights.


Just by looking at those horses, I could see their personalities.
I quickly began to filter out the good ones.


“Those who can’t ride a horse yet, raise your hand.” Sir Horslow said.


After a little hesitation, some students raised their hands in shame.


“Don’t be shy.
There must have been some students who had a hard time finding suitable horses.
This is where you came to learn.
So if you can’t, just tell me you can’t.”


Those who raised their hands straightened them as if to show they understood Sir Horslow's words.


Another knight, who seemed to be Sir Horslow's assistant, appeared and led those students somewhere.


“Can the rest ride horses?” Sir Horslow asked the rest of the students, and when we nodded our heads, he continued.
“Then pick your horse.”


As soon as he gave the signal, everyone approached the poorly gathered horses and grabbed the reins.


I approached the horse I had been eyeing from the beginning.
And just as I was about to grab the rein, a small hand popped out and grabbed it.




I turned around and saw a woman standing there; Bluish-gray hair, a decent-sized chest, and just like an ideal knight, she was tall and had balanced muscles.
One could even say, she was a beauty comparable to Asena and Keirsey.


I noticed, a bear's paw was drawn on her robe, but she was the first to speak on looking at the insignia on my dress.




She spoke as if she was spitting a dirty word she had to put in her mouth.


A bear's paw…
She belonged to House Ice, the rivals of House Pryster.


I was bewildered by her rude behavior.
Letting go of the rein, I handed it over to her.


“…The name is Cayden Pryster.”


But she did not answer.
Instead, she pulled the rein and led the horse away.




I was left speechless.
And, perhaps watching it, Sir Horslow came up to me and chuckled.


“I told you knights do not communicate verbally.
Quickly get on another horse.”

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