You Ning, who had gone to find Su Fu, was not angry when he heard Jiang Chi’s thoughts.
It was only normal to be suspicious, only someone as stupid as Lu Anlan would have complete trust in a demon.
But not being trusted didn’t make You Ning happy either.
But when he thought about it, he and Jiang Chi were not friends, so why should he care about such frivolous issues? Wolves eat sheep, so sheep could not trust the wolf.

As he thought about it, You Ning soon arrived at Su Fu’s place.

Su Fu’s apartment is not very far from Jiang Chi’s, and it’s not troublesome for You Ning to find it.

You Ning rang the doorbell and within a few moments, the door opened.
Su Fu’s eyes widened in shock when he saw You Ning.
He stepped back and said.
“Come in.”

You Ning entered the house.

There was a mirror in the foyer, and when Su Fu turned around, he couldn’t help but look into it, but behind him, You Ning was also looking at him in the mirror, and his overly beautiful eyes were smiling, as if he was laughing at this move.

Su Fu withdrew his gaze.
He went and made a cup of milk tea for You Ning, remembering that You Ning liked sweet things.
He didn’t know since when but each time he went shopping, Su Fu, who was used to buying coffee, bought several bags of different flavours of milk tea, as if he was expecting someone to come to the house.

“Superintendent Su,” You Ning took a sip of the milk tea which tasted more delicate than that in milk tea shops, and said, “I came to bribe you.”

Su Fu suspected that You Ning was teasing him.
After all, he still remembered how enthusiastic and open the person in front of him had been that night.

You Ning put down his cup and squeezed himself next to Su Fu, smiling, “Yes, it’s what you think.
I’m seducing you.”

Su Fu looked calm but You Ning could feel his body tighten and he smothered a chuckle.

Su Fu remained quiet, the other party was laughing at him again.

You Ning laughed enough before saying, “There is something I need your help with, I just don’t know if you’ll help me.”

The demon could see the essence of the soul, so he did not ask Su Fu to do any multiple choice questions to resist temptation, but directly handed him a copy of the information that he had given to Chen Yao earlier.

Su Fu shifted his gaze from the computer screen to You Ning’s unhumanly delicate face, and asked, “What do you want me to help you with?”

You Ning smiled at him and said, “Of course it’s to bring the bad guys to justice.”

Su Fu was silent for two seconds, he did not ask You Ning what his identity was, but said, “Can I go on a date with you the day these people are caught?”

Actually, he was already investigating these cases, and You Ning happened to give him exactly what he needed most.
It was You Ning who was helping him but he still shamelessly made the request.

As if he hadn’t expected him to be so shameless either, You Ning raised an eyebrow and laughed at him, “It seems that you really like me, huh?”

“Yes.” Su Fu replied with certainty and without any hesitation.

You Ning looked into his eyes, first moving his gaze away from him, then removing the teasing look in his eyes.
‘Damn it, why this serious look again?’

‘—Wait, again?’

Su Fu shut down his computer, put away the flash drive You Ning had brought with him, and said, “It’s getting late, what would you like to eat?”

“You know how to cook?” The earlier doubt was quickly cast aside.
You Ning’s eyes lit up for a moment and he asked bluntly, “Is it good?”

Su Fu got up and said, “Maybe I’m at level ten in cooking?”

“Why is that a question?” You Ning followed behind him.

Su Fu shook his head and instead said, “There’s a supermarket nearby, let’s go over and buy the ingredients.”


Su Fu drove the car, and it took less than ten minutes to get out of the flat and arrive at the big supermarket he had mentioned.

You Ning pushed the empty cart around.
He saw that most of the people around him were couples, and as he watched them act intimately, the little incubus suddenly reached out and took Su Fu’s arm in curiosity.

This action was mostly done by women, such as girls holding their boyfriends, wives holding their husbands, or girlfriends holding their girlfriends.
You Ning held Su Fu’s arm for a moment and then felt embarrassed and let go, but as soon as did so, his hand was wrapped in another large, warm hand.

You Ning looked at Su Fu, as if asking him “What are you doing?”, as if it was okay for him to hold someone’s arm, but not for others to hold his hand, which was particularly bossy.

Although a normal boyfriend would get annoyed, a sweetness rose in Su Fu’s heart and he didn’t want to let go.
Seeing as You Ning just looked at him and didn’t say anything directly, he just kept holding his hand as if nothing had happened.

When it was time to select the ingredients, Su Fu would let go, but would hold on after.
His actions were casual but there was a bit of nervousness, which made You Ning feel like laughing.

So, he would move his hand away when Su Fu was about to hold it, and then move it away again when Su Fu came closer.
The smile in You Ning’s eyes was so dazzlingly beautiful.
And when You Ning thought that Su Fu had given up, his small hand would get down in a slightly domineering manner.

Both of them had smiles on their faces, smiles that were eerily similar to most intimate couples in the supermarket.
Although they probably didn’t notice it themselves.

“Aaaahhhh!!! They really are a couple!!!”

“It’s so sweet! It’s so sweet! The little shou is smiling so sweetly! I can’t take it anymore aaaahhhhh ……”

“Why do I have to come across such dog food even when I come to buy a single dog ration?”

“Oh my god, I’m blind! I can’t watch it any longer!”

The voices of the people around gradually reached You Ning and Su Fu’s ears and You Ning naturally looked up towards the people looking at him.
Because of his extraordinary good looks, onlookers didn’t dare look directly at him, they could only take out their mobile phones secretly and take photos.

You Ning winked at the girl and said, “Miss, I don’t accept photos.”

The girl froze for a moment before she put her phone away and then exclaimed with a dreamily, “The voice is too nice.”

You Ning didn’t feel anything towards it but Su Fu didn’t look as relaxed as he was earlier.
Seeing that more and more eyes were on You Ning, Su Fu quickly picked out the ingredients and took You Ning to checkout.

Su Fu’s cooking was really very good, which made the picky little incubus a bit reluctant to leave.
But he knew he had a lot of work to do next, so he didn’t stay.

Su Fu sent him off and You Ning got off at the intersection of the supermarket they went to earlier.

There was a traffic light at that intersection and Chen Yao happened to be waiting there.

The afternoon sun was scorching and there were not too many cars at the moment, but the traffic light at this intersection was a bit long, so Chen Yao got impatient and looked east and west.

Then he saw a familiar figure get out of the black car that he had praised a while back.

Heh, it was this pretentious guy.
Should I say hello? After all, he was his superior.

Chen Yao, who had developed further with Jiang Chi, was now looking at his boss as his boss.

He was about to say something when he saw a particularly good looking boy get out of the passenger seat after Su Fu opened the door for him.
He was so good-looking that a brash man like Chen Yao wasn’t able to describe it.

And after seeing that boy show a pretty smile and purely and shyly print a kiss on Su Fu’s face, Chen Yao was unable to look away.

‘Heh~ This shameless man, I didn’t expect him to be a cheater and liar.
Tsk, a beast in clothes, and you still want to pry information about my captain Jiang? Bah! Dream on!’

You Ning waved at the man who was stunned from the kiss.
“I’m leaving, bye, give me another delicious meal next time we meet.”

He glanced at Su Fu with a deeper meaning, “delicious” was not just a superficial meaning, it was not as simple as Chen Yao, who was next to them, thought.

Only when You Ning’s figure had disappeared completely did Su Fu get into the car.
As he pulled the door open, he seemed to feel something and looked in Chen Yao’s direction.

At this time, the light turned green, Chen Yao rolled his eyes at Su Fu in disdain and rode off.

Su Fu: “……” Is there something wrong with this subordinate of his?

The short vacation ended.
Su Fu and Chen Yao became busy because of the information that You Ning had given them.

The two had the same information, so it was inevitable that they would quickly figure this out.
They were both keen, so both noticed that something was wrong.

Personal matters are personal, work is work.
The first day Su Fu arrived, he mentioned the crime syndicate, so Chen Yao went straight to his boss, who, although didn’t look like a good person, was really good at his job, and reported the matter.

Then the two men realized that they had been given the same copy.

The two men stared at each other in silence for a long minute.

Su Fu frowned and thought, ‘You Ning gave him a copy too? He knows Chen Yao? Why did he give it to Chen Yao?’

Chen Yao ground his teeth and said to himself, ‘What’s going on? How could this beast have the information Jiang Chi gave me? How many times have they met? Do they know each other? There’s no way my captain Jiang would entrust something so important to a stranger!’

After a long silence, both spoke at the same time, “Who gave it to you?”

The two went silent at the same time, and then they spoke again at the same time, “You Ning/Jiang Chi.”

“……” This was awkward, it wasn’t one person.

But two different people gave them the same information.
What was the relationship between these two people?

At this moment, both men, who had once again fallen silent, felt a vague glimpse of wearing a green hat.
It was only a glimpse because neither of them had confirmed their relationship yet, and both were equally tentative.

“Hahahahaha ……” You Ning fell into the bed, stroking the black cat as he looked at the two men’s expressions, asking Jiang Chi, “But why do their expressions look so similar, ah?”

“……” Jiang Chi looked at You Ning, hesitant to speak.

The black cat on the other hand sighed helplessly.
Did this little incubus not understand why he and Chen Yao were having similar reactions?

Soon after, Chen Yao’s call came.
It was obvious that he wanted to ask what was going on, Jiang Chi looked at You Ning and asked Chen Yao to come to his house with Su Fu.

This answer didn’t make Chen Yao relieved and his face darkened.
Su Fu had some interest in his captain Jiang, and now he was going to his house with him!

He didn’t want this pretentious guy to get to know where his family’s Jiang Chi lived.

You Ning and Jiang Chi shared a body, and this crime ring had to be discussed if it was to be resolved in a proper manner.
And if these scums were not resolved, there’s no guarantee that Jiang Chi won’t become the murderous “judge” again in the future.

Chen Yao’s ability was not in question, but this case was too big, and Chen Yao’s power was limited.
To get more help, he needed someone who could mobilize other police forces.

When Su Fu and Chen Yao arrived, You Ning was folding paper flowers with Jiang Yingying, the young girl’s new hobby in the past two days.

When Su Fu entered the room, a very delicate rose was just blooming on You Ning’s long and slender fingers.

You Ning listened to Jiang Yingying’s cries of admiration and looked back at Su Fu’s slightly hot gaze.
A smile quickly appeared on his lips as he whispered a few words to Jiang Yingying, then got up and stuck the rose in the breast pocket of Su Fu’s jacket.
“A flower for you.”

Su Fu looked down and stroked the paper flower with his fingers, only to feel his heart jumping uncontrollably.

Chen Yao behind him looked at his innocent look and rolled his eyes in disdain.
‘What the hell! I knew he was a veteran, he was only capable of fooling young boys! What a shame!’

“Do your eyes have a problem?” Jiang Chi frowned at Chen Yao.

“No, they are just tired, so I was doing a little exercise.
Haha.” Chen Yao immediately put away his disdain and followed Jiang Chi into the house.

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