Chapter 8.
After Divorcing The Domineering President, She Got Rich (8)


The really outrageous thing was that those fans began to attack Qin Mingshuang, the original wife.

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They thought that she had prevented the beautiful love between the two and so, some people attacked her on the internet and even made up the story that Ye Ningyin only had to go abroad because of Qin Mingshuang's threat and that Qin Mingshuang was a vicious female partner.


Figure it out!


When Ye Ningyin went abroad, Qin Mingshuang hadn't married Mu Xiuhan yet and she didn't even know Ye Ningyin.


Qin Mingshuang had a crush on Mu Xiuhan while they were in college but she never said anything.
After knowing that he had a girlfriend, she didn't bother him.
She just put away her love for him.


In the end, Qin Mingshuang learned that she was arranged to marry Mu Xiuhan.
Seeing that Mu Xiuhan broke up with his first girlfriend, she felt a little bit of joy in her heart.


But when did Qin Mingshuang target Ye Ningyin?


As the princess of the Qin family, if it wasn't for Mu Xiuhan, the two might never have had any interactions in this life.


Shi Jiu got angry, but she was an elegant person and after all, what happens on the Internet can only be fixed on the Internet.


So she hired a wave of sailors.


Ye Ningyin's beautiful love article became a scene of online trolls arguing with each other and it became smoky.


Ye Ningyin: “…”


Ye Ningyin cried, and finally became ill.


When she heard the news, Shi Jiu shook her hand and gave an extra zero when she paid the sailor supplement.


The sailors were excited and went to write some more.


“Shuangshuang, don't always lie on your stomach and play with your mobile phone, be careful of myopia.” Qin Mingtang saw his sister lying on the sofa playing with her mobile phone as soon as he came back.
So he stepped forward and took her mobile phone.


“I bought you a present.” He gave her a gift bag.


“Thank you, brother.” Shi Jiu was not angry when her phone was taken.
When she took the gift, she smiled sweetly at him.


“Shuangshuang, don't just stay home being bored, find some friends to relax with.” Qin Mingtang said as he caressed her head.


In fact, he wanted to say that she should quickly forget that bastard Mu Xiuhan, but he was afraid that his sister would become depressed when she heard Mu Xiuhan's name, so he could only remind her vaguely.


“Brother has made a lot of friends recently.
If you have time, let's meet, okay?”

translated by Fairooz and posted on puretl.
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No, no, Shi Jiu shook her head, she still has to dig a corner, how can she have so much time to play.


“Shuangshuang…” Qin Mingtang looked at her with hatred for being irresponsible.
She was such a good little sister, why did she hit the south wall and didn't look back.


“Okay! Brother! I haven’t had time recently.
I'll go if I have time.” 


Qin Mingtang : “Why don't you have time? You stay at home every day and don't go out.”


“It's been getting hot lately and I'm afraid to go out because I'm afraid of getting sunburned.
I like playing games recently and I really don't have time.”


“By the way, brother, I've been short of money recently.
I wonder if you can help me a little.” She was afraid that Qin Mingtang would continue to ask questions, so she quickly changed the subject.


Qin Mingtang actually diverted his attention, “If you don't have enough money, your brother will give it to you.
If you lack money, just tell me.”


Except for Qin Mingshuang, the Qin family is very busy and has a lot of things to deal with.
Before, they were afraid that Qin Mingshuang would not be okay, so they all specially asked for leave to stay at home with her.


But after they watched Qin Mingshuang gradually come out of her grief, they went back to work after taking leave.


Qin Mingtang has little control over his sister, even if she seems to have recovered now, he was still worried, afraid that she was only pretending to make them feel at ease.
So Qin Mingshuang's old friend was invited to the Qin's house to play and he hadn't discussed it with Shi Jiu.


So when Tu Xiaoxiao saw Shi Jiu typing frantically with a mobile phone, the posture was not very elegant.


“Shuanghua.” Tu Xiaoxiao yelled, then rushed over and hugged her neck, burying her head in her chest.


Tu Xiaoxiao used to be Qin Mingshuang's roommate and deskmate, so she had personally witnessed Qin Mingshuang's crush on Mu Xiuhan and given her some advice at the time.

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