Chapter 7.
After Divorcing The Domineering President, She Got Rich (7)


After Zhong Min finished the call, she threw her phone down and went back to the hot spring.
She was not alone in the hot spring.
The heroine who was presumed missing on the phone just now was actually here.
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She soaked in the hot spring and threw some water over with her hand so that it splashed on Ye Ningyin's face.
Zhong Min leaned over and poked her with her elbow, “Hey! Have you really decided not to talk to him?”


Ye Ningyin didn't say anything but slowly sank into the water, only revealing her head.
After a while, she said “um”. 


Zhong Min followed suit, slipping deeper into the water, and she lifted her wet bangs: “Xiaoyin, you also know that Mu Xiuhan is such a good man, he has money and looks and he still likes you.
Don't play around too much and lose such a good man.”


“Minmin, you don't understand…
I'm just…
hey! I don't even know what to say.” In the five years since she left, she can understand how he had even gotten married.
However, now that she said she was coming back, there was even a new mistress involved.


Ye Ningyin knew Mu Xiuhan.
She knew that the story of the mistress was fake, but she was just not happy.
He had become involved in such a scandal, just as she had decided to come back to him.


At this time, even if she married Mu Xiuhan, that Song whatever or something would become a thorn in her heart.


She is used to being prideful and having things go her way, and these sorts of scandals just don’t happen to her..




“Minmin, don't worry, I know what I'm doing.
Just don't tell him where I am now.” The harder it is to get someone, the more cherished she will be when he finally gets her, this is what she is trying to teach him.


“Xing Xing, I am afraid.
Don't get married by then.
Otherwise I, the person who prevented you from being together, will be pulled out and whipped.” Zhong Min gritted the sound of the word “together”.


“No, no.”


translated by Fairooz and posted on puretl.
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Mu Xiuhan kept coaxing Ye Ningyin, texting her in an apologetic tone, saying good things and it only took about a week before Ye Ningyin finally texted back a few words to him.


Mu Xiuhan was greatly encouraged by this and stepped up his offensive.


During the time he was entangled with Ye Ningyin, he put the company aside.
Shi Jiu took advantage of this time that he was distracted and was away from the company….


Since Mu Xiuhan still had the plot armor of a male protagonist, Shi Jiu didn't dare to let the Qin family be involved and so she didn't use the Qin family contacts.
Instead, she went out of the way and spent a lot of money to find some people who specialized in this line of work.
She instructed them to attack Mu Xiuhan’s company.


Meanwhile, she was counting the money behind the scenes.


By the time Mu Xiuhan put his attention back on the company, a lot of his employees had already been bought out.


All of a sudden, so many veteran employees quit, causing Mu Xiuhan to be a little alert and so he sent someone to investigate.
Only to find out that it was a newly established company and it had nothing to do with the four major families or his old rival.


He put his worries down and concentrated on comforting Ye Ningyin.
After not seeing her for so many years, Ningyin is still the same Ningyin, still so pure and kind.
It's just that she is a little more sensitive now.
When he thought of the years she spent abroad in an unfamiliar place, he especially felt bad for her and her small sensitivity only increased his love for her.


He had now appeared in public with Ye Ningyin as a couple in various events.


Many people spurned Mu Xiuhan's behavior of getting married as soon as his first love left, and divorced as soon as his first love came back.


There were also a few women who were envious.


They envied Mu Xiuhan, who had always been in love with his first love and the fact that they could meet again after being separated for many years.


What's even weirder is that Ye Ningyin also wrote an article, which was considered beautifully written and well received.


This article caused a lot of splashes and gained a lot of fans.


“What kind of true love is this!”


“It's another day of crying for true love!”


“It's still you after going around in circles, what does it mean to meet again after a long absence, this is the envy of the great true love.”

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