good at first glance.
She must have seduced Mu Xiuhan.”

“President Mu has such good conditions.
What will happen if he raises a few women? Nowadays, who doesn't secretly raise a few mistresses outside? If you ask me, Qin Mingshuang was too temperamental, isn't he just raising a woman to play with, isn’t she overreacting? “

“Lin Zida has all kinds of birds.
Does anyone mention them?”

“It's normal.
Qin Mingshuang was officially married to Mu Xiuhan, the one with the marriage certificate.
So why is she afraid of a few outsiders?”


As Shi Jiu was scrolling through her phone, reading these brain damaged comments, she had to wonder, what kind of normal people like this sort of stuff….

At the same time, Mu Xiuhan was also reading these detailed analyses.
The more he saw, the angrier he became, until he threw his phone to the ground.
The phone was of course good quality, so even though the screen broke, the words on it could still be read.

Ye Ningyin, who was far abroad also saw these reports.
After she saw it, she directly changed her flight ticket.
As it so happens, Mu Xiuhan was supposed  to go to the airport to pick her up.
When he went to the airport and couldn’t find her, he immediately called her..
On the phone, she cried and wished him happiness before hanging up. 

After Ye Ningyin came back, she avoided him, which made him unable to find her.

“Find someone to delete these.” Mu Xiuhan ordered, as he felt a growing headache.

His secretary nodded, then quickly escaped.
The big boss was angry, and since this matter was not one that could be easily solved, he had to get to work.

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The secretary was a good secretary with a high work efficiency.
He quickly had all of the articles and comments deleted and specially assigned people to watch for and delete any new ones discovered.

It's just that Mu Xiuhan couldn’t stop these kinds of articles from being written and especially couldn’t stop the group chat of the people in his social circle.
Because of the deletion of the articles, the group chat exploded.

Everyone was guessing that it must have been true.

Otherwise why would he be so nervous?

For five days, Ye Ningyin didn’t contact Mu Xiuhan.
He was so anxious that he could only contact Ye Ningyin's best friend.

“Xiaoyin? She didn't contact me! Didn't she just come back to China to find you?”

Mu, didn’t you guarantee a new beginning when you were chasing our Xiaoyin? Now Xiaoyin just wants a fresh start.
But in the end, you treated her like this!”

“Okay fine, if I find out about Xiaoyin's whereabouts, I will definitely contact her and let her know you want to talk.”

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