Chapter 5.
After Divorcing The Domineering President, She Got Rich (5)



“Oh my, who is this? It turns out to be our Mrs.
It's my fault that I didn’t recognize Mount Tai* and got in your way.
By the way, why didn't your husband accompany you when you went shopping?” She acted like she had just remembered something, covered her mouth and apologised ‘sincerely’.


“I'm so sorry, I almost forgot, you and Mr.
Mu divorced last month.
I don't usually pay attention to these things, did I hurt your feelings? But I’m sure since Miss Qin is broad-minded, you shouldn't mind.” 

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Shi Jiu: “……”


It seemed that she had met someone of the same kind.


There were a lot of people in the store and they saw the two women together.
One of them was the eldest Miss of the Qin family who had just become divorced last month and the other was the daughter of a real estate developer, who had previously expressed publicly that she liked Mu Xiuhan. 


Now that the two were face to face, it looked like there would be a very good show to watch.


Unconsciously, a circle of people began to gather around them, but the people who bought things in this store were all rich and privileged, so they couldn't act as obvious as ordinary people to watch the fun.


They all moved closer and then pretended to be choosing clothes nearby, but their ears and eyes were focused on the actions of the two women.
There were also a few internet celebrities inside, who immediately raised their phones and started taking pictures.


Shi Jiu's eyes quickly swept around and saw that many people had gathered around and that some had even begun to record videos.


Finally, she could begin her show.


Shi Jiu had tears in her eyes as if they would fall in the next second, as she sniffed and said: “Sister Song, I sincerely wish you the best.
I don't plan to have anything to do with Xiuhan anymore…
I will never disturb either of you again…
I have already divorced him and given up my position to you.
But, I was in love with Xiuhan for eight years.
How could I, who loved him so deeply forget him so easily? Please…..
Could you please give me some more time? Please…..”


She choked up as she spoke.


“I won't appear in front of you again in the future, I…
I wish you happiness…
I won't cause you any trouble…..”


“I'm sorry.”


She bowed to Song Wenyao, then covered her face and ran out crying.


Shi Jiu's words were hurried and fast, so Song Wenyao didn't have time to interrupt her.
The conversation had taken such a drastic turn from what she had been expecting that when she came back to her senses, Shi Jiu had already run away, leaving her to face the crowd alone.


“My God! No wonder they divorced, it turned out that Song girl was a homewrecker….”


“I really didn’t expect it!”


“Qin Mingshuang is so pitiful, she actually took the initiative to give way to a homewrecker, that Song girl has no bearing at all.
Not like a lady from an established family.”

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“Hurry up!” The person who took the video couldn't wait to think of a hot title and posted it without editing it.


Even without listening to the whispers of the people around her, Song Wenyao could already guess what they were talking about.


That woman, Qin Mingshuang, had given her the reputation of a homewrecker in just a few sentences.
She could already imagine the contempt for her in their social circle, but the worst part was that she hadn’t even done anything.


Song Wenyao's eyes darkened and she almost fainted.


She suddenly screamed twice and rushed out of the store, bumping into a woman in a white dress while running.


“Who is this?” The woman in the white dress brushed her clothes off.
Disgust flashed in her eyes and she thought whoever raised this girl failed to properly educate her. 


After Shi Jiu ran out, she went to the bathroom to play with her mobile phone.
She didn't want to run like a madman crying all over the street, but she couldn't just be bullied and cry like a fool….


If she happened to be seen by a girl in their social circle, it would be difficult to explain.


So before anything happened, she had already prepared a full set of plays.


Song Wenyao, a vicious female cannon fodder, ran out to trouble the original owner in the later period and was also one of the culprits of the original owner's death.
However, it didn't take long for her to be killed by Mu Xiuhan after the original owner died.

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