eChat*, on the other hand, was all about work and finance and there was no such gossip group or people at all.


So she could only buy a new number in order to see all of the gossip.


One of her good friend's family had just gone bankrupt and was going to move out of the capital to go abroad and since she didn't want her number anymore, Shi Jiu bought it and used it to eat her own melon.


[T/N : to eat melon = observe gossip]


Shi Jiu was lying in bed watching the discussion in the circle of friends and groups and couldn't help but be amused by all of it.


The Qin family thought that she was hiding in her room and weeping but in fact she was eating her own melon.


She had been eating it for an entire month.


She just watched it, but didn't care to comment.


After more than a month, things gradually subsided and Shi Jiu had gotten her fill of gossip.
Shi Jiu pretended to go out for a walk.
Qin Mingtang was afraid that she was in a bad mood, so he personally accompanied her.

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“This is a card, feel free to use it.” Qin Mingtang handed her a card.


Shi Jiu gave the card back: “Thank you brother, but I have money.” The one billion from the divorce hadn't even been spent yet.


“It’s not about the money, this is a gift for you.” As he said this, Qin Mingtang put the card in her hand and wrapped her fingers around it.


“Okay then, thank you brother.”


Qin Mingtang rubbed her head, “What's there to thank, brother's money is your money.” 


Shi Jiu chose  expensive clothes to buy and the thought of spending the money Mu Xiuhan had given her was a very refreshing feeling.


At that moment, Qin Mingtang's phone rang.
So he asked her to wait for him as he answered the call elsewhere.


As soon as Qin Mingtang left, Shi Jiu ran into someone who was looking to cause trouble.


A woman with brand name clothing and jewelry all over her body, whom also exuded an “I'm exquisite” atmosphere, blocked Shi Jiu's way.
The expression on Shi Jiu's face remained the same.
When her feet went to the left, the woman also went to the left and when she went to the right, the woman also went to the right.


After repeating the process twice, Shi Jiu finally looked straight at the woman and knew she was doing it on purpose.


The woman had an arrogant expression on her face and it was obvious that she was there to cause trouble.
It's a pity that trouble is not always so easy to cause.


“Big sister, can you give way, you are a little wide and you are in the way.” Shi Jiu said innocently, blinking her eyes.


Song Wenyao's expression froze, as her face turned green.
She was actually two months younger than Qin Mingshuang, but had been called old and mocked for being fat.

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