Chapter 3.
After Divorcing The Domineering President, She Got Rich (3)


“Brother, I feel so uncomfortable.” 


His sister, who was in his arms, had red eyes and a red nose and was out of breath from crying all day.
Qin Mingtang was distressed to the point of wishing for his own death if only it would relieve the pain that his sister felt.

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Qin Mingshuang had loved Mu Xiuhan for so many years and her concern for him had always been witnessed by the Qin family.
Everyone knew that Qin Mingshuang loved Mu Xiuhan miserably and that she wouldn’t be happy if they were divorced or even accept the divorce peacefully.


They might think something was wrong with her if she did.


Thus, in order to not arouse suspicion, Shi Jiu had to cry a little bit miserably these days and act heartbroken for a while.


Shi Jiu took her crying very seriously.
After weeping for a long time, she fell asleep in her brother's arms amidst the tears.


After his sister fell asleep, Qin Mingtang carefully carried her back to her room and after putting her down, sighed softly as he watched her sleep and choked back her own tears from time to time.


He had already begun thinking about how to unite with his friends to target Mu Xiuhan's company.


In the evening, Mr.
Qin and Mrs.
Qin came back home.


When Mr.
Qin found out about his daughter's situation from his son's mouth, he was heartbroken to the point of wanting to die.


They gently coaxed Shi Jiu to have dinner and avoided mentioning the divorce at the dinner table.
Qin had picked up some funny gossip and told her in an attempt to make her feel better.
Shi Jiu merely listened and smiled reluctantly.
After dinner, she went back to her room immediately.


If she stayed any longer, she felt that she wouldn’t be able to act anymore.
The gossip was funny, but she had to act like an infatuated woman who had just divorced her beloved and was devastated.


But the Qin family didn't know Shi Jiu's true thoughts and believed that she was truly upset.
After she went back to her room, the dining room fell silent.
When the most treasured member of their family became like this, they felt horribly uncomfortable with the entire situation.


When she woke up the next day, Shi Jiu received the divorce certificate and all the related documents from Mu Xiuhan’s secretary.
Not only that, but Mu Xiuhan had also sent her the documents of the car she took when she left.


Qin Mingtang looked at the things that were delivered and his face immediately turned cold: “What does this mean? Is he humiliating us?”


The secretary wiped the cold sweat from his head: “Of course not, this is…..


“Take it back, we don't need this…” 


Shi Jiu was afraid that her brother would really finish talking and that those things would be sent back.
To be honest, she wasn't short of anything, but she also didn’t want it to be sent back in vain.
So Shi Jiu interrupted him quickly and said, “Let it go.”


She didn't make her tone sound too eager, but deliberately controlled the tone of her voice.


It just sounded like she was still very sad.



translated by Fairooz and posted on puretl.
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Sure enough, Qin Mingtang felt distressed when he heard it and scolded Mu Xiuhan thousands of times in his heart.
Even the secretary who delivered the things had a trace of sympathy in his eyes when he heard this.


Shi Jiu wiped away her tears and pretended to be strong: “As I am now divorced from him, from now on…
we will live our lives separately…… and I wish him…


Qin Mingtang's eyes were full of distress.


How could his sister be so stupid! That Mu Xiuhan treated her like this but she still blessed him so generously.


“Okay, get out now.” Qin Mingtang turned his head, his expression and tone changed, full of anger and impatience. 


The secretary ran away quickly after receiving this order.
After the secretary left, facing his sister, Qin Mingtang came back gently and comforted her softly.


“Brother.” Shi Jiu looked up at him, “If I don't marry for the rest of my life, will you support me in the future?”


From Qin Mingtang's perspective, Shi Jiu's face was full of tears.
When she asked him this question, she looked a little unconfident and afraid, making his heart feel like a needle had  just pricked it.
As he held her tightly, he promised from the bottom of his heart:


“Don't worry about it.
As long as it is Shuangshuang, your brother will always support you.”


Shi Jiu's eyes were dark, but unfortunately she was not Shuangshuang, Qin Mingshuang had already died.


“Then brother has to do what he says.” Shi Jiu buried her face in his arms, covering the expression on her face.


“Okay, okay, I will do as Shuangshuang says in the future.

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