Chapter 2.
After Divorcing The Domineering President, She Got Rich (2)


After Mu Xiuhan became the head of the family, he had wanted to divorce Qin Mingshuang many times, but Qin Mingshuang had always been unwilling to divorce him.


When Mu Xiuhan learned that his first love, Ye Ningyin, had finally returned to China, he continued to push Qin Mingshuang to agree to a divorce.
Having threatened her in private and enticed her in public, Mu Xiuhan was relentless despite Qin Mingshuang’s tears and refusals, until finally, she had agreed to the divorce.


Mu Xiuhan was annoyed, so he left the past relationship, divorced her, and kicked her out of the house all at once.


The divorced Qin Mingshuang returned to the Qin family and cried all day long.
The Qin family felt sorry for her and fought against the Mu family to suppress the Mu family.
During this time, Ye Ningyin happened to be targeted and bullied, ultimately suffering an accident.


Mu Xiuhan had endured the Qin family’s suppression because he was ashamed of having forced Qin Mingshuang to divorce.
But he mistakenly thought that Ye Ningyin's accident was the work of the Qin family and became fueled by rage.


So he brought down the Qin family.

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Not only that, but he also planned for Qin Mingshuang's parents to be in a car accident.


In the end, Qin Mingshuang's parents died during the accident and Qin Mingshuang's brother, Qin Mingtang, had to have both legs amputated.


Then there were all kinds of abuses done against Qin Mingshuang.


Ye Ningyin was brooding about Mu Xiuhan's ex-wife and often came to her in the name of curiosity.
And then every time, the various ‘coincidences’ made Mu Xiuhan see multiple scenes of Qin Mingshuang ‘bullying’ her.
After so many injustices, Qin Mingshuang finally made up her mind not to care for Mu Xiuhan anymore.


Later, when Qin Mingshuang was seriously injured and about to die, Mu Xiuhan realised that he actually did have feelings for her.
And by chance, he also learned all sorts of truths about what had happened and dumped Ye Ningyin.


After Qin Mingshuang died, Mu Xiuhan also closed his heart and never remarried.



(T/N : Bad End)


The original owner's* wish was to stay away from Mu Xiuhan and Ye Ningyin.
She wanted to keep her parents healthy and live long and help his brother to remain high-spirited, instead of being imprisoned in that cold wheelchair all day long.

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After Shi Jiu sorted out the plot, Mu Xiuhan’s secretary had already efficiently revised the divorce agreement, printed it, and brought it to her.


She took the agreement and after reading it carefully, confirmed that there were no problems or traps with it and signed her name.


After the signing, Mu Xiuhan immediately took the agreement and confirmed the signature on it.
He didn't expect her to sign the agreement so easily, so he felt the entire situation to be a little unreal.


Looking at the signature above, he had a feeling that the shackles on his body had been broken.


Shi Jiu capped the pen and threw it on the table.


“Okay, I signed the agreement.
As for the Civil Affairs Bureau, I will not go.
I will give the relevant documents to Mr.
Mu today.
I believe that Mr.
Mu can get the divorce certificate without me being there.”


Mu Xiuhan frowned when he heard her call him Mr.
Although, he didn't like the way she was addressing him, he was afraid that something might go wrong at this critical moment.
Since he had not officially divorced her yet and in order to avoid any unexpected situations, he chose not to say anything.


Shi Jiu got up and as she passed by Mu Xiuhan, turned around and said, “By the way, Mr.
Mu is so rich, you wouldn’t mind if I took one of your cars?”


Mu Xiu said coldly, “I don't mind.”


Hearing this answer, Shi Jiu smiled with satisfaction, and went out to pick the most expensive car and drove away.


Relying on her memory, she drove all the way back to the Qin family house.


Qin Mingtang happened to be at home and was surprised to see her.




“Brother—” Shi Jiu called to him in a long voice, rushed over and threw herself into his arms.


Qin Mingtang hugged her and asked softly, “What's the matter? Why did you come back home so suddenly? Tell me, did you miss home or did someone bully our family's Shuangshuang?”

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As a brother, he naturally knew what happened to his sister in the Mu household.
At the beginning, he kept trying to persuade her to divorce, but Qin Mingshuang loved Mu Xiuhan with all her heart.
And after listening to his constant nagging, she simply stopped going back to the Qin family house.


He hadn't seen his sister for a long time.


Shi Jiu's eyes were red, “Brother, I'm divorced.” Her voice sounded like she was crying. 


After seeing her crying, Qin Mingtang was a little flustered.
Without asking the reason, he gently patted her shoulder and coaxed softly: “If you get divorced, then you can get a divorce.
It doesn't matter.
There are so many good men in the world, we can find another one.
As long as Shuangshuang is happy, we can change one every day.
Shuangshuang, don’t cry…..”

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