levant to him.


“I'll call the secretary immediately and ask him to revise the agreement.” After Mu Xiuhan said this, he couldn't wait to call the secretary.
He really couldn't wait for a single moment.


When Mu Xiuhan called and told his secretary to change the agreement, ‘Qin Mingshuang’ closed her eyes and leaned softly against the leather sofa behind her.
‘Qin Mingshuang’ was no longer the original Qin Mingshuang.
She was now a newcomer, Shi Jiu, who had just joined the Kuai Chuan Department of the Time and Space Administration.


Shi Jiu could pretend to be cute, play coy, act innocent, or even play the role of a white lotus flower all in order to tear up her opponents. 


On a sunny day, she was selected by the system to become the heroine of dog blood abuse novels and her tasks were to fulfill the wishes of the original heroines.


Now, it is her first novice task.


This is a domineering president dog blood sadistic love novel.


The male lead, Mu Xiuhan was the head of the Mu family, one of the four major families in the capital.
He was a domineering president and had innumerable riches.


When he was still the heir of the Mu family, the family competition was incredibly fierce.
A bunch of his father's illegitimate children used all kinds of dirty tricks in order to try to squeeze him out.
In addition, his first love broke up with him and went abroad so that he could consolidate his position in order to take control of the Mu family as soon as possible.
Thus he married Qin Mingshuang, the daughter of the head of the Qin family, who was also one of the four major families.


Qin Mingshuang helped him a lot.
With the support of the Qin family, he was able to suppress his father’s illegitimate children and successfully became the head of the Mu family.


Although he married Qin Mingshuang, his heart still yearned for his first girlfriend, Ye Ningyin.
Even though she broke up with him, he still loved Ye Ningyin deeply.
He was married to Qin Mingshuang for five years, but he never touched her from beginning to end.


Qin Mingshuang had a crush on Mu Xiuhan when she was in college.
So upon learning that her crush wanted to marry her, she didn’t hesitate to agree when her parents asked for her opinion.


Who knew, even after five years of marriage, what awaited her was a single bedroom in a single-person house.
After their marriage, Mu Xiuhan seldom returned to the house and stayed at the company day and night.

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