Chapter 15.
After Divorcing The Domineering President, She Got Rich (15)


Qin Mingtang stood there like a fool.
Shi Jiu wanted to tease him again, but he suddenly reacted.

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Leaving behind an excuse to go to the toilet, he hurried off.


“Pfft…hahaha.” Shi Jiu covered her stomach, unable to straighten her back with laughter.


There was no one around, so she was now bending over and laughing regardless of the image.




As she laughed really happily, a voice came.


Shi Jiu quickly straightened her waist, adjusted her makeup and hair, and looked at the person who called her name with a decent smile.


Then she saw a boy in a suit coming out of the dark.


Slightly curly chestnut hair, a pair of eyes as clear as morning dew, and a stud on the right ear.


It was Lin Qingyi.


Shi Jiu, a person who has read the original book of course knew that this was Lin Qingyi.
But Qin Mingshuang didn't know.
This was the first appearance of Lin Qingyi after losing weight.


So there was a bit of surprise on her face at the right time: “Who are you?”


Lin Qingyi scratched his head, his hair was a little long, and when he scratched it like this, it was all messed up.
It looked messy and cute.


I didn't mean to eavesdrop on you…” He scratched his head and tried to explain, “I came before…
I'm sorry…”


Shi Jiu smiled, but she expected that she and Qin Mingtang had not found just any random place.
As she spoke, she met the second male lead.
Sure enough, there was no way to hide from the plot.


“But you haven't said who you are?”

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Lin Qingyi's eyes flashed with disappointment that Mingshuang didn't recognize him.
But it's normal considering that they hadn’t seen each other for so many years.


He rekindled hope.


“Lin Qingyi, I'm Lin Qingyi.” He said solemnly.
The first meeting between him and Mingshuang was actually not very good.
At that time, he was very embarrassed.


Now, he can finally say his name in front of her without showing any timidity.


Shi Jiu looked at him with a surprised look on his face, looked at his face carefully for a few seconds, and then remembered something.
“It turned out to be you, Lin Qingyi! I haven't seen you for so many years, yet you have become so handsome.”


“Nothing, it's just normal.” Lin Qingyi spent many years abroad, and he was usually very shrewd, but now, in front of his love interest that he had not seen for so many years, he became so stupid that he could only respond.


Shi Jiu stepped forward and patted him on the shoulder: “Long time no see.”


 “Long time…
no see.
Are you…
okay?” He already knew about her divorce, and this was a big reason for his coming back this time.


Shi Jiu smiled bitterly: “I'm fine, how about you?”


“I'm fine too.”


Lin Qingyi looked at her while feeling full of distress.
He had liked her for so many years, but she had suffered from marrying Mu Xiuhan that bastard.
How much grief had she experienced? What could it have been like to make someone who used to be so optimistic in the past to become like this?


“Mingshuang, he's not worth it.” He suddenly said.


Shi Jiu: “….” Of course she knew that he wasn't worth it.
He was worth nothing but money.


She didn't dare to answer Lin Qingyi's words, but she couldn’t forget that this was the second male lead, or the fact that this second male lead had always liked her.


She was afraid that if she said the wrong thing, he would end up alone.


Qin Mingshuang was dead, and she couldn’t be with him.


So she just smiled and didn't say anything.


Then Lin Qingyi looked at her and felt even more distressed for her.


Shi Jiu avoided his distressed eyes and said, “By the way, their ceremony is about to begin.
Let's go and see.”


Lin Qingyi only felt that she was changing the subject, but he liked her and knew why she was changing the subject.
So he didn’t expose her, but merely followed her to see the engagement.


The guests had almost all been greeted, and now it was time for the matchmaker to speak.


This matchmaker was Ye Ningyin's best friend, Zhong Min.
Zhong Min took the microphone and told a grand story about how Mu Xiuhan and Ye Ningyin met and fell in love, and even moved herself to tears, which led to a burst of applause from the audience.


In her words, she also implied that Qin Mingshuang, the ex-wife, had made various obstacles to their love.

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