Chapter 13.
After Divorcing The Domineering President, She Got Rich (13)

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She could only continue to ask, “Is there?”


Qin Mingtang sighed: “Yes.”


“I want to go, can I? Brother.”


Your brother will accompany you.” He wouldn’t be able to stop her anyway.
So he might as well join to watch over her.


Shi Jiu smiled sweetly: “Thank you brother.”


Qin Mingtang also smiled, but the smile was somewhat helpless and sad.
He only had one such sister, married before she grew up, and still suffering even after the marriage ended.
She came back, but her heart still had not come back.

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But what could be done? She was his sister.
He could only slowly coax her.




The invitation letter for the engagement banquet was deliberately sent to the Qin family by Ye Ningyin because Mu Xiuhan didn't want to cause any more problems.


After all, when he proposed divorce, Qin Mingshuang had agreed and signed it so succinctly.


He also knew Qin Mingshuang's love for him, and now he was sorry for Qin Mingshuang.
There was no need for him to stab Qin Mingshuang's heart with a knife again.


Therefore, it was his decision not to send the invitation letter for the engagement banquet to the Qin family.


He and Ye Ningyin discussed it.
As a result, Ye Ningyin smiled and agreed understandingly, and sent the invitation letter to the Qin family in the blink of an eye.


After being found out by Mu Xiuhan, she had tears in her eyes and said that she had made a mistake by accident.


“Sister Qin is so kind, so she shouldn't mind.” Ye Ningyin said as she looked at Mu Xiuhan timidly.


When Mu Xiuhan saw it, his pity for her overflowed from his heart.


In addition, they had rolled around in the sheets not long before he had found out, so Mu Xiuhan put the little guilt he felt towards Qin Mingshuang at the back of his mind.


“It's okay, she shouldn't come anyways, it will be okay even if you mistakenly sent the invitation.” He coaxed.


Ye Ningyin put her head in Mu Xiuhan's arms and whispered, “Sister doesn't mind if you don't mind.”


In a place where Mu Xiuhan could not see, a dark light flashed in the depths of Ye Ningyin's eyes.


She still hoped that Qin Mingshuang would come to see how much love she and Xiuhan had.


She knew that Xiuhan and Qin Mingshuang were only arranged to be married as a business decision and Xiuhan had no interest in this marriage partner and had never even touched her during their years of marriage.


However, Qin Mingshuang used to be his legal wife, even if it was fake, it still bothered Ye Ningyin.


Without Qin Mingshuang, more people would envy her marriage with Xiuhan.


Just because Xiuhan had an ex-wife, the envy of others for her marriage to Xiuhan was greatly reduced.

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And all of this was because of Qin Mingshuang!


She hated Qin Mingshuang, as it was obvious that Qin Mingshuang could have refused to be married to Mu Xiuhan.


Xiuhan didn’t love her, so why did Qin Mingshuang rush to marry him? She had no respect for marriage at all.


On the day of the engagement, she would let Qin Mingshuang see what a real happy marriage was.


“Xiuhan, maybe it's because I usually like to read novels, I sometimes have a hunch.” Ye Ningyin said suddenly jokingly.


Mu Xiuhan stroked her hair, and asked dotingly, “What's your hunch?”


Ye Ningyin: “What if on the day of our engagement, or the day of our wedding, that sister is not reconciled, and then like in a novel, she runs over to try to disrupt the marriage?”


Mu Xiuhan was a little embarrassed: “How could that be?”


“What if—” Ye Ningyin hooked his arm coquettishly.


“How could that be possible? Qin Mingshuang is the eldest lady of the Qin family after all.
Her upbringing would not allow it, and neither would the Qin family.
The Qin family is one of the four major families, so it is impossible for her to do such a shameful thing.”


Ye Ningyin's expression grew stiff, what do you mean, Qin Mingshuang is the eldest Miss of the Qin family, so what about her.


After all, a person with a good family background can easily achieve the success that an ordinary person like her has worked hard for more than ten years.


And an ordinary person like her, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't compare to them.


Therefore, she hated those rich people from good backgrounds the most.


During university too, she was obviously better and paid more.
But Qin Mingshuang got everyone's praise by doing nothing.


Even now, even if Qin Mingshuang and Xiuhan were divorced, she could still spend the sky-high divorce fee and live her life unrestrainedly.
Everyone was just envious of her.


She felt that she was no worse than Qin Mingshuang.
Qin Mingshuang just came from a good family background.

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