t being an ordinary side character.


Qin Mingshuang had helped him during his college days.
She didn't dislike him for being fat or poor and she had quickly become friends with him.


Lin Qingyi felt that she was very fresh and refined and soon fell in love with her, but at that time, he was just a fat man with no money, so he didn't dare to confess to Qin Mingshuang, thinking that after he had succeeded in losing weight, then he would confess.


Later, when Qin Mingshuang got married, he buried this love in his heart and went abroad.


In the original story plot, Mu Xiuhan divorced Qin Mingshuang using vicious means.
At the engagement banquet between Mu Xiuhan and Ye Ningyin, Qin Mingshuang had gone to participate in a self-abusive manner and then ran into Lin Qingyi who had just returned to China.


Qin Mingshuang had watched the Mu Xiuhan and Ye Ningyin kiss, and promptly ran out of the banquet in tears until she was stopped by Lin Qingyi, who forcibly kissed her.


This scene happened to be witnessed by Mu Xiuhan, leading him to slap Qin Mingshuang, calling her shameless.
Lin Qingyi then became angry and fought with Mu Xiuhan.


Ye Ningyin, at this time, also ran outside, where she cried and tried to pull them apart.
Qin Mingshuang had fallen to the side and continued crying.


A whole big fight had broken out in the original story.translated by Fairooz and posted on puretl.
com / do not steal or repost

According to that timeline, the original story mainly described how Qin Mingshuang refused to agree to a divorce even by threat of death.


Now in this timeline, since she had agreed to the divorce so simply and quickly, the number of words were not enough, so Mr.
Lin's birthday banquet came to pass.


Lin was quite pitiable that his birthday banquet had ended up turning into such a fiasco.


She sympathised with the old man for an entire three seconds.


While Shi Jiu had been thinking about all of this, her whole person was not in a state of focus.
Qin Mingtang had called her name several times, but she didn't respond.


Qin Mingtang thought she was suffering again and wanted to say something comforting, but he didn't know what to say.
He blushed, and finally came up with the words: “Shuangshuang, don't be sad…”


Shi Jiu smiled slightly: “I'm not sad, just a little emotional.
I didn't expect him to get what he wanted so quickly.”


As an ex-wife, she was really happy for Mu Xiuhan.


The two were so compatible, with one face.


How good it was to harm each other.


Seeing her smile, Qin Mingtang's heart became even more uncomfortable.


He knew his sister, and knew how sad she was when he saw how happily she was smiling.


“By the way, brother.” Shi Jiu asked casually, “Has our family received their engagement invitation?”


“Shuangshuang…” Qin Mingtang seemed to beg.


Shi Jiu felt a little pain in her heart, and she didn't want to see those two anymore, but she couldn't help it as it had always been her mission to begin with.

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