e even more distressed.


“Cough, how could it be? Your brother can't lie to Shuangshuang even if he lies to anyone.” 


Shi Jiu said innocently: “Brother, I just asked if you have something to hide from me, I didn't say you lied.”


She often suspected that this brother of hers was a fool, completely different from the talented and resourceful Qin Mingtang depicted in the original story.


For example, now, after she had said this, Qin Mingtang's face was filled with the kind of panic that was visible to the naked eye.


The air suddenly became quiet and still.


Qin Mingtang was very flustered now, he had wanted to hide it from her but as soon as he opened his mouth, he revealed the truth.


He knew earlier that he also used the same excuse as his parents that he was busy with the company and didn't go home for a few days.


Mu Xiuhan and Ye Ningyin are getting engaged.” Qin Mingtang's face turned green when he said this.


Mu Xiuhan divorced his sister and quickly got engaged as soon as his first girlfriend came back.
In this issue, he didn't believe that there was nothing shady about it.


Mu Xiuhan was a fucking scumbag, leading him to pity his sister that she would feel sad for this scumbag.translated by Fairooz and posted on puretl.
com / do not steal or repost

Shi Jiu took a sip of water, but she was not as angry as Qin Mingtang.
After all, she had already divorced Mu Xiuhan and she also took a very expensive divorce fee.
It can be said that the divorce from Mu Xiuhan was equivalent to getting rich.
She was just barely considered a wealthy independent woman now.


In addition to the shares of his company, as long as she saved a little, the annual dividends were more than enough for her to spend.


According to Qin Mingtang's words, in the past few days after they got divorced, Mu Xiuhan and Ye Ningyin were entangled again because of all kinds of bloody encounters.
Then Mu Xiuhan made various tyrannical declarations, while Ye Ningyin shied away and felt distressed at the same time, until they were finally seen when rolling in the sheets.


So the two of them just went with the flow and got engaged the following month.


“It's really shameless for them to do such a thing at the 80th birthday banquet of the old man of the Lin family.” Qin Mingtang couldn't hide the disgust for the two of them in his tone.


80th birthday, birthday banquet, rolling sheets.
It's really thought provoking.
Shi Jiu felt that the domineering president's dog-blood sadomasochism had always been without the bloody plot of getting drunk and getting caught rolling in the sheets with a woman.


But——this plot has gone astray.


Was it because of the butterfly effect brought about by her quick divorce?

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