Chapter 10.
After Divorcing The Domineering President, She Got Rich (10)


Shi Jiu smiled awkwardly and waved her hand.

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“No, wouldn’t this be the case of an old cow eating young grass…”


“What are you afraid of? Those young grasses want to be eaten by an old cow like you.
You are rich and good-looking.
Although you are divorced, you still have a lot of money.
There are many who want to marry a woman like you.”


Tu Xiaoxiao wanted to introduce a man to her, causing Shi Jiu to develop a headache, she didn't want to mess around in Qin Mingshuang's body, even though she had already left.


She let a lot of nonsense be said before she stopped Tu Xiaoxiao from introducing a man to her.


“Really you don't want me to? Then tell me if you see anyone you like in the future.” Tu Xiaoxiao still didn't give up.


Shi Jiu: “…….” It's just that she might not see anyone she likes in her life.
Is it so bad to be single for a lifetime?


Anyway, she is rich and beautiful now and she can live happily by herself.
Moreover, if she really finds a man, won't that cause the overprotective siscon from her family to strangle someone to death.


Tu Xiaoxiao suspected that she was still thinking about that bastard Mu Xiuhan, but Shuanghua had already pretended to come out and it was not so simple for her to expose her.




She sighed, hoping that her Shuanghua would come out of her heartbrokenness sooner, what's so good about that dog man.


Why give up the whole forest for one tree?


Tu Xiaoxiao said that her brother called her to comfort her, but in fact, it was more likely to be to stimulate her.


Shi Jiu looked at Tu Xiaoxiao next to her who spoke to her husband in a sweet and greasy voice and couldn't control her claws.


It's good to comfort and relieve her.
What about comfort? What about unlocking it?


She didn’t see the comfort and ate the dog food pot after pot.


Thanks to her not being the real Qin Mingshuang, otherwise she would be really angry.


“Husband! Remember to miss me~” Tu Xiaoxiao squeezed her throat and finished speaking, only to notice Shijiu's murderous gaze.
“Shuang…Shuanghua…what's the matter with you? Your eyes are weird.”


She looked a little scared.


“It's nothing.” Shi Jiu was holding an orange in her hand, with a faint crack on it and the juice rubbed against her hand.
She threw the oranges into the trash can, took out a tissue and wiped her hands.
She squeezed the used tissue into a ball and let it go into the trash can to accompany the oranges.


She evoked a smile: “By the way, how does your husband treat you?”


Speaking of this, Tu Xiaoxiao talked a lot.


“My husband treats me so well! If he has time, he cooks for me every day and he will come back on time at night.
He even brings me some surprises from time to time.
No, he gave me a necklace a few days ago…
There are entertaining things he will tell me and never let me worry…..”


Tu Xiaoxiao patted her thigh and the more she spoke, the louder she was, the excitement was visible to the naked eye.translated by Fairooz and posted on puretl.
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She was sure that if Qin Mingshuang was herself, she would be pissed off.
Shi Jiu thought with an expressionless face.


She suspected that Tu Xiaoxiao, a woman, was poking at her scars and poking it so hard that she was afraid that she would not die.


She's not jealous, she's just sad.


Shi Jiu rolled up the tissue, without needing to brew, her eyes were red and she was about to cry.


Tu Xiaoxiao, who was talking excitedly, seemed to have had a basin of cold water poured down on her.


She realized that something seemed wrong.


She suddenly felt guilty.
Shuanghua was still sad about her divorce with that scumbag.
She told Shuanghua about her amazing relationship with her husband…..
God, what did she do?


Shuanghua is so sensitive, yet she is still talking here.


“I'm sorry, I'm wrong, I shouldn't have told you this.
My dear, don't be sad…” Qin Mingshuang began to cry so much that Tu Xiaoxiao’s heart was broken and only more so because it was she who made her cry.


After being accused by Qin Mingshuang,Tu Xiaoxiao was very frightened, she just told her about her husband involuntarily.
She really didn't mean to sprinkle salt on Shuanghua's wound.


But now she was already crying and she could only try her best to comfort her.


“Don't cry, don't cry, Shuanghua, there's no need to cry for a dog man….”


“The old won't come and the new won't go…..
Don't hang on a tree with a crooked neck…”

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