Chapter 9.
After Divorcing The Domineering President, She Got Rich (9)


After college, Tu Xiaoxiao got married and went to live in another city with her husband.

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The two were only able to keep in contact by phone.


Qin Mingshuang married Mu Xiuhan and was left out in the cold, abandoned by her new husband.
She fell into her own world and couldn't get out.
Gradually, she stopped contacting Tu Xiaoxiao.


But Tu Xiaoxiao had always been paying attention to her.


Her husband came to Beijing to do business this year and she also came with.
She knew that Qin Mingtang was worried after his sister’s divorce, so as soon as Qin Mingtang contacted her, she agreed to come to visit.


Shi Jiu felt like she was about to suffocate in the waves.


She broke free, looking at the surging of her friend’s chest, and became very jealous.


Although Qin Mingshuang had good looks, her breasts were not very big and she never bothered to think about it before.
When a comparison suddenly came today, she became very envious.


“Shuanghua!?” Tu Xiaoxiao, who was pushed away, looked at her in shock, with a hurt expression on her face.


Shuanghua had never pushed her away before, what was happening now? Is it because they hadn’t been in touch for too long, Shuanghua didn’t  care about her anymore? Or did she change after divorcing that scumbag? 


Shi Jiu looked at her in annoyance and said, “I know you are old, so you don't need to let me feel it.”


Tu Xiaoxiao followed her line of sight to her chest, became shy and pushed her gently.


“I'm still worried that you won't be able to come out.
I'm relieved to see you like this.
Even after so many years, you haven't gotten used to it yet?”


Qin Mingshuang envied her when she was in high school, but she didn't expect that after so many years had passed, she was still envious of her.


Shi Jiu: “……” 

translated by Fairooz and posted on puretl.
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The last person who showed off so much in front of her had already been dealt with by her.
If this person wasn't Qin Mingshuang's best friend, she would have already dealt with her.


“I miss you so much.
Since I separated from you, I have been thinking of you day and night.” Tu Xiaoxiao wrapped around her like an octopus.


“The hat on your husband's head is so green!” Shi Jiu said with a smile.


The smile on Tu Xiaoxiao's face froze and then she continued to mess with her.
“Cough, my husband is so important to me.
But although I married him, my heart has always been for you.”


She and Qin Mingshuang were used to messing with each other before and this time it was the same.
They said it without thinking.


Shi Jiu covered her chest with a moved face.


“Xiao, I didn't expect you to love me so much.
I'm so moved.
By the way, I just recorded your words and sent it to your husband.” Shi Jiu held up the phone and shook it in front of her.


After speaking, she looked at her pitifully: “Xiao, you're so good, you don’t mind, right?”


“You *!%#&^$%>.<[email protected]#…” Tu Xiaoxiao couldn't hold back anymore and burst out with curses.
When she and Mingshuang messed with each other before, she had always been the one with the upper hand, because she was more shameless.
Qin Mingshuang was more like just holding on and had never been able to withstand her messing around.


Unexpectedly, Qin Mingshuang had the upper hand when they got back together this time.


“Xiaoxiao, do you not love me anymore?” Shi Jiu burst into tears for a second, she wiped her tears and looked at her aggrieved.
“You're scolding me just because of this….


Tu Xiaoxiao: “……”.


She looked at Shi Jiu curiously: “You're fine, I haven't seen you for so long and your acting skills have soared.
This year's XXX movie queen award should be awarded to you.”


“I thought you would be very sad if you divorced that scumbag.
I'm especially here to comfort you.”


Shi Jiu hugged her arm and shook it, “Oh! It's been five years, even a block of ice should have melted, but he…” She sighed, “I understand, I am not too small, it's time to put it down.”


“Dear, I'm dripping a frost flower, it's fine.
The three-legged toad is hard to find and so is the two-legged man hard to find? If you leave, then leave, there is no need to be sad for him, we'll find a better next.”


“I know a lot of good-looking men, I'll introduce them to you, what type do you like? Little milk dog? Little wolf dog? Sunshine boy? Warm man? or the cold, abstinent, gentle, considerate, lively…
type? If they knew you were Miss Qin, they would definitely embrace it.


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