Chapter 1.
After Divorcing the Domineering President, She Got Rich (1)


“Sign it.”


Mu Xiuhan put the divorce agreement and pen on the table.
He leaned on the sofa and rubbed his eyebrows.
He didn't notice the change in the temperament of the woman sitting with her head down at the moment he said this.


It was going to be another tough battle, but Mu Xiuhan was ready.


When he mentioned divorce, Qin Mingshuang cried, which was very annoying.


It's just…


Mu Xiuhan clenched his fists.


Xiaoyin is coming back.
She has to leave this marriage, otherwise what will Xiaoyin do?


‘Qin Mingshuang’ curled her lips.
So as soon as she came, she ran into a divorce scene?


Her luck, it's really – ‘good’.




“You have to leave this marriage, don't force me…
What did you say?” Thinking it was a rejection again, Mu Xiuhan immediately began to threaten her, only to stop halfway through as he realized what she said.


“You agree to the divorce?”


Why wouldn’t I agree?”


‘Qin Mingshuang’ picked up the divorce agreement and flipped through it, “It's just, five hundred million is not enough.” She threw the agreement back on the table and shook her index finger in front of him.


The titular wife who had been entangled with him finally agreed to divorce and his first love, who he had been infatuated with for many years, was finally coming back, so Mu Xiuhan didn't hesitate.


[ T/N: Titular – Holding or constituting a purely formal position or title without any real authority.]


“How much do you want?”


‘Qin Mingshuang’ tapped on the table with the tip of her right finger. 


“One billion, plus 5% of the company's shares.
If you agree, I will leave, if you don't agree—” She spread her hands out indifferently. 


“Okay, I agree.” Anyway, since he was the one asking for a divorce, it's not too much to ask for divorce compensation.


Mu Xiuhan was driven crazy by the news of Ye Ningyin's* return and agreed to her request without thinking.
So he didn't notice the change in the behavior of the previously cowardly and timid person in front of him.


[T/N Xiaoyin is Ye Ningyin’s pet name.
Xiao means little.]


Or maybe he noticed it but just didn't care.
Anyways, Qin Mingshuang was always irre

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