So apparently, we are going to go and find our supernatural gifts then we go to our dorms, I just can not wait to find out what gift I possess

”I guess we are being taken into the hall of awakening, but I do not see the other group ”

Emma says looking around us with worry . I really think she does not need to worry we would be fine, but I can not say that since I do not even know where my assurance is coming from.

As we walk a little we were led into a large hall filled from top to bottom with mirrors and I wonder why they do not just call it hall of mirrors instead cause every inch of the hall is covered in mirrors, even the doors show our reflection.

Just like she said Professor Sam asked each of us to face a mirror and Dean J came behind everyone handing out ribbons to those he had met.

Okay that is weird, why are they whispering?

When he reached Emma he whispered something in her ear and she whispered back and then he gave her a purple ribbon which she tied on her hair.

”Hey Kevin, what do you see ? ”

He whispers as he reaches me

”I see myself, standing ”

I reply confused, did he just go around asking people that?

”Obviously, what else do you see, do you not see any change in your physical appearance like an aura or an array of colors or even a book ? ”

”No, I don see any of those but Im paler than usual and my eyes are a bit hollow and yeah my hair is white ”

”What? ”

He whisper yells in shock, looking at my face and the mirror which leaves me in more confusion

”I just told you what I saw ”

”Okay that is new, uhm you know what, when your group is done meet professor Sam or professor Kristean and ask one of them to show you to my office ”

”Okay, thats not weird at all ”

Why is it me that is odd, (urgh). Great, every one is done and has a ribbon except me

”Hey, Kevin what color of ribbon were you given ? ”

”Well apparently, my gift does not get a ribbon but a visit to the deans office ”

”Wow, that is serious ”

”I know Matt, I know, well I better get going. See you later ”

Okay, turns out Professor Sam is a very terrible person at giving a student direction, how can you tell me to use my instincts when my instincts are telling me to go back to the only set of students I know here

”Is that really what its telling you ? ”

(Urgh) not again. I groan as I recognize the voice.

”Yes, that unfortunately is what it is telling me right now ”

”Hmmm where are you now ? I am sure I am a better guide than Professor Sam ”

”Great, I am at the place where the dean gave the introductions ”

”Okay, just climb the stage and say Viskaria de Krijin and you will be teleported to his office ”

”Thanks ”

e welcome ”

Okay, here goes, Viskaria de Krijin

”Hey, you said I should come and see you ”

”Oh yes, welcome. Have a sit ”

”Thanks, thanks for showing me the way professor Kristean ”

”Nah no problem, it was a pleasure ”

”Good, now that that is settled, let us get to the juicy part ”

The dean said sounding like a child who was about to show his latest toy

”Okay, whats the juicy part ? ”

I ask unintentionally interrupting him while looking at him and prof Kristean

”I suggest you do not interrupt me in the future Kevin ”

Dean J said, his demeanor changing immediately

”Oh, sorry ”

”Good, now time for you to know why you did not get a ribbon and a little bit of our story. Well you see we were not always like this, gifted I mean. We were a normal family, but one day when we were out in the fields, my brothers and I, we came across a little creature, at first sight one would think it was a lion cub but as we got close we saw its wings and its face and trust me when I say this, that was no lion cub ”

Dean J starts staring into the distance

”It had the face and wings of an eagle and the body of an ostrich, its feet were made of the finest piece of gold we had ever seen and its body shone with metallic brilliance, almost blinding, as we approached it, it tried to fly away but its wing was broken and so I decided to take it home much to the disagreement of my brothers, and so we took it to a field far from our home and tried as best as we could to treat its broken wings. We tried but we could not and then I called a friend named Finn, his mother was a nurse but told him not to tell his mother, and so when he came we all did what he asked us to do and by the end of the day we fixed it ”

Professor Kristean continues with his glasses in his hands

”That was one of the happiest days of my life, the sparkle in its eyes and the joy in its little squeaks, but as soon as it took flight we never saw it again till the next week when the four of us were playing in the field but this time it did not come alone, it came with a much bigger one and as terrified as we were we trusted it since we were a bit familiar with it and then it literally swept us off our feets into the sky and that was all I could remember, when we opened our eyes we were back in the field but we noticed something different among ourselves.

”We could feel it ”

The dean continues

”Over the years as time passed each of us discovered different things about ourselves, our elder brother Justin was the first, he had become a witch and a very powerful one, Jeremy was the next, at first he started talking to animals of all sort and said he could somehow communicate with them like he knew what was going on with them. I was the next, I was a psychic, like a witch but only able to manipulate people minds and talk to them through my mind and then one day I shifted, it was in the cause of shifting I killed our parents. I shifted into a full lycan, a very large wolf that could balance on its hind legs. Our parents did not know this then and so they stood close trying to figure out what was wrong ”

He stopped, I never knew their parents were dead.

”Our friend was the last, we did not know his gift at first cause it was a bit confusing. At times his hair would turn white and his skin would go pale and he would space out, but when he snapped out of it he would say what he saw, sometimes it was what had happened or what would happen and other times it was what was happening in another place. We were confused and our confusion grew when I was killed and brought back to life by my own body freezing and turning into an ice statue. After that I found out I could produce ice from my fingertips and with enough concentration I could freeze anything with a single thought but what was more fascinating was that I could shift into an ice pheonix.

As a few years passed the villagers began to notice something even each of us did not notice, I was aging slowly. And so we decided to leave, the four of us left the next morning and formed a pact of friendship, we sealed it with our blood but what we did not know was that our friend had seen that if anyone drank my blood the person shall be gifted with immortality and he told our elder brother who took matter into his own hands, while the two of us drank it, our brother worked on an anti-Immortality spell but it did not work out well and when he tested it on our friend who wanted to give up his immortality it did not take his immortality but granted him life jumps ”

This is getting juicy but I did not see why I needed to know

”It cured his immortality cause when he had an accident he died but after a hundred years he came back in another body but his subconscious was lurking behind waiting to be activated but when we found him we could not do that cause I was not an actual witch and our brother had gone rogue, blaming himself for our friends death not knowing that after every 100 years he would come back into another body of his original bloodline. We wandered the earth for over 200 years till we decided to share our gifts, we thought if we had other people like ourselves we might not long for our lost brother and dead friend. And so we gifted a few amount of people but as the year passed by, the population of the gifted multiplied as they gave birth and so I asked a friend for a spell that connected my mind to theirs and we built this school as a safe haven for the gifted children who wish to learn control but as for the rogue ones, I erased any part that had to do with magic or the supernatural world from their memories and left them to leave ”

”And so I have come up with a theory that since the description you gave me of yourself when you looked in the mirror matched that of our friend when he was using his power I want to believe that he has awoken inside of you but we can not bring him out ”

”I think I can, Ive found a spell that allows us to connect both consciousness since they are of the same bloodline it would be much easier all we need to do is to wake our friend from his sleep of 800 years ”

So professor Kristean thinks I will allow him access into my head again, na uh

”Thats impossible you need a large amount of power for that and you
e not a full witch besides would Kevin not get lost ? ”

”No he won , it would be like Kevin was there with us through the 900 years, all his memories will still be intact and for the power, this school is flowing with magic not only from the witches but also from the vampires and shifters ”

”Kevin what do you say, can you do it ? ”

professor Kristean asks with his glasses back on

”No ”

”Well know that if you do not allow me do this you would not have any true gift, only a powerful ancestor waiting to be released for over 800 years ”

Oh no, not the guilty card

”Fine ”

”Ill make it quick ”

”But if you do this now would it not be like repeating the process again next 100 years when he dies ? ”

The dean asks looking at his brother

”No, cause he would take your blood ”

”Oh that is good, well start your spell then. I will excuse you ”

”No, I am channeling you both for this spell ”

”Ohkay ”

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