Rut Suppression Ring (1)

Yuugo contacted Dr.
Kazuki and Yanagi right away.

He ended the call with only a short conversation.
After putting down his phone on the table, Yuugo hugged me tightly again.

“Was the phone call enough just like that?”

“It’s okay, they must understand it.”

He only said “We couldn’t go there” to Dr.
He also only said “I’ll be taking a day off today” to Yanagi.

I wonder if that was really enough to get the message across… Well, I didn’t want him to explain the details either.
After all, from now on Yuugo and I are going to—

“I really can make love with you, right?”

“…Don’t ask so much, it’s embarrassing.”

I pressed my face against Yuugo’s chest.
When I responded that way with a mumbled voice, a chuckle fell from above me.

“So cute.”

“…I can’t stand things like that too.”

“I’m just saying the truth, so you have to accept it.
You’re very cute, very precious to me… You’re the one I want to cherish more than anything.”

He whispered as if to persuade me.

As my body squirmed at the tickling sensation, he held me up.

I panicked and clung to Yuugo’s neck.

When I leaned my face closer to Yuugo’s nape, I could smell a strong scent of pheromones.
Even without him saying a word, I could tell that he desired for me just from the scent.

I’m sure the same scent is coming from me, too.

“…Let’s go to the bedroom.”

In place of a reply, I put more strength into my arms that clung to Yuugo.


To tell the truth, I thought I would never be able to embrace my gender as an omega for my whole life.

That was how it was supposed to be, but now I couldn’t help but desire the alpha in front of my eyes.

Not just my omega instincts, I also wanted it myself.

I was taken into the bedroom, and after I was lowered to the floor, he hastily stole my lips.
My arms that I wrapped around his back hurt a little. 

The kiss was so rough that it took away all my breath and saliva.
It seemed to show that Yuugo was starting to lose his composure.
The sweet taste of his saliva slowly melted my reasoning.

As I was absorbed in the kiss, I found the clothes in my upper body had been stripped off.
It was just like a magic trick.

He kissed me a lot on many places other than lips, and my body shivered each time.

Just after, I was being pushed down on the bed.

“…I’m losing my composure, sorry.”

Yuugo apologized while breathing hard.

I shook my head to the side.
I was losing my composure as well.

With a ragged breath, I ran my fingers to the buttons on Yuugo’s shirt that was hung over me.


“…Hurry, take off your clothes too.”

Even if it was just on the upper body, I felt restless being the only one undressed.

Besides, I wanted to have direct skin-to-skin contact with him.

Imitating what Yuugo did to me earlier, I unbuttoned his shirt while kissing his chin and neck.
Doing this was quite difficult.

If I concentrated on one thing, the other would be neglected.

Moreover, my fingers that were trembling because of the heat’s fever couldn’t move like how I wanted them to.
The frustration was also fueling my fever even more.

At last, I finally finished unbuttoning his shirt.

As I tried to pull his arms out of the sleeve of his shirt, I noticed there was something tightly fitted around Yuugo’s right wrist.
It was a thick black bangle, a bit unsuitable for Yuugo.

When I stared at it, Yuugo noticed my gaze.
He cast his gaze down on my face while stroking the bangle with the other hand.

“Are you curious about this?”

“…I was just wondering what it was.”

Yuugo seemed to be hesitating over his reply.
He opened his mouth and swallowed his words again.

I wonder if it was something difficult to say.

I couldn’t do anything but wait for Yuugo to respond.

“You see… this is a rut suppression ring.”

“Rut… isn’t that the thing that alpha get because of omega’s heat?”

A rut is an estrus phenomenon that alpha produced.
Unlike omegas, it didn’t happen periodically, but mostly happened when they are exposed to omega’s pheromone.

Omega’s heat pheromone could easily take away an alpha’s reasoning.
It’s said that alphas who were in a rut will attack omega in front of them regardless of their own will, and worse they could even bite the nape of the omega too.

If that was a ring to suppress it, that means-…

“I’m wearing it for a countermeasure against omega’s heat… But, it’s not a fun thing to talk about right now.”

He said that and smiled as if to cover it up.

The pained expression on Yuugo’s face made my heart ache.
It was also partly because I imagined the reason why he was wearing that ring.

In normal daily life, there was no need to take a countermeasure against omega’s heat.

If that so, then something must have happened that made him must wear it.
Some incident that he had to cover up with such a pained smile.

I remembered the posts I had seen on a forum yesterday.

I wonder if an omega forced him to get exposed to their pheromones, just like what was written on that forum.

And that’s why Yuugo dislikes omega even more…?

I touched Yuugo’s face gently.

As I stroked Yuugo’s cheek to comfort him, he narrowed his eyes a little.

“…Could it be, you know something about it?”

Maybe it was because I ended up making a pained expression too.
He noticed it right away.

Without being able to hide it, I nodded my head honestly.

“Yesterday, I saw a forum on the internet… I thought maybe it was because of something like that.”

“Is that so… Sorry.
I must have made you feel uncomfortable, right? But, all of that was just an attempt.
You’re my only omega.”

For some reason, he apologized to me instead.

But that’s wrong.
It wasn’t Yuugo who was at fault.

“That’s-! That’s not something you should apologize for.
Even if it was just an attempt… it probably made you feel terrible.
I was just worried about you!”

There’s no use yelling to Yuugo here.

But I just couldn’t hold back this emotion.

“If something happened that made you must wear this, I thought it’s only natural… for you to dislike omega.
I’m sure I’d be the same if someone wrote or said something like that about me… That’s why you’re not wrong at all.”

I didn’t even know what I was saying anymore.
But, I just wanted to convey this feeling properly.

I put both of my hands on Yuugo’s cheek and peered into his eyes.

“…Don’t force yourself with me.
You don’t have to smile with that kind of face.”

I pulled Yuugo’s head close to my chest and hugged him tightly.
I rubbed the tip of my nose to his soft hair.

Yuugo also rubbed his face against my chest.
It felt like I was dealing with a big animal.

“—Thanks, Sou.”

Yuugo looked up, said that to me, and smiled.

It wasn’t a forced smile like before.

This time, I felt somewhat embarrassed when seeing his happy face.
I still couldn’t get used to his handsomeness, after all.

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