Omega’s Instinct (2)

It’s been two days since the exam was over.
My heat came as scheduled.

Since the first time my heat came, the cycle has hardly missed the date.

Kazuki said that this was pretty rare, but I didn’t mind even if it missed the date.
But I wonder if that might make it hard for me to make plans.
It’s hard to decide which is better.

As usual, it started off with a stomachache and going back and forth to the toilet.
I could feel it coming the moment my stomach started to churn.

I didn’t really like these advance warnings.

There are medications for this, but it won’t go away unless I get all the stuff out of my stomach.
In the end, I could just stay in the bathroom and wait for it, so I didn’t take the medicine.

[Going to the toilet for the fifth time.]

It’s pretty hot today, are you drinking enough water?>

[I brought some water to the toilet and drink it there.]

Yuugo was kind enough to reply to my toilet report, even though it was something no one would want to hear.
I didn’t even care if it was just a predetermined text anymore.

After the fifth time, the stomachache was gradually subsiding.

As if replacing the stomachache, my body started to feel feverish.
This is where the real battle begins.
I’ve already taken the meds after breakfast, so this fever should settle down once it rises to a certain level.

—Usually, it was supposed to be like that.

“…gh, ah… huff, huff.”

The fever in my body wouldn’t go away.

I hugged a cushion and curled up on the bed.
I’ve tried cooling my body down with the cooling pack, just like what Yuugo suggested before, but it didn’t help this time.

The tingling inside my body wouldn’t stop.

Every now and then, a shiver would come up from down there, and I let out a weird voice each time.

I didn’t want anyone to hear it, so I buried my face in the cushion I was hugging in my chest.
When I do that, it made the fever get trapped in my body even more.

“…What is this?”

The tingling was even worse than the last time I inhaled alpha’s pheromone.

It was the first time I became like this even though I had taken the meds.
When I thought it would have been worse if I didn’t take the meds, it scared me instantly.

What if it became even worse than this? Such worry was rising inside me.

“Yuu- go…”

I grabbed my phone.

Maybe it was because of the fever, or because of my worry.
My hand that was holding the phone was also shaking.

[This might be bad.]

After a while, that was all I could manage to send.

My head wasn’t working properly right now to think of what to say or how to say it.

[its tough and theres something weird]

It was too bothersome to even type properly.

I knew that it wouldn’t get conveyed with only replying like that, but I couldn’t do anything else with my head in a daze.
Even when I’m typing out the letters, my body was shaking.

I shifted the cushion I was hugging in my chest a bit downside, and I pressed it against my crotch.
As I pressed against it, the place that had been unbearable and tingling subsided for a bit.


When I moved my hips to rub it against the pillow, my voice came out from the pleasure.

I still have a bit of reasoning left to think that I should hold back from letting out a loud voice, but I couldn’t seem to stop moving my hips.
Something was growing bigger inside my underwear.
The small and omega-like part of me became tense, and I couldn’t help but want to release my desire.

This time I could manage to grab a tissue in my hand.
I spat out the white liquid into it.
After wiping it clean, I threw the tissue straight into the trash can.

The fever wouldn’t subside at all with just releasing it once.
Instead, the tingling seemed to have gotten worse.
Also, it wasn’t just the front that was aching, it was aching on the backside too.
Inside my body was tingling with an aching sensation.

“Ah… no… n-no…”

At the thought that crossed my mind, I shook my head to the side while muttering to myself.

I didn’t even want to think about it, but I could only think about that one thing as if someone else had taken over my head.

I want it.
In here.
I want an alpha in me.

I felt the sensation of something slimy flowing out of my asshole.
The liquid that wet the cleavage of my butt was surprisingly hot.

I want an alpha.

This was an urge I’d felt before.
But this time, the urge was much different.

“…N-no… He-help… Yuugo.”

I don’t want to admit that I’m like this.

I thought of that, but I felt like my omega instincts were taking over me.
It made me think of something like I want any alpha to just screw me hard.

The shaking in my body got even worse.
Tears are spilling from my eyes, and I couldn’t stop sobbing.

The phone that I clutched was vibrating.

“…Huh? …A call?”

The screen displayed letters saying “incoming call”.

It was Yuugo.

No way, it couldn’t be true.

Could it be that I’m dreaming because the heat got into me?

I couldn’t seem to think about difficult things anymore.
I slid my fingers into the green glowing answer button.

{—Sou? Good.
The call got through.} 

It should’ve been an unknown voice that had reached my ears, yet it made my heart feel painful for some reason.

My tears overflowed even more, and it didn’t look like it’d stop anytime soon.

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