Untelling Tales

\'Does this men have no sense of personal space!\'

e couch pulling a small file out of his bag, opening the file to reveal a series of notes that seems almost like a delusional mans rambling with mentions of a crimson fog and a bony monster whose skin seems to have been made of coal.

Zion briefly looks up at Ahya as he walks

in a thick blanket along with a pillow

throwing them on top of Zion

As he makes his way to the kitchen pulling out a pot along with ingredients to make beef stew and his homemade bread with butter to top it.

Snapping the file shut Zion raises his eyebrows ”What are you doing. ”

As Ahya looks at him like he said its the stupidest thing hes heard all morning before answering with a deplaned look on his face ”Im cooking… ”

Proceeding to continue making dinner for the two of them the smell of the food makes his stomach rumble causing Ahya to look back, a slight smile coming to his face.

Ahya serves two bowls of the stew one for himself one for Zion with a piece of bread putting the butter on the dining room table.

”Dinners done, you should eat. ” Ahya told Zion.

Looking at the table he picked up a spoon scooping some stew up, eating quickly he smiled slightly before speaking, ”thank you. ” Eating some of his bread.

They finish up dinner before Zion looks up with a more serious expression ”I need to continue my investigation, Ill be heading back to the scene tomorrow. ”

Ahya picks up the dishes as he replies ”I have school so youll have to wait for me to finish. ”

Zion sighs slightly ”We
e wasting too much time. Ill go alone, its not a big deal besides I know we
e missing something and we can afford to wait. ”

Only for Ahya to puff out his cheeks and lecture him ”Hey if this person is really that dangerous I can let you go alone now get dressed well discuss this tomorrow! ”

Raising his eyebrow, the subject of this lecture starts to pull off his shirt only to get pushed into the bathroom, the door slamming behind him.

Does this man have no sense of personal space! Ahya thinks of a sudden urge to punch the other raising before quickly being suppressed.

Coming out a bit later Zion is welcomed by the sight of clean dishes and Ahya leaning on the side of the stairs opening his eyes when he approaches

e done? Well get some rest Ill see you in the morning- ” Ahya starts only to get cut off by a sharp scream.

(Cliffhanger… my editors fault I swear!)

Q&A, with each update Ill chose one commented question to answer from the comments _(^v^)_/

(might not answer if its to personal)

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