Untelling Tales

\'Does this men have no sense of personal space!\'

Ahyas face went white as paper as someone turned the knob, the door opening and as a breath of relief came gasping out of Ahya,

”Hey are you okay? ” A kind voice spoke out against the silence. A blonde haired girl stood in the opening of the door.

”Ya Im fine now, thank you. ” He responded as he looked at the blonde figures green eyes that reminded him of a flush forest.

”Whats your name? ” she said with a soft smile on her face, her voice gentle like the fresh breeze of spring in a garden of blooming lilies.

”My name is Ahya ” as he said with a soft tone, a gentle smile blooming on her face as she replied,

”Nice to meet you Im Lily . Ahya felt safe with Lily, her warm demeanor reminding him of a sisters, ”Im on my way to grab lunch, wanna join me? ” Lily asks, putting out her hand.

Ahya grabs it and she helps him stand up, ”okay ” a small smile gracing his own face.

Walking to the cafeteria Lily brings up a much expected question ”What happened back there? ”

Turning his head to slightly face her he replied ”Its nothing I was just daydreaming ” He said quietly.

”Alright ” she said with a knowing look on her face, as they grabbed a few snacks and a sandwich each along with some water before they went outside into the school garden.

Finishing their lunch Lily spoke up from her spot on the bench, ”You
e a nice person to be around Ahya. ”

Ahyas eyes widening at her as he sits there shocked before he lets out a small reply, ”Thank you. ”

Entering a peaceful silence as he nibbles on his last part of his sandwich.

”Lets get to class ” Lily breaks the silence pulling Ahya off the ground and she grabs his hand and smiles back at him walking to their class.

After sitting through his meny restless classes Ahya walked out the school witnessing an unfamiliar figure bolt past him there shoulders harshly slamming into each other

Ahya falling over as the figure would continue running, ”Hey, watch where you
e going! ”

He yelled at the strange male the only response being a small glance at him before they continued running Ahya following shortly after.

The figure quickened they
e pace as they realized they were being followed, ”Where are you going? ” As Ahya shouted, his legs burning as he attempted to keep up.

”What are you gonna do about it? ” a deep voice came out of the strange figure, their blurry face holding an obvious smirk as black hair ruffled in the wind.

Thats the voice from earlier today, the one that saved me from that monster! He thought of attempting to run at an even faster pace than before but his laggs refused to do so.

Turning a corner the figure vanished from his view causing his eyes to widen at the dead end ahead, ”How did you… ”

He questioned but no answers were to be heard within the empty hallway ahead.

Ahya started walking, attempting to catch his breath as he walked in the opposite direction of the alleyway he had entered, ”theres no one here, I should just go home. ”

He released an angry puff, his foot stomping on the ground before continuing his journey.

Walking down the Alleyway a putrid smell hit his nose causing him to physically recline from his position, ”Whats with that disgusting smell. ” As he said as he plunged his nose.

Ahya walked toward where the smell was coming from and went down another alleyway as a flying being flew away at insane speeds himself only seeing it from the corner of his eyes.

”What was that? ” as he looked around seeing nothing he let out a small sigh ”It was probability nothing. ”

As he continued following the path ahead of him curious to what it led too.

The smell got stronger as he got closer making multiple turns down the alleyway before reaching the final turn.

Ahyas eyes widened at the sight before him, the male he was chasing was leaning over a pale body

Whose legs were maggled blood seeping out of them staining the cement below even more blood coming from a large hole just below the xiphoid process.

The slack haired male looked up, his stormy gray eyes peering into the wall Ahya was hiding behind narrowing as he spoke up, ”If you want to hide from me you need to really try harder than that. ”

Ahyas breath hitch as he slowly stepped out his body trembling in fear, ”What are you doing. ”

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