Untelling Tales

\"Why does it feel like I\'m in danger\"

Ahya woke up to a bright light shining in his eyes groaning slightly; he threw his arm over his eyes as he waited for them to adjust to the light. Looking over he sees a sleeping Zion on a couch next to his bed a bandage raped around his right arm.

Guilt flowing through his body Ahya clenches his fists before analyzing himself, taking note of the bandages around his arm and chest a slight ache coming from the locations of the wounds.

Being lost in thought he almost didn notice when a stranger knocked on the door with a slight smile on their face as the man proceeded to walk towards Ahya. ”How are you feeling Ahya? ”

The man asked if his voice seemed to be honey and the man himself seemed to be in his mid-twenties, his pale blue hair being pulled into a low ponytail. His lilac eyes gazed at Ahya, a small smile making itself known.

Ahya tapped his fingers against the blankets before once again looking up ”Im fine but how long have I been out? ” he asked with a questioning look.

Raising a brow the brunette replies ”About 2 days, your injuries although not sure you lost quite a lot of blood from the time you got the injuries and the time we got you here, ” his gaze then moved to Zion

”Zion came to visit last night before he fell asleep claiming it was his responsibility to deal with the spirit and he ended up dragging you in. ”

Causing Ahyas eyes to widen and a flabbergasted look to fall upon him. Does he think it is his fault? Ahya thought looking away entering deep thought, the confusion evident on his face.

Ahya looks back at Zion who is wide awake and a deep breath comes out ”thank you again ” as he grips the blanket.

”What happened out there? ” the physician crosses his arm as he looks at Ahya hoping to get the answers, Ahya stutters, hinting to Zion that he doesn want to say anything.

Zion notices and gets off the couch ”Seen like you are better we should get going Ahya Zion walks to the side of the bed.

As they left the room Zion grab Ahyas rest ”you
e coming with me to report ” Zion said with a serious tune walking toward 2 doors

”Want is going on ” he asked in curiosity trying to release his rest from Zions, Ahya thinking to himself he seems different here.

Ahya pull Zions arm to get his attention ”Want is going on! ” he shouted, Zion was quiet he turned around to look at Ahya only to hear a door open behind them.

A blue-haired figure with gray-blue eyes with glass walked out of a room with books ”seen like you guys are better ” he smiled ”thank Tarrien ” as Zion nodded his head.

”So you are Ahya ” Tareen looked at the white hair figure ”Yes thats me what about it ”. ”Im here to tell you what is going on ” Tarrien grabs a book from his bag to give to Ahya to look at it ”spirits? ” giving a confusing look.

”Follow me and, Zion, go work on your training ” Tarrien put his hand on Zions shoulder as Zion nodded. ”Im gonna report before I start training ”.

”No need ” Tarrien showed a paper with words on it ”I alrighty did it ” as he looked at Zion he understood and left for the battleground.

”Come with me Ahya ” Ahya nodded ”But first where am I, ” he said with a serious tone the blue hair figure looked at Ahya ”oh right welcome to The Obelisk Of Clouds a secret organization that subdues spirits. ”

”Then why am I here ” Ahya realized and started to follow behind Tarrien ”You are here because you were attacked by a spirit we can be having you telling people about the spirits ” as he looks back at Ahya figuring out that he has dog ears and a tail hmm that is interesting he has animal like figure the room was quiet.

Tarrien process to press a button in the darkroom then the room started opening up with a fighting area and a weapon holder Ahya seen shock ”come on grab a weapon that you are comfortable with ” ”but I have not used any of these ” as Ahya looks at Tarrien ” Did I stutter. ”

Tarrien walks away well, taking his bow out and a pack of arrows on his back suddenly appears we
e gonna test your skill as he gets ready to draw his bow Ahya is nervous and shocked as he pulls away ”What are you doing! ”

He doesn know what to do except run trying to figure it out. ”You
e boring, this is how I got taught.

Ahya suddenly woke up in a medical room turning his head to see Zion and Tarrien conversing beside his bed.

Tarrien raised his eyebrows ”I went easy on him and used the rubber arrows! ” Zion had a look of disbelief as he responded ”What you went easy on him and hes this hurt? Man, he must be incredibly weak! Ahyas ego is being brutally crushed.

The two of them looked at the mummified Ahya, Zion raising his brow ”did you need to do that many bandages though? ”

Tarrien snickers as he replies ”Nope just thought itd be funny. ” ”Get me out of this thing! ” Ahya responds with angry tones moving around and trying to get out.

Moments later…

After Ahya got out of the mummified chase he looks at Zion and Tarrien and gives a big punch on the back of their head they both look at Ahya ”ouch that actually hurt ” as they both rub the back of their head.

Ahya got up and put his hair up and looked at both of them ”Don do that again and Im gonna train again ” as he walked out of the medical room.

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