Untelling Tales

\"How are you here- You died!\"

on the shoulders of the kids he whispers to them in a gentle tone

”Don worry Ill get you out of here… ” cutting himself off as his hand simply goes through them.

Quickly turning around at the sound of a woman, the voice familiar and eerie.

The woman standing there burns, stinging her arms and blood dressing her silk nightgown ”You didn save me ” the woman murmured her face showing no emotion her eyes dull.

Ahya flinches back, his eyes widening as he steps back ”How are you here- You died! ”

The woman looking at him taking a step forward as she smiles ”You should know after all you were there. ”

Flinching, Ahya pulls away, pulling his arms over his eyes as he clenches them, closing the pain of the fire on his skin only increasing as he has trouble breathing the fumes from the fire, not helping in any way.

Mumbling incorrharrit fraizes Ahyas breathing quickening as his vision blurs passing out.

A pale humanoid figure approached his limp body, its awkwardly long arms reaching out to him.

Freezing the creatures head makes a cracking sound as he turns its body staying in place as it looks at the new arrival behind it.

The figure tensing up before dashinging forward slamming a large chunk of wood on the spirits head, slivers breaking off the wood into the mans hands.

Rushing past as the figure pulled Ahya onto his shoulder waiting no time to start running to the entrance of the building the creature hot on their heels.

His vision clearing up Ahya spots the blurry image of the back of a blackettes head before glazing behind him fear creeping up his spine at the sight of the being, its large arms reaching forwards grasping air at its attempts to grab them.

Its pale skin seeming ghost-like and its eyes being nothing but a pitch black void its arms slicing the arm carrying him but fortunately for him he wasn dropped, the entice to the house and they
e only exit in sight.

Pain spiking up Zions arm only encouraged him to run faster using his free arm at an attempt to pull loose wood down as he dashed through the door not looking back to see if it worked, only stopping at the sound of a familiar voice.

”Zion Ill take it from here ” The mystery person told him ruffling Zions hair.

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